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Percy the Airport the People


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Author Stacey Vroom Illustrated ane written "Percy the Airport and the People Christian Children's Book" Walk wih Percy and His Friends in the Airport with your child to illustrate the Love of God, today !

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Percy the Airport the People

  1. 1. Percy, the Air Port and the People Written and Illustrated by Stacey L Vroom
  2. 2. Stacey L VroomHeARTseed Ministries International Copyright 1012 Published by Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries International
  3. 3. Welcome to the land of Air Port I Chu where there is much tosee and much to do. But the most fascinating thing about thismagical land, is all of its creatures, some small, and some grand...
  4. 4. Hi and welcome to anotherday at the Pond. Im Percy.Some of us look around and notice things like the fact that there are lots and lots and lots of different kinds of people all around us.Some of you may have even wondered about it.
  5. 5. Todays story isabout some of themany many kinds ofpeople who live inour world...
  6. 6. Welcome to the land ofAir Port I ChuWhere there is muchto see and much to do.But the mostfascinating thing aboutthis magical land, is allof its creatures, somesmall, and some grand...
  7. 7. First come the cheetahsand the hares moving inrapid paceBump-bump-bumpingtheir suitcase onwheels along as if run-run-running a race.
  8. 8. Then comes the turtle and the mouse looking up and downStaring and staring at everything around.
  9. 9. Then theres the cute little frogs hopping and chirping a song As cheetahs try to drag them rapidly along.
  10. 10. Then theres the exotic never before seen SneeSitting reading a book, oh wait! Shes reading three!
  11. 11. Theres the snickerty spree and the willa bing- bongWho with their portable suitcases go galumph- galumph-galumphing along.
  12. 12. Then standingwearing flip-flops,was the pickerty-liewhose fashionablepickerty wife stoodfashionably by.
  13. 13. Then up to the counter came the flippy boy-lou whose hair hadnt been washed or combed for a month or two.This creature stood there asking dumb questions and such, his over-sized clothes and glasses looked a bit much.And even most of the other boy-lous all know, you dont be an airhead in the Exit Row...
  14. 14. Once in a while a genuine soul comes walking by who will give you a smile with light in their eyes.
  15. 15. All of these creatures both small andgrand live in this and every Airport LandAnd in every city, town and steeple youwill find all of these and many morepeople.Some may be happy, some may be sad,some may be scared, and some may bemad, some may be mean, some may beniceBut no matter what everyone of themneeds Jesus Christ...
  16. 16. “All things Bright and Beautiful All creatures Great and SmallAll things Wise and Wonderful The Lord God made them all!” Cecil F Alexander
  17. 17. Help! Ive lost Percy, can you help me find him? Oh...
  18. 18. Silly me!! There he is!!
  19. 19. Stacey Vroom heARTseed Ministries International Other books: Percy and the Pond