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This is an audio message that was transcribed into text for our listening audience in our Live Voice Conference, for Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries presented by Apostle Eugene Kadrmas. Apostle Eugene has planted many churches in India, Greece and other Nations of the world. In this book he shares the valuable lessons for beginners, and advanced to those in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ concerning the kingdom of God and how to expand the kingdom of God in the earth. More is shared as you read along. You can also use the audio link to listen in. We pray it is a blessing to you today!

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Keys to the Kingdom with Apostle Eugene Kadrmas

  1. 1. Keys the Kingdom “Applications and Anointings to the Kingdom of God” Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Volume 35 Apostle Eugene Kadrmas 1
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  6. 6. Keys the Kingdom “Applications and Anointings to the Kingdom of God” Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Volume 35 Apostle Eugene Kadrmas 6
  7. 7. About Apostle Eugene Kadrmas Apostle Eugene has been used of God to plant many, many churches in India and Greece, along with many other Nations of the world. He is also a seasoned teacher of the Word of God to facilitate people to become leaders in the Church to come forth in their gifts and talents. Listen to This Message as You Read Along Contact Information To add Apostle Eugene to your Face Book simply use Eugene Kadrmas. You will be glad you did! Electronic Mail 7
  8. 8. Table of Contents Forward…..9 Before Creation of Time…11 How Does the Kingdom of God Advance…15 Unlocking Kingdom Secrets…..16 How To Find Secrets of God’s Kingdom…20 Knowledge to the Secrets to the Kingdom of God….22 What is the Kingdom of God Like….25 How the Kingdom of God Comes to You…30 The Character of the Kingdom of God…32 The Kingdom of Heaven Priorities…37 Questions From our Listening Audience…39 Prayer Requests….52 Book Information ….57 Closing Prayer….65 8
  9. 9. Forward It's on the front cover of my book and like I say it's 700 Keys. I'm just expanding it probably another 800 and why I call it Keys -– It's one-liners. It's one sentence of a scripture to give you a directive, but then you have to go back into the Bible. You pull that one scripture up. You read before and you read after in order to be able to see what the child of God is being changed into and how God is going to work it. You can probably read a word today and it will say one thing to you. Tomorrow you will read that same word and it will say something different to you because that's why Jesus 9
  10. 10. called it the living word. It will be all the way through your life if you get to that place of inspiration. Here's what I wrote on the back cover of the book. After you look into the Word of God, many things may occur, the inspiration of His word and the interpretation of His word, the revelation of His word, and also the education of His word; and the most important thing right here is the application of his Word, which is also the anointing. If we cannot apply the word to our lives, how can we preach and teach to other people and get them to apply it to their life? The last one here is the exhortation will occur in his people. I'm speaking to God's people today exhorting you to a new level of understanding. I'm gonna take you to the beginning and I'm going to take you to the end. 10
  11. 11. Before Creation of Time In the beginning in Ephesians 1:4. Jesus is speaking. He says “Before the creation of time, you were there with Jesus.” Read that starting out with 1:4. Read about ten paragraphs there. Everybody get a pencil and write some of these scriptures down. Ephesians 1:4 saying that you were there even like when Jesus says I knew you before you were even in the womb of your mother. What was he saying there – He knew you before even when creation was happening, so you were there at the beginning of time. But if you accept Jesus into your heart, you were there for eternity. Eternity is how long? That's forever. So I am encouraging each one of you. 11
  12. 12. On the other hand, another scripture John 17:20, Jesus is speaking to the Father. It was just before He ascended into Heaven and He is saying to the Father. He says, “The glory that you have given me and the power that you have given me, I have extended it unto them, my believers, for all generations.” So what is keeping you from stepping into your greatness.... what is keeping you from tending the kingdom here or the kingdom up in Heaven because there is a kingdom here? We are passing through this first stage of life and it's probably 60, 70, 80 years, maybe even 100 years. On the other hand, if we are passing through, then we are tending the kingdom and whatever we take with us is nothing physical. The only thing you take with you is relationships. We will see all the people that we minister to in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Lord's prayer even promises us that. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We know the power and the glory is in Heaven where it is on earth is wherever Jesus is. If Jesus is in the heart of a human being so is his power and his 12
  13. 13. glory. What did Jesus say? He said you will do greater things than I have. So this morning, I'm going to start with my directory here. I'm going to start in the New Testament and I'm going to start what is about the kingdom and how do we look at the kingdom. I'm going to give you all the promises that God has given me through the scriptures. I'm going to start off with Matthew 4:7. The reason I'm going to use this as a beginning scripture is because Jesus is in the desert and Satan is tempting Him even like us, like he did to doubting Thomas, many, many people. What did Jesus say? He said “It is written”. We need to seek what is written. We need to seek what the kingdom is all about and how do we tend the kingdom. I'm going to go through and I'm going to give you quite a few scriptures. If you have a pencil, write them down. This book I have put together of 780 scriptures is free to anyone who wants it. 13
  14. 14. On the other hand, it's me going through my Bible, looking at everything that was highlighted. I call it the meat of the word. When we are baby Christians, we have the milk of the word. On the other hand, there is a time and a place to get into the meat of the word. Today, I'm going to give you a few on the kingdom. These are just a few. Don't look at them as just the word of God. Look at them as the promise of God. 14
  15. 15. How Does the Kingdom of God Advance? Matthew 11:12, the kingdom of God has been advancing by force. Who is that because John The Baptist said that and it was one of his words. He says the kingdom of God, but that's for us. We will forcefully take the kingdom because the enemy is trying to do the same thing. Matthew 13:10, the parables, the secrets of the kingdom have been given to you. Why did Jesus speak in parables? He spoke in parables because he wants us to think and he wants us to be able to achieve the kingdom. Even the talents, he gave three. Two went out and invested it and expanded it and one of them hid it. That's looking at wealth. On the other hand, God has also given us talents of gifts, talents of preaching and teaching and encouraging. There are so many gifts that God has given into the world. And He is waiting for us to exercise those gifts. So why the parables? 15
  16. 16. Unlocking Kingdom Secrets One of the gifts He has given you, a mind to be able to discern the parables. How are the secrets and how are they unlocked? Matthew 13:33. The kingdom is like yeast. Yeast expands. We need to do that in the kingdom of God. We need to present this word and expand this word into the whole world. Even India, a billion people – Can that nation be changed? Yes, because we use the word of God to be able to accomplish what needs to be done there. Matt 13:35 – I will honor things hidden since creation. Think about that. …. I just gave you the beginning. 16
  17. 17. In Ephesians 1:4, we have a scripture that gives us a promise that He will utter things hidden since creation and for us to unfold to be able to bring in that harvest and also to have eternity with the people of God that we bring in. Matt 13:43 – The righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has an ear, let him hear. That's what I'm doing to you this morning. I am speaking to your ear. If you go on to Revelation, he said to all seven churches, he who has an ear, listen to what's going to be in the end of this time and the world and not end of eternity. One of the things that really speaks to me is that it is about the kingdom. Matt 15:3 – Nullifying the Word of God for the sake of their tradition. We cannot take even India as we are praying for them this morning. Look at all the different Gods and all the different traditions, and what are they doing in nullifying the 17
  18. 18. Word of God that Thomas came in there and presented. They didn't listen. No different than the Pharisees and the Sadducee s. Jesus came and he was speaking. He came directly for the Tribes of Israel, but they didn't listen and they nailed Him to a tree. History unfolds and history is still unfolding today in our lives. We need to bring about. So be on guard about the yeast of the Pharisees and the Sadducee because that is some of the nullifying of the Word of God. Come into the kingdom and let's move in that kingdom. Matt 21:43 – This is a hard one to take. If we are not going to move and present the gospel and work in the kingdom the way we are supposed to be, this one says that the kingdom will be taken away from you. I believe that even the sheep of Israel that Jesus had to move it into the Gentiles, which we are and they are still being put on hold. But are their prayers being heard today because they do not believe that there was a Messiah that came already. I'm just opening your 18
  19. 19. minds. So don't be in that place where the kingdom can be taken from you. The word needs to be preached into the whole world. Matt 25:14 The kingdom of heaven is like ten virgins. What is he speaking about? Some of them had oil; five of them had and five of them didn't. To me the oil is oil of the Holy Spirit. If we don't have the Holy Spirit working in our lives, we can miss the kingdom. We need to be able to have that extra unction and gumption and inspiration and revelation to be able to achieve what we are doing in our lives and the only way we can gain all of that. When we accept Jesus in our life, we have an empty library. We need to fill that library with the word. We don't have to memorize it; we just have to read it. Then the Holy Spirit has something to pull on. 19
  20. 20. How to Find the Secrets of the Kingdom of God Mark 1:14 – The kingdom of God is near. It's as near as your book, the Bible. Mark 4:10 – The secrets of the kingdom have been given to you. What are the secrets? They are written in his book. Like I say, one day you will read it one way and the next day you will have another reading. Just keep on digging into that book. God will inspire you and get you to the place and open your heart to be able to work in his kingdom here preparing the body of Christ, preparing all of humanity for the kingdom up in heaven. That's what we are all about – preparing. Mark 4:26 – This is what the kingdom of God is like. What is it like? 20
  21. 21. Until you seek his Word, then He will be able to show you what it's like. Another one, even in Mark again...I'm going to reread this Mark 7:13, nullifying the Word of God by your tradition. We can take all the things of the world and we can always say, “I'm not ready for this, or this and that and I think one priest said it one time. He said, “We can keep on saying but, but that even God will let you slide into Hell on your butts”. Just think about that; that is a deep thing and it's in our hand to be able to do what the kingdom is presenting to us. Luke 1:32 – His Kingdom will never end. We know that eternity is forever. Hell is also a place that is forever. Which place to you want to spend eternity? Hell is not a pleasant place. All the evil is there. All the stench and all the smells and whatever else that is not of God is in Hell. 21
  22. 22. Knowledge of Secrets to the Kingdom Luke 8:9,11 – Knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom has been given to you. How has it been given to you? Through the Word, listening to other people preach, but also He has given it to you through the Word of God which is the Bible. Inspiration and revelation – you need to be seeking that. Nothing hidden will not be known, brought out into the open. If you are in the Word, nothing is hidden that you cannot understand as you grow and mature in the Holy Spirit. You need to allow the Holy Spirit to help you. Luke 10:20 – Spirits submit to you. Just think about it. . . Spirits submit to you. Even the demons will submit to you. Then you rejoice in His name in heaven. 22
  23. 23. In Luke 10:38, which one are you? Are you the Mary or are you the Martha? Are you listening to God and learning or are you just out in the world being busy trying to achieve your kingdom which is wealth and power and your own glory and not of God's glory. Luke 11:20- Drive out the demons by the finger of God. The kingdom of God has come unto you. When you accept Jesus Christ into you life, then you have the Kingdom of God living within you and you are the King and you need to be the royal priesthood to be able to achieve what needs to be done. You need to be speaking his word and also the demonstration even by your finger. God spoke the whole universe into creative power. He even spoke mankind by taking him out of the dirt. On the other hand, we have the same power because Jesus gave us that promise “You will do greater things than I did”. So just think of what He did and see beyond in the natural flesh and your body can only do the natural things. But in the supernatural things, God working in you and through you, you 23
  24. 24. can do the supernatural things. You can bring the healings. You can change nations. You can change people. You can change this world for a better place to live. Luke 12:32 – This one is really important. The Father is pleased to give you the Kingdom. You know why? Because He sent His only Son to die for each one of us on the cross for the sins that we could not comprehend on our own and every time we sin now, all we have to do is look up and say “Lord forgive me. If we are standing at the front of the cross and we are seeing an empty cross, don't stand there anymore because that empty cross opened. It rent the heavens. It opened the heavens. You need to walk behind. You stand behind the cross and you can talk to the Father through the name of Jesus. That is your power. That is your glory and that is your manifestation. That is your destiny and you need to be seeking your destiny because God knows you destiny. We are the stumbling blocks of not reaching our greatness in our lives because we, in our flesh, see ourselves too small and God sees us great and tall. 24
  25. 25. What is the Kingdom of God Like? Luke 13:20 What is the kingdom of God like? Back to yeast again and expansion. Looking at other people, seeing other people and saying “Man, I see him today. He is uneducated, but He has accepted Christ into his life. What can I do with that person? A street kid – can he be a doctor; can he be a lawyer, or can he be a man of God, a great preacher. Can he be another Billy Graham? We need to be able to see through those spiritual eyes. And we should also see through the manifestation of what God places into our hearts because the Father had a heart for mankind and humanity and He sent His Son and Jesus had that same vision looking at humanity in the garden where He even sweat blood for us. 25
  26. 26. Luke 13:24 – Another promise that we need to really focus on. Narrow door, also we can be outside knocking. Some take their place at the feast of the kingdom of God and some do not. Jesus is knocking and old slew foot comes in the back door. He doesn't even knock. He works in our lives and He takes us in a different direction. We need to be able to recognize when he is there. We need to be able to hear the voice of the Lord. Luke 17:21 – The kingdom of God is within you. Luke 18:17 – Enter the kingdom of God as a little child or you will never enter it. What is he saying about a little child? He wants us to have the mind of a little child. Somebody who can be taught and learned and educated. Why did He have a struggle with the Pharisees and Sadducees? Because they were mature, but they thought they were ruling their kingdom. Jesus was trying to show them a different kingdom, a kingdom that has a heart for humanity, not taking 26
  27. 27. advantage, not taking even a temple or prayer rooms and turning them into money exchangers. Jesus lost his cool there, didn't he? But even we as were tending the kingdom, we need to lose our cool once in awhile to be able to bring the house of the Lord into the right place, Amen? In John 3:3 He says you will not see the kingdom unless you are born again. A lot of us do that. We make that commitment to Christ. We speak the words and we accept Christ into our hearts. But we lack to go on to the fullness and I'm going to say that this morning, because I even did that same thing. I walked with the Lord for four or five years until I really saw what He was trying to show me. Now if you go on to John 3:5 He says the same thing. He says, You cannot enter the Kingdom unless you are born of the water and born of the Holy Spirit. If you do not go and be baptized to allow that old man, the flesh, to die as you 27
  28. 28. are submerged and even Jesus had to do it. Jesus came to John and John says I can't do this to you. Jesus said, You will, even I as the Son of God need to be cleansed and purified by submerging. Then right away after He was submerged, He was taken into the desert where He was tempted. We need to be able to keep that focus that we are going to go to those same levels. What did Jesus do in the desert? He after 40 days of fasting, Satan was tempting Him, enticing Him saying turn those rocks into bread because He knew Jesus was hungry. He was trying to use the Word against Jesus, but Jesus because He was full of the Word (the Old Testament) and now we have the New Testament, another tool, that we can speak those same words that say “No, Satan, it is written....You are not taking me to that place. You are not going to take me back to the front of the cross and me begging for my sins and the purification of my sins. I have an open heaven. I will stand behind the cross and I will directly dialogue to my Father through the name of Jesus and every time I sin and every time I fail all I have to do is just look up and say I just blew it again; forgive me Lord because the thief on the cross spoke that same thing. One was 28
  29. 29. mocking saying get me off of here and the other one said “Lord Jesus I am a sinner... Remember me”. And Jesus said, Today you will be with me in Paradise. That tells us how easy it is to step across that caravast that we need to get into heaven. So we need to be born again, not only in Jesus name but we need to be born again through baptism but also through baptism of the Holy Spirit because that is empowering and we will have it for the left of our life. The fullness of the Holy Spirit does not come because you got prayed over once. The filling of the Holy Spirit is a lifelong process. As you learn, as you are going to higher levels, the Holy Spirit will give you more and more and more. When you have learned it all on the day of your death bed is when you have the fullness of the Holy Spirit when you go on into heaven. John 6:68 – The words I have spoken of eternal life is for the kingdom here and for the kingdom up there. 29
  30. 30. How the Kingdom of God Comes To You John 16:6 – Another important key, another important promise, “Unless I go away, the Counselor will not come to you”. Just what I was just speaking now. If you are not filled with the Holy Spirit, then how can the Word come alive to you? How can you know who you truly are? John 17:17 – Sanctify them by the truth. Your Word is the truth . How important is the Word, the word about his kingdom. Acts 1:3 – Over the period of 40 days, he spoke of the kingdom. We need to go through that. We need to go through the book of Acts. The books of ACTS, Action to Christ's teaching to sending and serving in the Holy Spirit. Teaching is discipling. There is no place in the scripture that the Lord talked about evangelism. That's everybody's job. On 30
  31. 31. the other hand, it is our job to be able to grab hold of the kingdom and to present the kingdom. 31
  32. 32. The Character of the Kingdom of God Romans 8:29 – Those He predestined, He also justified and glorified. Romans 14:17 – The kingdom of God, righteousness, peace, joy in the Holy Spirit. I don't know how much time I got Ron, but I have another couple pages here. I'm going to start a little bit into it. I will probably take another five here and maybe another day, we can finish this up, but this is important. This is important for anyone who is walking in the power of the Holy Spirit, walking in the Name of Jesus and this is a transformation from the world's system into the kingdom of God. I've got a kind of a text here, but it probably repeats some of the same scriptures I just went through in my directory. In this session, we are going to first look at the gospel of the kingdom and then focus on how a kingdom understanding relates to our cities and our nation's transformation. Let me repeat that. How the kingdom understanding relates to 32
  33. 33. the city and nation's transformation. I'm going to add one more...also family, loved ones, people that we are connected to. How do we make this transformation? The gospel of the kingdom is the gospel of the New Testament. Luke 16:16 – The law and the prophets were until John. Since that time, the kingdom of God has been preached and everyone is pressing into it. John even says we will go in power and glory and the body of Christ will move ahead in that power. It is in the gospel John preached Matthew 3:1-2 – In those days, John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judah and saying “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” That message is still happening today. How many unbelievers are there in the world. I understand that maybe there are 2 or perhaps 3 billion people that know or have heard the Word of God, but there are 7 billion moving on into 8 billion people in the world. So there 33
  34. 34. is a task ahead. On the other hand, if each one of us would take one person, and convert them every year, perhaps in 40 years we may be able to accomplish that task; however, we can preach to more than one person a year. So it is the gospel Jesus preached, Matt 4:17, Luke 4:43, Acts 1:3. From the time Jesus began to preach and to say “Repent for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. Luke 4:43 – “And He said unto them, I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also because it is for this purpose I have been sent. Jesus is also saying the same thing to us.” We are being sent. Isaiah 55:11 – My Word shall accomplish what it is sent for. The first time that came to my reality, He said to me “I need a sender.” 34
  35. 35. Each one of us Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit are waiting for the megaphones of Jesus and also megaphones of Paul, of Peter, all the great men of God that we are to speak into this megaphone, into a small hole and it expands into the world. So you see yourself as a megaphone for this world. Acts 1:3 – To whom He also presented Himself alive after suffering by many infallible proofs being seen by them during 40 days and speaking of things pertaining to the kingdom of God. He was then that Peter was able to convert 3,000 people in one day. It is the gospel that Jesus' followers preached. Luke 9:2 – He sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. Matthew 10:7 – Go on and preach saying the kingdom of God is at hand. Acts 19:8, 20:25 and he Paul went into the synagogue and spoke boldly for three months, reasoning and persuading concerning the things of the kingdom of God; 20:25 and indeed 35
  36. 36. now I know that you all among whom I have gone preaching, the kingdom of God will see my face no more. When Jesus was ascended into heaven. But we do see his promises, the things that he has written, written by Paul and many people by the hand of the Holy Spirit. I want to go through maybe one more paragraph here and then I will allow someone to ask questions because when we teach and we preach, we need to keep an open forum and if someone has doubts in his life, we need to be able to fill that gap for him. 36
  37. 37. Kingdom of Heaven Priorities The gospel of the kingdom is top priority. In Matt. 6:33. Seek it first. But seek first in the order of importance, the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. What's going to be added unto you? The power and glory of the Holy Spirit as God takes you to another level of understanding, another level of empowerment, another level of being able to see God and a whole new vision. Pray for it. Matt 6:10 – Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. That's a text I even used. Whereas, we know the power and the glory is in heaven, but where is it on earth. It will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Wherever Jesus is, that's where the kingdom is. Wherever Jesus is, so is His power and His glory. 37
  38. 38. Press into it Luke 16:16 – The Greek word for pressing means to seize or by force or by violence to crowd one's self into. That's what John the Baptist was talking about that the Body of Christ will go forcefully into the world and will be able to change the world. Matt 11:12 – From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent will take it by force. This is what I was trying to impress. Another promise that we that are tending the kingdom need to be declaring and decreeing and using his Word to accomplish what He needs for today. We thank you Lord for your word today. We will pass it back onto Ron and open the ears of all the hearers today by the Holy Spirit in Jesus Name, Amen. 38
  39. 39. Questions from our Listening Audience Prophet Ronald: Praise God. Amen! Thank You. We thank God for the Word of God today. That was powerful. I got most of the scriptures in, but I wasn't able to keep up. It's because I'm doing a number of other things behind the scenes too. Well, we are going to open up for any questions. Does anyone have a question or want to get a better understanding. This will be the time. Just simply raise your hand and I will bring you to the microphone so He will be able to hear your questions. He said, “You ran out of paper.” I know He will give you answers. Anyone have a question that they would like to ask? Eugene Kadrmas, a man whose been to India, a man with experience. This man has been preaching the gospel for quite some time and I know he has a lot of truth in him. Anyway, 39
  40. 40. no questions? Going once.....No Questions. Alright, I see one hand. I'm going to release the mic to LiveForEver. LiveForEver – Good Morning. Can you hear me in here. Eugene: Yes, I can LiveForEver: Eugene, I believe I saw you on “It's a New Day”. I think you were on for a few days and I tried to get you as much as I could. I heard the story of your life and was really blessed by that. That's why when I heard your voice today I knew that you are somebody to listen to because it's not so much that you know the Word of God, but that you have experienced and lived it and even in tough times, you've kept your eyes on the Lord and stayed with it. It was very good this morning. I have no questions. I would have to go and look at this and go over it again, but it was very, very good, very encouraging, and strengthening word. Thank you very much for being obedient. 40
  41. 41. The Diamond is Cut Questions & Answers Continued Eugene: I'm going to make a comment to you. We have to keep an open mind, but we have to remember that Satan also works in our mind and the battle of humanity and the battle of our spirituality is the battle over our mind. If we can get to the place where we start to place God's word into our hearts and our hearts discern. The joy of the Lord is my strength. I use this as a text and I quote it quite a few times. What is joy of the Lord? It's an inward feeling of an outward expression. An outward expression is because we take and we are using our mouth either in a smile because we are comfortable and the Holy Spirit is working in us, but if we have agony in our life and we have the battle of the mind, then it shows on our faces also. On the other 41
  42. 42. hand, the world is looking to be able to see the glory of the Lord and He showed me one time He calls us precious stones and He showed me in a dream of how a precious stone, a diamond is even formed. At diamond is cut. It can be 12 facets. It can be 24, but each time there is a cut, I call that a trial and a person that has a lot of trials has a lot of reflections so we don't go in the corner and have a pity party because we have a trial. We should be looking at it not only as a reflection, but as a testimony. On the other hand, you know how a diamond gets polished. All those little chips, every trial that we go through, the diamond cutter takes that chip and he grinds it into a powder because the only thing that polishes a diamond is another diamond. So if we look at spirituality, we need to have you and Prophet Ronald and myself polishing each other to God's glory. If we have 24 facets, Jesus is shining into that precious stone and it's being reflected 24 different ways and some who only have 12 only does 12. So people that have maybe the most trials, have the most glory shining through 42
  43. 43. them because they have overcome and they keep pressing into the Lord Jesus and into the Father. So keep that in mind today as a reflection. We are all precious stones, even if you are an emerald or a ruby every one of them shines forth in Jesus Name. Amen. Prophet Ronald: My God! Whoa! OK, I couldn't touch that. Any other questions? We have many trials and testings, but how you shine. That's something 12 or 24. Alright, we have another hand here we're going to recognize. Questions and Answers: When Is Jesus Coming? QUESTIONER: Brother Eugene, This may be a bit off topic, but in time line where are we to see the return of Jesus? 43
  44. 44. EUGENE: In time wise, we could have said it 2000 years ago and we can say it today. We are ushering in the second coming of Jesus. How we are, the Bible says “No one knows” On the other hand, if we look at the circumstances and look at the world or even look at our government in America, what is being ushered in. How is history unfolding and are we preparing the kingdom. I think the greatest fear we should have in our lives today, not when this whole system is going start to collapse and start to be fragmented, but on the other hand, our greatest fear is because whoever we look at, especially our families and loved ones, our fear should be that they don't know Christ. If they don't, we need to be really working on that. Even if they shut the doors on us, we need to be able to present the gospel. I had to go to my family and they were Catholic. I said, “Hey, I love you and this is where I'm at....” And I presented my testimony. We don't have to if there is fragmentation in people, we should never say “I'm going to take the responsibility for this fragmentation.” No, because all God is expecting us to confess is our part of every time there is a resistance or fragmentation. You could be right, but it's a whole lot better to go 44
  45. 45. to that brother or sister or friend and say, “hey, we rubbed sand paper for a little bit there, but forgive me for my part.” So then, you have cleaned yourself up to be able to hear the voice of God much more. James 5:17 says what? The prayers of a righteous man accomplish much. How do you get to be that righteousness. The only way you get to be that righteousness is if you are confessed. I think one pastor says it in Melbourne Florida, there are no rich people, no famous people, no politicians, not even poor people in heaven unless they are confessed and redeemed. All these categories are in heaven, but they have to confess and be redeemed first. So even as we walk through life and we keep failing and our flesh will keep on failing, all we need do is look up and say, Lord, I just blew it again – Forgive me and just keep on walking. If there is a constant sin that's there, you need to go to the brother or sister and say “Brother, I am having a struggle with this sin. I can't get beyond it. If it's alcohol or drugs or tobacco, then you need to have somebody to help take that crutch away from you. All of it is crutches, trying to feel better, in a system that's not very good, but on the other hand, the joy of the Lord is my strength. If we get to that place 45
  46. 46. and we have the fullness of the Holy Spirit in us, we will have the joy of the Lord no matter what comes against us. In Jesus Name. Amen. Prophet Ronald: Any questions? Praise God! I'm just having a good time here. Bless God. This is a blessing. OK. Come on sister. = QUESTIONER: Well, this is truly a blessing this morning. I got question after question here. I would like to hear you tell me what the glorious church is without spot or wrinkle that he's coming back for. Is it denominations? Tell me how you see that please. Questions & Answers Continued: The Seven Churches Eugene: I see it that there are only seven churches in the written word of God and that's in Revelation. So, you have to go back to that basis. The reason I'm saying that is because 46
  47. 47. the Lord spoke to me about ten years ago in a dream. He said, “Gene, you are indigo in the rainbow.” I woke up that morning and I walked to the window. It was raining that morning. I'm seeing two rainbows in the sky. I'm seeing one rainbow in the normal colors, top to bottom, but I'm seeing the second rainbow upside down. So I said Lord, what are you showing me here. Then I walked over to my kitchen counter and my wife always orders all these magazine to get into some kind of giveaway. And there was a book laying there with a brown cover on it and I said whoa, she has ordered another magazine again. It was the Reader's Digest and it was a fun cover article on the rainbow. I said, “Man, I just looked out the window and saw two rainbows; I gotta read this article.” So I go back into the Reader's Digest and it explains to me and when the Lord spoke to me in my dream that I'm Indigo. Indigo is the purple color in the rainbow. So as I am reading the article, I found out how you make that color. You take the other six colors and you mix them together and you get Indigo. That's the seven churches in Revelation. Then the Lord spoke to me. He says you are Indigo. You are to go to all the churches, the seven that I have 47
  48. 48. presented in my Word. There are many, many thousands and thousands of churches, but they are not mine. I have only started seven. What did all seven of them say. What is the Spirit saying to those churches? Are we open our spirit to be hearing the Holy Spirit speaking to us to give us that revelation, that inspiration. Even, you take the Lutheran Church or many of the denominations. How many Southern Lutheran or Southern Baptist or Northern Baptist and it's all of man's tradition. They nullify my word with their tradition. We need to go back to the basics. We need to go back to the Word of God and if we are preaching anything more and we may need to make sure when we are quoting some other person because only the Bible is the credible Word of God and we need to be able to seek it, give us direction, give us the insight that we need and even ushering in the second coming of the Lord Jesus. I believe that there are two books that we are still looking at today. There is the last chapter of Daniel and also Revelation. Revelation has not been comprehended or compiled yet. There are three times at the end of Daniel. I don't have the text in front of me. But I'll say what they say. Only the wise will understand in 48
  49. 49. them three texts of Daniel of what's coming, but then you go onto Revelation 17 and 18 – only the wise will understand. Who are the wise? It's the people who are seeking the Holy Spirit and also opening up the Word of God to be manifested, to be empowered, to be ready to be able to usher in his second coming. We should not be waiting for the second coming because even the scripture says that to us. Be out there tending the kingdom. That is our goal. We should not worry about it's tomorrow or a thousand years from now or ten thousand years from now. The only thing that God has given us is because He is seeking the souls. We can have prayer life. We can have teaching life. We can have all the gifts that we have, but there is only one place that even the angels will sing in heaven and when does that happen? Angels aren't glorifying because we spent ten hours in prayer or we were reading the book for ten hours, but there is only one time when they glorify and that's when another soul comes into the kingdom. So listen to me. We use our prayers to exercise what God is motivating us into. Because if we are in the prayer closet for a couple hours, we should be motivated to go out into the highways and the byways. We 49
  50. 50. should use our praise and worship. Same thing. The praise should bring us into a place where we can present the Word. I hear many pastors saying I need to go to the praise and worship to get my message and my text ready. So how is the Holy Spirit talking to us? How long should we pray. I pray 24/7. I don't have a specific time. Every word I speak is prayer. Every thought I have is prayer. Every thought I have is a relationship with the Lord Jesus, the King of Kings. If He knows my thoughts, He plants His thoughts into my memory. And He gives to me directly. He brings back a scripture. He brings back a word somebody said two days ago. He brings back something else that I hear even on this channel. We thank you Lord for your Spirit and your revelation to inspire us and get to that place that we are ________ 24/7. He is our best friend. He is just not our Savior, but He is our best friend. We dialogue with him 24/7. Amen? 50
  51. 51. Prophet Ronald: Praise God! Praise God! Alright we thank God so much for all the great things. Now I want to tell you something. Brother Eugene Kadrmas is going to be with us every Friday morning. Hallelujah. Amen! So if you are interested in hearing this man of God and He has much wisdom. God has taught him many things. Boy, he got to talking about the Apostles and the Prophets. He got to talking about some stuff that was really, really good. We were back here scratching our head saying we have never heard it this way before. He is going to be with us every Friday morning starting at around 10 am. So I want you to come out just to hear this great man of God. Amen? Well, we thank God for all that He has done today. Does anyone have a prayer request? Any prayer request? Alright. I see one hand. 51
  52. 52. Prayer Request from Our Listeners Eugene: I'll bring it up again you know. We need to pray for all the nations, but India is on the Board today. But on the other hand, we need to also pray for ourselves. The most important key that we can have the spiritual eyes that need to be opened. Not only are spiritual eyes to be able to see the world, but I think it is in Ephesians “The eye of my heart be opened” and that's a promise that God has given us and that “Eye of your heart” is seeing humanity and the world in a whole different perspective. It's not about us; it's about the kingdom. If we are toiling in the kingdom for ourselves and trying to gain all this wealth, then we are in the wrong place. The wealth is given to us to be able to achieve what needs to be done in God's kingdom. Amen? PRAYER REQUEST: Oh, so true, so true, Angela, I wish you could have come up to the mic because I saw you saying the same thing. I told a pastor one time. When I wake up I'm thinking about Jesus. All day long, I'm thinking about Jesus. I'm talking to Him and 52
  53. 53. when I go to bed at night I'm thinking about Him. He's on my mind 24/7. You can just talk to Him anytime. You can be honest and open with Him. He knows your heart anyway and I've gotten some of the best answers from Him when I've gone to Him almost like angry and said Lord, How come? He wants to fellowship with us in an open and honest way because He knows us anyway. This truly is a blessing to hear this morning and I would like for you to agree with me today for the harvest here. We had for four years straight, we had anywhere from seven to twenty two teens in my home here. The church had sort of shut them out and they ended up at my home. Now they are coming back to me and they are asking me “Can we start this up again?” So will you please pray that the harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few. I'm praying God use me and my two grandchildren who are teenagers who have been touched by the Holy Spirit and they have a heart to see these young people come in. Pray that the will of the Lord will be done in this area. Just a prayer of agreement would be awesome. I yield the microphone. 53
  54. 54. Prophet Ronald: Prayer for ministry to teenagers. Brother Eugene will you please pray. Eugene: We thank you Lord, for – and she is right on because the Lord spoke to me in the last five or six or even ten years. We are supposed to go down to the next generation. That next generation is the teenagers. Are we preparing them? We just thank you Lord for today for the declaration and decreeing that she has just spoken out. Our first task is our own families, our loved ones. God don't want us to be going out into the world and ministering and our loved ones are being put on the back burner and not being ministered to and brought to reality. We start with them first. We just thank you Lord Jesus that she has brought this forth and that we can pray and we declare and we also release all the angels in heaven. We lack to do because each person has a guardian angel; each person has got a warring angel. We lack to be able to release these angels into the heavenly realms to be able to accomplish because if we go back to Daniel again, then Daniel says “what's happening in the spiritual realm and the Lord speaks to him and says My angels 54
  55. 55. have been warring for 21 days to push back this heaviness that you even ask for. So we should be able to see that same reality for our lives. We just press in to our loved ones and to the youth of today and through love and understanding, but also maturing the wisdom that we have to be able to pass it on to that next generation to be able to bring them into fullness and to greatness. There were many people who were even called at three years old, called at eight; David called at 12. We are praying and ministering to these people and these youth. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen. Prophet Ronald: Praise God. Amen, Amen! We stand in agreement with you that these teens as they come into your home that they will heart the word of God and be refreshed by the word of God. Amen. God will do a great thing in their life. I know from personal experience. I am just celebrating 44 years in ministry. I started preaching when I was 13 55
  56. 56. years old. I think the greatest thing that God had ever done for me was that he saved me in my youth and used me in my youth, many signs and wonders and stuff. 56
  57. 57. Book Information Apostle Eugene – You mentioned about this book. How can they get a hold of this book. Eugene: Everything is coming into place. The Shepherd's Staff is a book written by Ralph Mahoney. I was praying for maybe 10-15 years. I said there's got to be something we can train to leaders and also even these youth, how do we get them to have an insight. And Ralph has written his book, but he has made some quotes in the book in English because of copyright. He is quoting someone else's word. We are at a little bit of a stalemate on the English portion of the book. So right now it's going to be another 3-6 months to be able to get the English. Even if they have to reprint it, they will. But in the third world countries, we've got it in four languages in India, three languages in China. We've got it in a couple languages in Russia. The book is being manifested. And it's a whole concordance. It's also 57
  58. 58. a directory. It also touches every ministry. The book is supposed to be given free to anyone who wants to step into ministry. It's not going to members of the church or the body of Christ. Ralph cannot afford that, but He is 93 years old. He is saying I am getting ready to go home to be with the Lord I am getting ready to go home to the Lord. He took all of his resources of ministry, of 60-70 years of buildings and materialism and turned it into cash and He put it into a foundation to be able to print this book and and pay for shipping and getting it all over the world. Right now, one of the main distributors for Africa and India right now. All they need to do is to make a phone call. So we have 1000 books in India right now. I'm glad we are praying for India because we will exercise India's leadership. And we've got buffalo blood drinkers that were tribal leaders who are being converted into pastors right now through this book. So the teaching and training and our megaphones. Megaphone is expansion. So you either do it because you are on Skype like I am right now. I don't know how many people I am talking to. I might be talking to 40-50 countries. I don't know. But on the other hand, expansion. God is providing this. He 58
  59. 59. says to take back the media to me ten years ago. That is, the computers, the radio and even like now I teach on Skype and they plug me into a radio station in Ghana and I'm teaching 6 or 8,000 people on the radio. That's available to us today. We need to be able to start to exercise that. So we just thank you Lord for this manifestation and the revelation and inspiration that we can forge ahead, but I need many more workers to be able to step into this realm, many more that have the same vision as I have to be able to implement it. Can we start teaching job skills, training micro business all over the world to produce more wealth to increase the body of Christ because that only can happen because there is wealth to be able to accomplish the buildings that we need, the teaching tools that we need, the computers that we need, on and on and on. We just thank you Lord for that today as I prayed this morning. In Jesus name. As I speak this morning in Jesus name. Amen. 59
  60. 60. Prophet Ronald: Praise God! Our satellites are slowing down today. Usually when our program is on, we reach many nations. It will usually be about 40 to 50 people, sometimes more that's listening to us all over the word. But our satellite program is down, not the satellites. We got a bad virus. We are getting ready to take care of that just as soon as we get off of here. God has given us the wisdom and the knowledge to reach the world. We are actually reaching the world. Apostle Eugene. They are requesting your website. So if you will type in your website, I will copy it and give it to them. Praise God! I have got to get you on Pal Talk so you can see the other side. So if you will be kind enough to type in your website, I will copy and paste it so they will be able to get your website. OK. While he is doing that, most of you know I have been celebrating 44 years this September. I released two books. The last book I released is “Joseph, God Is Setting You Up To Fulfill Your Dreams”. 60
  61. 61. That's a book you can get free. You can get It off of Face Book. Just look for Ronald H Flowers. You can copy that right there and you can download the book. Praise God! Alright, I am waiting for him to type in. . . . Apostle Eugene. He must have stepped away for a minute there because He is not hearing me. I got three websites so I'm just building the second two. Lighthouse India is my original one in Bismark. I'm working on Lighthouse India and also Lighthouse Africa. We are just starting to fill that and I need people to help me fill them two. I believe this is not just for one and even my Lighthouse Bismark. It belongs to the world, it does not belong to me and as we shine out over these nations and the light of Christ which is the reflection of them precious stones, we will be able to accomplish what needs to be done. So take a look at them. May God lead you and if someone has computer skills, then we can get filled with pictures and needs and wants and God can do His work, can't he? Amen. Also type in my e-mail address so that they can get a hold of me, OK. 61
  62. 62. Prophet Ronald: Yes, Yes, please. I need to store this information so that next time they ask for it, I can just pop it right up there. Praise God! As he is doing that the site won't work. Hmmm. Alright you will probably have to separate it because he has them all together there. On Lighthouse Africa, I missed the “com” on the end. I don't know why they did that. I wanted them all org because org is ministry and com is the business world. That's alright because it's taken me into …. the reason we put invest in there is because the computer reads words. So we want people that are investing into the stock market to be able to come to our site and they will because the computer will do it for us. I wish I had even done that with me because if there are Christians coming there, then they say I want to give my ten percent and here is a place I can seed it. There is a reason for investment in Lighthouse Africa and India. Amen. 62
  63. 63. Prophet Ronald: Amen. Here's his e-mail address. We thank the Lord for all that He has done. I was truly blessed today. That was a great word that he has given us and some tools that we can actually work with. Not this, you know sometimes somebody preaches something that makes you feel good, but you can't really do anything with it. Raise you hand....Turn around....Step down.... Step Up. You know you can say like this is good exercise, but you know when the devil comes and he is working against you, you have to know the Word of God. Jesus says when the devil came against Him, he said, It is written. And we need to know the word of God. People are going to come and argue and debate and discuss with you. I am not for this argument and debate. We had a person that came in this morning and they wanted to debate whether I was a prophet or not. Well, you know I really don't have time for that. If you don't think I am, then go some place else. Do what you have to do. It's time that we as people of God really, really get into the word of God. I thank God for each and everyone of you who were here today. I really thank God for Eugene Kadrmas. It was a powerful word from God that he brought to us. It was really a 63
  64. 64. blessing. I'm going to pray and then I'm going to give him the last word and do whatever he wants to do and we will just bless the Lord. 64
  65. 65. Closing Prayer So, Father, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we thank you for all that you have done today. We pray that everyone needs were met by the word of God and I know that they were. We thank you and we as you to look on your servant, Father and continue to bless Eugene Kadrmas God. Bless him as never before. We pray that the power of God and the wisdom of God continues to fall upon his life. Father, that you meet every need, that you give him the workers he needs, those who are skilled in computer technology and the web design. Father, we just pray and we know that you are going to give him the people needed to do the work of God and we give you the praise the glory and the honor. Thank God Amen! I bring back once again Eugene Kadrmas. He can have the last words and dismissal or however, he wants to do. It's his mic. 65
  66. 66. EUGENE: There is so much more and _________will come and it isn't just from me. I'm a bond servant and the Lord is speaking to me right now. Each one of us needs to get to that place where we can say Lord, I have to give it all, all of me, every cell, every thought, everything because I know I strolled for my first 15 years of my walk and sure I was doing a great work and the harvest was happening in the 80s back when the charismatic movement was happening. But on the other hand, it all ground down to a halt, not completely but it's still there, but we need to be able to exercise. Just think about it. I'm going to use this as prayer this morning that there is 38,000,000 Christians in America because of the failure of leadership of the Catholic church, the Methodists, the Lutherans. They are all a part of this. Even just in the last couple days we had another big ministry that there was some revelation that came forth as not good. But on the other hand, see the enemy is not stepping back. So I am praying this morning for every one of you that we have to be able to open our spiritual ears and eyes because the enemy if there is a big harvest coming, he will come in like a flood. When _______ said it to me from South 66
  67. 67. Africa. He says Jesus is knocking at the front door and he has no knob to open that door. Only you can open it. He called him slew foot or Satan. He comes in the back door. He doesn't even knock. He is in your camp and he is trying to get you back to your old failures and your shortcomings. On the other hand, the front door is not open and the Holy Spirit is not there. You are in quite a battle. So I'm speaking to you this morning. Open your front door. Open the Holy Spirit to come in. If you have not been baptized by submersion do it. Because Jesus says do it John and John says not me, Lord. Jesus says you have to. Jesus is saying the same thing to you today. You have to cleanse that old man and let it die and come up a whole new empty vessel that can be filled with the Holy Spirit. It is not full when you come out of that water. But you need to have that Word. You need to have that inspiration. You need to have people speaking into your life. You need to have people mentoring you to bring you into your fullness and your glory. So I just pray that this morning in Jesus Name, Amen. Let them be filled with the joy of the Lord because He is your strength. Amen. 67
  68. 68. Prophet Ronald: Praise God! Amen! God bless each and every one of you. We are getting ready to hit that button and we are going to go for today. There will be no service tonight. Amen. Let me say that again. There will be no service tonight. Amen. We usually have a service at 10 pm. Praise God, but there will be no service tonight. We are going to take a little rest and finish getting all this software together and then we are going to come back for Saturday at 10:00 Saturday. Who is preaching Saturday? Oh my goodness, it's me! I'm scheduled to preach Saturday. Praise God! Amen! We're going to be doing the work of God bless each and every one of you. I love you with the love of the Lord. God bless you. I'm going to hit the button and that's going to be it. May God's love and his grace and his mercy shine upon you this day. All right, brother, that's it. 68
  69. 69. NOTES: 69