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Hold Fast the Profession of Faith
come to pass you must know this secret, "Wherever you set your eyes and truth is not found, hope is not there."
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Hold Fast to Your Confession of Faith Sister Lara


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Hold Fast to Your Confession of Faith Sister Lara. Sharing how to hold fast to your confession of faith in Blood Covenant and more. Beyond the Veil Prophetic Ministries Since 2003.

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Hold Fast to Your Confession of Faith Sister Lara

  1. 1. Hold Fast the Profession of Faith Faith Tips Growing Your Faith "Helping Online School of Prayer Students be Employed by the Holy Spirit for Every Day Living." Hold Fast to the Profession of Faith Hebrews 10:23 23 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;) Today, as we look in this Scripture of faith we hear the heart of the Apostle Paul saying, "Hold fast." When you first read this Scripture you might think, "Be alert, do it quickly, hold tight." I am sure you could think of other words that might come to mind, however these words hold fast represent a whole new meaning. 1. Hold Fast Here, the root word of hold fast comes from the idea of "Blood from a marriage" in order to be closed joined to a person. Here, as we walk in the journey of faith God wants us to remember that we are in Blood Covenant with Him, through Christ Jesus. No matter how long it takes for your confessions of faith we must "Hold fast: Remain in Blood Covenant with Christ Jesus." This same word hold fast in the original root word is also used in Scripture found in Matthew chapter one, verse eighteen. Here we read, "Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost." You see, "Each one of us have a supernatural miracle in our lives where Christ Jesus lives in us because of the Person of the Holy Spirit." Faith causes us to "Hold Fast" unto the confession of our faith because "Greater is He that is in you then He that is in the world." 2. Profession Someone asked me the other day, "Sister Lara? I have not seen you in a while. What is your profession now?" I had to smile in my heart because being a Christian our profession means something totally different than the world. Here, the word profession represents the idea of the state of praise. We have often heard the statement, "Praise until the answer comes in the journey of faith." Yet, here it is a greater to delight in praise in your confessions of faith--as you wait for your promise to be manifested, "That you are in Blood Covenant with God." You make your confession known; you believe what you have said will come to pass because you are growing in intimate relationship with the Father, through Christ Jesus. Hallelujah ! We see the same root word used in the Book of Romans chapter ten, verse ten saying, "For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made." The journey of faith is to continually create what is not seen in the natural but what is already seen in the invisible because we have an intimate, supernatural union with Blood Covenant. 3. Faith Here, the word faith is literally translated as Hope. This type of hope is our very foundation of the faith. More easily, "Hope is the wind that gives your faith strength to carry on. Hope is the bouncing board that faith bounces off of to grow your faith." "Hold fast to the profession of your faith." If you loose hope waiting for your confession of faith to
  2. 2. come to pass you must know this secret, "Wherever you set your eyes and truth is not found, hope is not there." Sometimes, we begin this faith journey as we begin to call those things out that are not as they are and after two or three weeks of confession we end up giving up. "When you have lost strength in your confessions let it be a road sign to you that you have run your race with out the breath of God giving you hope." Pit stops are ok...rejuvenate! Get back in the race of faith. 4. Without Wavering As I shared in the previous bullet print, "Pit stops are ok. Sometimes you need to stop and learn to take small steps at a time. Or, as your faith grows you keep on growing your faith from a small seed to cover and reproduce and take over your mountain." If you need to pull over and check your tires of faith (Security in Christ) or get something fresh to drink (Be renewed in the faith) that is ok. One step at a time: But as you take that step of faith stay focused. "As we hold fast to the profession of our faith: Let us hold fast and be unmovable." When you think about a tree, though the wind comes it may bend but because it is deeply rooted it cannot be moved. In more simpler terms this is when people of faith can win the race because when we do our part, "The fullness of the God-head and the angelic hosts are working with you." You are not alone in this journey of faith. So far, we discussed: faith, hope and this is where we learn to add to our faith Love. You see we learn that while we await for our confession of faith to come to pass we draw from the wondrous Love the Father has each of us. "If we ask for bread He will not give us a stone." Yet at the same time, "If we grow weak we can ask Him for a hug." He is with you and He is Faithful to assist you in every area of your life in each of your journies of faith. I pray this has been a blessing to you today! As we "Steal Away" in the Secret Place, Sister Lara This post is a FREE BOOK OFFER, the THIRD ONE FOR THE WEEK..."Doesn't get much better then that. Hallelujah!"