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Share Your Story


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Anti Bullying Campaign that focus on children in Jakarta

Published in: Education, Technology, Career
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Share Your Story

  1. 1. Anti Bullying Campaign Share Your Story Share Your Story
  2. 2. Bullying is an act of hurting others physically,verbally or mentally. It is happens many times and often repeated. It may leads into serious impacts to the victim : • Physic : Bruise,wound,pain appears. • Emotional : Fear,traumatic,rarely happy,often sad,negative thinking. • Behaviour Change : Losing interest to going to school,drastically decreasing academic,starving because the money taken by others. All theses impacts may lead into suicide like any other bullying cases we saw at television. The articles written above, we can conclude that many bullying cases start in school, starting from early primary school to highschool, especially in Jakarta. Therefore, the campaign “Share Your Story” focus on children at school in Jakarta. Share Your Story
  3. 3. General Problem • Bullying that leads into various negative impact and brings disadvantage to the victim. Objective • To stop bullying and help the victim regain confidence. Key Message • Stop bullying by sharing story to predict bullying indication. Target Audience • Children starting from playground/early primary school to highschool aged 6-18 years old. • Parent,teacher,and guardian. Share Your Story
  4. 4. Overview This campaign is a social movement that encourage every children to share their stories about anything happens in their school. By doing this,parents,teachers, and other adults can detect bullying indication to children. The adults here listen to their stories and not being judgmental So basically,we encourage children to tell stories and experiences about their activity at school and we Share Your Story
  5. 5. Implementation The campaign will be divided into two programs : • Seminar and talkshow This program will be held in various school in Jakarta, starting from early primary school to highschool. Two to five schools for each of them. We brings ex-victim bullying as the speaker suchs as Yuki Kato,Saykoji,etc. • Volunteer Help the victim of bullying to regain confidence by becoming their friend and listening to their story Share Your Story
  6. 6. Communication channel • Website We will build and launch a website to communicate “Share Your Story” campaign to the public. Also, children can share their story about their school in this website and will be published. The website is • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, )Youtube We also make social media so that children can share their story. We can also communicate to them directly. They can also post daily life at school pictures and share them in instagram. After that, we regram the photos in our instagram’s account. We also communicate our campaign into video format and upload it into Youtube We use hashtag : #ShareYourStory • Radio We cooperate with local and university radio by sharing the campaign through interview and adlibs. The interview will be 30-60 minutes long and the adlibs will be 4-5 adlibs a day • Other channel We use traditional communication channel such as poster and flyer. We put and share to public in strategic area to build public awareness Share Your Story
  7. 7. Timeline The campaign will start from 2015 30-60Days Target : • Approach artist as a speaker. Main artist : Saykoji and Yuki Kato • Make proposal,budgeting,timeline • Make website,social media,adlibs format • Posting in social media and make video format then upload it on youtube • Reach 50followers,20facebook likes,and 50website visitors • Find 20-30volunteers 3 Months Target : • Doing 10seminar and talkshow in targeted school. • Reach 500followers,200facebook likes,300website visitors,and 1.000Youtube views. • Posting anything about the campaign and Retweet or interact with followers • Collect and publish 15 stories in website • The volunteers start to approach the victim of bullying. • Start to communicate the campaign in radio through interview and adlibs 6 Months – 1 Year Target : • Completed seminar and talkshow in targeted school • Reach over 5.000followers and website visitors,1.000facebook likes,and 500.000Youtube views • Collect and publish over 100stories in website • The victim of bullying regain confidencce • Decrease the number of bullying case in Jakarta by 50% Share Your Story
  8. 8. • Budgeting Seminar and Talkshow Rp. 10.000.000 Volunteer Rp. 2.000.000 Media Publication channel Rp. 10.000.000 Total Rp. 22.000.000 Share Your Story
  9. 9. “Life will knock us down, but we can choose to get up” – Jackie Chan, ex-victim of bullying