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SPSBOS - Learning through collaboration and the wisdom of crowds

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SPSBOS - Learning through collaboration and the wisdom of crowds

  1. 1. Learning Through Collaboration and the Wisdom of Crowds SharePoint as an Organizational Learning Tool Theresa Eller | | @SharePointMadam
  2. 2. “Learning is a social process.” James Surowiecki | Author of The Wisdom of Crowds
  3. 3. Who is Theresa Eller? Experience & Education • Situs (Houston, TX) • BA in Public Relations • MA in Teaching & Learning with Technology • Toastmasters International Member (since 2001) @SharePointMadam SharePoint Career Path • First SharePoint Site was WSS • Site Owner for Training site • Finance Site Collection Owner • Corporate Trainer for SharePoint 2010 • InfoPath/Electronic Forms Advocate • Farm Admin/Production Support • SharePoint Consultant • SharePoint Analyst
  4. 4. Our Agenda Today Explicit & Tacit Knowledge The Wisdom of Crowds Work Like A Network Jellybean Experiment Social & ECM in SharePoint & Yammer Convert Content Into Knowledge
  5. 5. Knowledge Tacit knowledge forms the underlying framework that makes explicit knowledge possible.
  6. 6. Tacit Knowledge • Knowledge that can’t be easily summarized or conveyed to others • Specific to a particular place, job, or experience • Tremendously valuable
  7. 7. Explicit Knowledge • Documented knowledge • Articulated knowledge, expressed and recorded as words, numbers, codes, mathematical and scientific formulae, and musical notations • Easy to communicate, store, and distribute • Found in books, on the web, and other visual and oral means Source:
  8. 8. Sources of Explicit Knowledge in SharePoint Blogs Wikis Videos
  9. 9. The Wisdom of Crowds “…under the right circumstances, groups are remarkably intelligent, and are often smarter than the smartest people in them.” James Surowiecki | Author of The Wisdom of Crowds
  10. 10. The Wisdom of Crowds • Collective or group intelligence • #SPHelp or SPYAM • Online customer reviews • Three conditions necessary for the crowd to be wise • Diversity • Independence • Decentralization
  11. 11. Diversity • “…contributes not just by adding different perspectives to the group but also by making it easier for individuals to say what they really think.”
  12. 12. Independence • “The smartest groups…are made up of people with diverse perspectives who are able to stay independent of each other.”
  13. 13. Decentralization • “…power does not reside in one central location…” • Opposite of top-down management • Crucial to tacit knowledge • “…encourages independence and specialization…while still allowing people to coordinate their activities and solve difficult problems” • Intelligent results require aggregating information
  14. 14. Decentralization Example: Linux • Owned by no one • People work on what they’re interested in and ignore the rest • Single most important challenger to Microsoft
  15. 15. Collective Intelligence Example: Google • [Collective intelligence is] “the reason the Internet search engine Google can scan a billion Web pages and find the one page that has the exact piece of information you were looking for.”
  16. 16. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? • Friends and relatives, collectively identified as “experts,” guessed correctly 65% of the time • Polls of the audience—random people with nothing better to do—guessed correctly 91% of the time
  17. 17. Work Like A Network “We believe the future of work is founded upon open, discoverable information sharing and constant collaboration that ultimately turns companies into networks. Today’s enterprise social and unified communication experiences are just the beginning.” Jeff Teper | Tranforming work, Transforming Office | Blog post on Feb. 17, 2014
  18. 18. Oslo
  19. 19. Office Graph
  20. 20. Yammer • Get connected to the right people • Share information across teams • Organize projects All Company Feed Group Feed
  21. 21. Yammer Groups • Similar to Community Sites in SharePoint
  22. 22. Yammer Conversations • Available within Office applications in O365
  23. 23. How Many Jellybeans? “A classic demonstration of group intelligence is the jelly-beans-in-the- jar experiment, in which invariably the group estimate is superior to the vast majority of the individual guess.” James Surowiecki | Author of The Wisdom of Crowds
  24. 24. Guess To Win • Complete this quick Excel Survey for your chance to win the jar of jellybeans
  25. 25. How To Win • Blog post: How to win a jellybean guessing contest jellybean-counting-contest/
  26. 26. Social & ECM in SharePoint “Social networks...allow people to connect and coordinate with each other without a single person being in charge.” James Surowiecki | Author of The Wisdom of Crowds
  27. 27. Taking SharePoint Beyond the Intranet
  28. 28. Newsfeeds • User’s dashboard • What’s relevant to the user • What’s happening with everyone • How to get contextually-relevant content from across the entire SharePoint environment • Share status updates • Mention other users using @name • Multiple #tags in a single post Source:
  29. 29. Tags Hashtags • Easy way to #tag conversations and comments • Always public • Use Tags & Notes board to see previous #tags • Supported in Yammer but not integrated with SP Keywords • Pre-Populated terms specified in Managed Metadata • Example: Ask Me About in MySites Source: -2013-tagging-social-tags/
  30. 30. Community Sites • Meant to replace distribution lists in Exchange • Enhanced version of discussion boards • Focus on conversations • Encourage shared interests • Promote gamification through badges & reputations • Portal lists all available community sites
  31. 31. Content Types & Metadata Candy Type Brand Color Flavor Size Shape Wonka Green Apple Small Round Wonka Red Cherry Small Round Mars Chocolate Brown Milk Chocolate Full Size Rectangular Mars Chocolate Brown Milk Chocolate Fun Size Rectangular Jelly Belly Red Strawberry Jam Small Oval Jelly Belly Green Margarita Small Oval
  32. 32. Convert Content Into Knowledge “What you’d like is a way for individuals to specialize and to acquire local knowledge–which increases the total amount of information available in the system–while also being able to aggregate that local knowledge and private information into a collective whole.” James Surowiecki | Author of The Wisdom of Crowds
  33. 33. Convert Content Into Knowledge • Conversations happen online via • Newsfeeds • Community Sites • Yammer
  34. 34. SharePoint Search • Content is searchable because of • Hashtags • Keywords • Content types • Metadata
  35. 35. Yammer Search • Search for people, groups, and conversations • Additional search options Hashtags Keywords
  36. 36. Questions? Theresa Eller | | @SharePointMadam