HTF - Who Moved My SharePoint (to 2013)


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What's new for business users in SharePoint 2013

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HTF - Who Moved My SharePoint (to 2013)

  1. 1. 1 Who Moved My SharePoint (to 2013)? Theresa Eller Entrance Software
  2. 2. 2 Welcome to Houston TechFest • Please turn off all electronic devices or set them to vibrate. • If you must take a phone call, please do so in the lobby so as not to disturb others. • Thanks to our Diamond Sponsors: Thank you for being a part of the 7th Annual Houston TechFest!
  3. 3. 3 Information • Speaker presentation slides will be available at within a week • Don’t forget to complete the Bingo card to be eligible for door prizes
  4. 4. engineering intelligence About Entrance Who is Entrance? Who is Theresa Eller?
  5. 5. engineering intelligence We’re “IT guys” that get our hands dirty.
  6. 6. engineering intelligence • First SharePoint Site was WSS • Site Owner for Training site • Site Collection Owner for Finance • Corporate Trainer for SharePoint 2010 • InfoPath/Electronic Forms Advocate • Farm Administrator/Production Support • SharePoint Consultant Who is Theresa Eller? Experience & Education • Entrance Software (Houston, TX) • BA in Public Relations • MA in Teaching & Learning with Technology • Toastmasters International Member (since 2001) • Twitter: @SharePointMadam • Email: SharePoint Career Path
  7. 7. engineering intelligence Our Agenda Today Improved Efficiencies Enhanced Search Functionality Social Features World of Workflows Site Administration
  8. 8. Laissez les bon temps rouler!
  9. 9. engineering intelligence Improved Efficiencies Efficiencies for Business Users and Site Administrators
  10. 10. engineering intelligence Efficiencies for Business Users (1 of 2) •Drag & Drop files into document libraries • Up to 100 files •Add new item now at top of list
  11. 11. engineering intelligence •Sharing (permissions) • Users can request that a site, library, or list be shared with others • Request must be approved by owner Efficiencies for Business Users (2 of 2) •Copy/paste from Word into Content Editor Web Part • No extra code to alter formatting
  12. 12. engineering intelligence • Source: Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration by Shane Young, Steve Caravajal, and Todd Klindt Office Web Apps •Can be used outside of SharePoint •New set of features • Change tracking • Comments • Co-authoring • Quick (visual) preview • Share by link • Short URLs
  13. 13. engineering intelligence •In Outlook, drag emails, documents, or attachments into the site mailbox Site Mailbox (1 of 2) • Image Source: Site Mailboxes in the new Office
  14. 14. engineering intelligence Site Mailbox (2 of 2) •Central filing cabinet •Place to file project emails and documents that can only be accessed and edited by site members • Emails stored in Exchange • Documents stored in SharePoint • Coauthoring and versioning available •Available in Outlook 2013 • Not available in Outlook Web App
  15. 15. engineering intelligence •Tasks aggregated from multiple programs to one place •One comprehensive view of user tasks •Central point for managing tasks • Slide Credit: Understanding Task Aggregation in SharePoint 2013 by Paul Wood Task Aggregation
  16. 16. engineering intelligence •Not the same as your personal SkyDrive •Replaces SharePoint 2010 Workspace •Allows users to make SharePoint content available offline •100MB storage quota by default • Blog Post by Ben Naulin of Sharegate SkyDrive Pro
  17. 17. engineering intelligence Enhanced Search Features
  18. 18. engineering intelligence •FAST now integrated •Type-ahead (or key- ahead) •Remembers previously clicked links •Search filter options What’s New in Search (1 of 2)
  19. 19. engineering intelligence What’s New in Search (2 of 2) •Proximity Operators • NEAR • Searches for two terms close to each other, with up to 8 words in between • Searches for second term before or after first term • ONEAR • Searches for second term after first term • Shorten distance between words by using (#) • e.g., NEAR(4) searches for the terms within four words of each other •Continuous Crawling
  20. 20. engineering intelligence •View documents without opening them •Jump to specific sections with Take a look inside •See how many times a document has been viewed •PDF preview available with March 2013 Public Update Visual Preview
  21. 21. engineering intelligence •Set limits before or after entering your search term •Available with or without item counts (where applicable) Refiners
  22. 22. engineering intelligence Social Features Making social features useful for business purposes
  23. 23. engineering intelligence 20-25% Potential improvement possible in knowledge worker productivity 70%Proportion of companies using social technologies 90%Proportion of companies that report some business benefit from them 28 hours Time each week spent by knowledge workers writing emails, searching for information and collaborating internally Statistical Source: McKinsey • Source: Naomi Moneypenney • Yammer Presentation at SPTechCon Boston 2013
  24. 24. engineering intelligence Microblogging •Mentions • @[username] •Hashtags • #yourchoice
  25. 25. engineering intelligence •Microblog format •Follow sites, people, documents • Automatically displayed in newsfeed Newsfeed
  26. 26. engineering intelligence Yammer Integration Required Settings • IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security tab > Trusted Sites > Sites • Add the following URLs • https://* https://* https://*
  27. 27. engineering intelligence Community Sites and Portal •Replace discussion boards •Focus on conversations •Encourage shared interests •Promote gamification • Badges • Reputations
  28. 28. engineering intelligence World of Workflows 2010 Workflows? 2013 Workflows? What’s the difference?
  29. 29. engineering intelligence What Happens to 2010 Workflows? •SharePoint 2010 Workflow platform has been carried forward to SharePoint 2013 • Workflows built for SharePoint 2010 will continue to work in SharePoint 2013
  30. 30. engineering intelligence SharePoint 2013 Workflows •To use SharePoint Server 2013 workflows: • Download, install, and configure Workflow Manager to work with SharePoint Server • Workflow Manager provides an externalized host to run workflows •SharePoint Designer 2013 will then allow you to choose which version (2010 or 2013) of workflow you want to create or edit
  31. 31. engineering intelligence InfoPath is NOT Dead •InfoPath 2013 is not deprecated • 2013 is possibly last version • Very similar to InfoPath 2010 •InfoPath Services is not new or enhanced
  32. 32. engineering intelligence •To fix, follow the steps in Lori Gowin’s blog post: Upgrading InfoPath and the User Profile Service Data Connection InfoPath Form: Username Field “Breaks” What We Get What We Want
  33. 33. engineering intelligence What About Access Services 2013? •Develop Access forms in client, then publish to SharePoint • Build a custom web app • Use a web app template • Download a web app from Office store •Requires SQL Server 2012 • Separate database instance •No integration with workflows in SP2013 • Future integration is rumored
  34. 34. engineering intelligence Site Administration New, Different & Improved
  35. 35. engineering intelligence New for Site Administrators •Site collection owners can compare 2010 to 2013 and determine when to upgrade
  36. 36. engineering intelligence Different for Site Administrators (1 of 3) •Out of the box branding capable through Composed Looks or Design Manager •Delete unique permissions • “Inherit Permissions” in SP2010
  37. 37. engineering intelligence Different for Site Administrators (2 of 3) •Site Actions replaced with Settings icon •Settings icon returns to right side • Handy if upgrading from 2007 •Two types of Apps • Lists and Libraries • SharePoint store applications
  38. 38. engineering intelligence Different for Site Administrators (3 of 3) •Email a Link to a file is gone • Instead, right-click file and copy hyperlink •Create new subsite hidden at bottom of Site Contents page
  39. 39. engineering intelligence Improved for Site Administrators •Edit Quick Launch directly with page in Edit mode
  40. 40. engineering intelligence Questions?
  41. 41. 41 Please Leave Feedback During Q&A If you leave session feedback and provide contact information, you will be qualified for a prize Scan the QR code to the right or go to