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SharePoint 2013 Overview


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SharePoint 2013 Overview

  1. 1. SharePoint 2013: What It Is? And What Does It Do? SkyDrive Pro is provided to you through your organization's subscription to SharePoint Online in Office 365 or through an on-premises installation of SharePoint Server 2013. SkyDrive Pro functionality enables users to store and synchronize files between SharePoint Server 2013 and a client workstation. SkyDrive Pro is a personal library intended for storing and organizing user work documents. SkyDrive Pro is different from SkyDrive, which is intended for personal storage and also different from user team site, which is intended for storing team or project-related documents. Terminology of SkyDrive Pro: • SkyDrive Pro A personal file storage and synchronization service for business use. Users store, access, and synchronize their files in SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server 2013 with their client workstation. • SkyDrive Pro Document Library A document library on the user's My Site in SharePoint Server 2013. Users access their SkyDrive Pro document library by clicking SkyDrive in SharePoint Server 2013. • SkyDrive A consumer-based file storage service available through your Microsoft account. • Synchronization Process that involves copying, updating, and moving files between a client workstation and the server, or vice versa. Pre-requisites of SkyDrive Pro: • To support SkyDrive Pro Synchronization, the user must have: • SharePoint Server 2013 or SharePoint Online To support SkyDrive Pro document libraries in SharePoint Server 2013, need the following a. A SharePoint Server 2013 My Site Host. b. Configured the User Profile Service application. c. he user must have an existing My Site with the personal site collection created.
  2. 2. • Either a. Office 2013 Standard or Office 2013 Professional Plus, or the stand-alone SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync client. b. An Office 365 subscription that includes the Office 2013 applications. Client workstations running Windows 7 or Windows 8. Architecture of SkyDrive Pro: Source: SkyDrive Pro in SharePoint Server 2013 consists of two main components: Storage locations and the SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync client. Storage locations Document libraries. A user can choose to synchronize a document library with a client workstation.
  3. 3. a. E is a user's SkyDrive Pro document library on the user's My Site. This is a special document library, and is discussed in the next section. b. F is a document library on a team site. Windows Folders. When a document library is synchronized with a client workstation, synchronized files are stored in specific Windows folders on the client workstation. a. A is a user's SkyDrive folder. When Office 2013 is installed, a SkyDrive folder is created in the Favorites section of Windows Explorer. b. B is the SharePoint folder. Files in document libraries on team sites are synchronized with the SharePoint folder. c. C is the SkyDrive @ Contoso folder. Files in document libraries on team sites in a SharePoint Online tenancy are synchronized with the SkyDrive @ Contoso folder. d. D is the SkyDrive Pro folder. Files in a user's SkyDrive Pro document library are synchronized with the SkyDrive Pro folder. * SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync client The SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync client synchronizes files between document libraries in SharePoint Server 2013 or SharePoint Online, and specific Windows folders on a client workstation. Benefits of using SkyDrive Pro: * 24/7 access to your documents. Read and edit while user in offline. Everything syncs with SharePoint whenever user go back online. * Browser-free interaction with your documents. Opening your documents in a Web browser is fine, but working directly in your file system is usually more convenient. * Users' documents can be synchronized across all client devices and servers where the files are stored and synchronized. * Multiple users (online or offline) can work on documents at the same time, and the SkyDrive Pro Windows Sync client will synchronize the changes between the users. If there are conflicts, users are prompted to resolve the conflicts. * Users can share and collaborate on documents. * Users can work from many locations, either online or offline, and work from many devices
  4. 4. For solving this, we have an option such that Quota Limit for each user in MySite Host Site Collection. It will applicable for all users' mysite setup. An administrator having a permission to decide the quota limit for each user/all users by using the Quota Limit option in Central Administration. As I had implemented Sky Drive Pro in our environment, I had faced some challenges and figured out solutions for them. So I do have a whole lot of interesting information that will be shared in my follow up article. I will also give a detailed view of MySite Setup for SkyDrivePro with snapshots in the ensuing article. Ameex provides comprehensive SharePoint consulting services for clients with a broad range of requirements, from simple installation, configuration, and deployment to the development of effective, enterprise level SharePoint portals. Our SharePoint developers provide consultation, development, migration, customization and support for installations for a broad range of clients across an array of industries. Author: Durga