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Christmas story


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Christmas story

Published in: Education
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Christmas story

  2. 2.  However, when I got home I found my house the same as I left it. I felt disappointed and put the glass sphere at the front door. I entered the house still in a bad mood but then I couldn’t believe my eyes…..everything was changed, the walls, the carpets, the furniture, the appliances …. It looked like I was in a palace. I dashed through the rooms and upstairs too. I looked through the window at the back yard of the house and my eyes filled with tears of joy - there was a huge pool with slides and spa. I ran downstairs looking for and calling mum, dad, my sister and brother…. There was nobody home. That was so strange. I sat on the sofa and watched the lights of the Christmas tree. I wondered where had my family gone, it was Christmas eve. Then I saw the family picture or as I remember it to be such. I gasped, there was only me on it. What? Why? Where are they? Am I alone? How could this be? I miss them all. I got up and headed for the front door. I hoped it was still there. Luckily it was. I took it and felt that at the bottom of it there was something engraved. I looked at it and it was saying….