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Bucovina - Marginea


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An album of photos that offer a glimpse into the beauty of the region.

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Bucovina - Marginea

  1. 1. SHARE MY EMOTIONS! The most successful way of learning through sport, art, dance, music and foreign languages Romania Online meeting -25 th of November 2020
  2. 2. Bukovina
  3. 3. Situated in the north of the country, Bukovina is known as a land of spirituality, with people that have a great respect for traditions and folklore.
  4. 4. Sucevița Monastery The architecture of the church contains both Byzantine and Gothic elements, and some elements typical to other painted churches of northern Moldavia. Both interior and exterior walls are covered by mural paintings, which are of great artistic value and depict biblical episodes from the Old and New Testament. The paintings date from around 1601, which makes Sucevița one of the last monasteries to be decorated in the famous Moldavian style of exterior paintings.
  5. 5. The land of Monasteries
  6. 6. Putna Monastery Putna Monastery, about which the legend says that Stephen the Great built after he chose the place by shooting an arrow from the Hill of the Cross. As you will find out the church was rebuilt during 1653 and 1662 by Vasile Lupu and his successors and it is the place where the great Moldavian ruler was buried.
  7. 7. Traditions and festivals
  8. 8. The most important traditions are connected to the two celebrations that bring together the communities: Easter and Christmas.
  9. 9. Marginea’s Coat of Arms
  10. 10. Thanks for watching! Teacher: Cotos Ioana