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11 lt japing

Artists4All by Edda Japing
Sharing is Caring X Amsterdam 2019

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11 lt japing

  1. 1. Artists4all sharing knowledge to maintain the RKDartists database as a resource for all
  2. 2. RKD – Netherlands Institute for Art History (
  3. 3. RKDartists& Database containing biographical information about artists, art historian, art dealers and collectors
  4. 4. Artists4all • Offering experts in their field the opportunity to adapt and expand information in RKDartists& • Making RKDArtists& available as LOD in the NDE network of terms Funded by • Mondriaan Fund • Dutch Digital Heritage Network (NDE)
  5. 5. Experts have access through the RKDartists& records on our website: Or they can go directly to the Artists4all application
  6. 6. Built in Axiell Collections (Adlib online)
  7. 7. Record changed or added by expert Visible on website within 15 minutes Original record is archived Review by RKD editor No change • archived record restored • communication about reasons for rejection
  8. 8. RKDartists& available as Linked Open Data • Available through NDE Network of Terms data environment • RKDartists elements data mapping: • Dutch Museum of Literature will be using RKDartists as a thesaurus in their own collection management system