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Our presentation for IT-101-E01

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  • Microsoft partnered with Intel to produce the 128 bit operating system which is revolutionary because no other operating system will have 128 processors.
  • New icon arrangement, program management, window flashback and like we said before a new task barLibraries?Capable of adding more security inclusions more effective firewalls
  • Touch screen- improved and accurate typingStart screen- fast way to connect to apps. Easy to personalize for users wants/needs
  • Apps are connected with one another making it easy to share files or picturesThey are able to adapt to any device with windows 8 (laptop, desktop, mobile device). Apps are available on the go wherever and whenever as user is signed in to their windows ID.All apps are safe and screened by Dell
  • Faster performanceLeading security protectionHardware accelerationThe web by touch is built for speed and fluidity Ability to snap application side by side for quick easy accessEasy to categorize websites by the users wants
  • Users are now able to view and manage all file operations in one place Easier to read where the bulk of the application usage is coming from
  • Because its so frustrating having to reconstruct documents when a computer resets, they created a reset button that retains all documents, accounts, personal settings, and even appsResets computer to state when originally purchased
  • When your computer needs an update, you choose a time in the future that you want your computer to reboot instead of getting the same notifications over and over again. Keeps computer up to date without annoying interruptions
  • Windows Runtime allows you to create appealing apps to customers and are easy to createDifferent languages takes full advantage of graphics hardware
  • These three controls are user friendly and create an experience for the user to understandStandard controls include everything needed to enter data (visuals, audio)Collection controls are more advanced than standard (allow customization for styles) Intrinsic controls are the most advanced and allow the user to design in any way shape or form they want
  • When customers buy an app they provide consent for the app to use only the required capabilities Protection from virus ridden websites and programs by showing new warnings before downloading higher-risk programs
  • Monitors and protects against viruses and other malware and removes any viruses that have accidentally been upload.Secured Boot makes Windows 8 significantly more resistant to low-level attacks that Windows 7 could not detect.
  • It windows 8 project

    1. 1. Jake “JP Hammer” HamerschlagShaquille “Mr. Ridikulus” Buchanan
    2. 2. New Features Taskbar 128 bit operating system Improved battery life
    3. 3. More New Features New looks Libraries Improved security
    4. 4. New Interface Touch screen Start screen
    5. 5. Applications Connection Adaptation Safety
    6. 6. Internet Explorer 10  Touch Web  Security  Organization
    7. 7. Desktop Power to users Task manager
    8. 8. Desktop Continued Multi-monitor options Push-button reset Less annoying windows update
    9. 9. Push Button Reset Restart without issues Reset PC to original state
    10. 10. Updates No interruptions Grace period to reboot No more annoying update notifications
    11. 11. Creating Apps Windows Runtime Many Programming Languages Compatibility (Existing Framework)
    12. 12. Adding Metro Style Standard Controls Collection controls Intrinsic controls
    13. 13. Developing Windows 8 Immersive User Interfaces  Animation  3D Transformations Improved Graphics (Gaming)  DirectX
    14. 14. Developing Windows 8 Windows 8 SDK & Windows Dev Center Visual Studio Expression Blend
    15. 15. Fundamentals Works on Vista and Windows 7 Hardware Connectivity Wi-fi Hotspots (Metered Connection)
    16. 16. Security Consent SmartScreen Filter
    17. 17. Security Continued Windows Defender Secured Boot
    18. 18. Devices Metro Style Device Apps  Connecting cameras to the computer
    19. 19. Devices Class Devices  Simpler to use devices. No Set Up
    20. 20. Business Mobility Windows to go Connect Anywhere, Anytime
    21. 21. THANKS