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Repurposed steel mill to shine again


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The Mill 19 steel mill in Hazelwood Green will be dedicated to bringing new technologies to workplaces who need to change with the times.

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Repurposed steel mill to shine again

  2. 2. An abandoned steel mill in Pittsburg that has been closed for twenty years is set to come alive again, after being transformed into a technologically-advanced robotics and manufacturing hub. Sprawling 178 acres, the new installation will reside on top of Jones & Laughlin Steel Company’s Mill 19 which has not been in operation since 1998 and once housed 5,000 workers.
  3. 3. ADVANCED ROBOTICS. Among the clients who will take up residency at the new facility will be Carnegie Mellon University’s Manufacturing Futures Initiative, in addition to the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute. This alliance is dedicated to bringing new technologies – especially in the field of robotics – to workplaces who need to change with the times.
  4. 4. ASSEMBLED AND TESTED. Robotics are a rapidly-developing part of the technology sector, and advancements in the field have huge impacts on how new products are manufactured, assembled and tested. While robots made of steel and other durable materials have replaced many labour-intensive jobs, many more opportunities have arisen in their place.
  5. 5. IT’S TIME TO GET TO BUSINESS. The site was purchased in 2002 for $10 million USD and has been undergoing extensive refurbishment since, with the initial aim being the removal of any industrial waste that could have been left behind from the original steel mill. Now that part is complete, it’s time to get to business.
  6. 6. The project is a testimony to the enduring power of steel and shows that with the right technology industries can thrive. Talk to ShapeCUT today to see how we can purpose steel to suit your business requirements.
  7. 7. WWW.SHAPECUT.COM.AU 1800 ShapeCUT (1800 742 732)