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XCP-ng - past, present and future


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Olivier Lambert talks about the open-source, unrestricted hypervisor based on XenServer.

Published in: Technology
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XCP-ng - past, present and future

  1. 1. XCP-ng: Current Project State Turnkey Community Powered Hypervisor based on Xen Originally a XenServer fork, now more than that! 1 / 12
  2. 2. About me Olivier Lambert CEO/founder of Vates (2012) Linux/FreeBSD guy (former sysadmin) Xen Orchestra and XCP-ng founder Twitter @xenorchestra @xcpng @OlivierLamber12 XCP-ng website: 2 / 12
  3. 3. 2018: 1 year of XCP-ng : Kickstarter, funded at 700% : First release (7.4) : 7.5 with new exclusive features (eg: initial ZFS support) : Pro support available ( : 7.6, all repo/RPMs GPG signed, soft RAID support 3 / 12
  4. 4. XCP-ng today Still easy to upgrade from XenServer (keeping all VMs, settings etc.), 100% API compatible. No license, no feature restrictions, only support-based business model. Fully /RPM based for updates. Community 1k+ forum contributors (6k+ posts!) 18k unique downloads member of Xen Security pre-disclosure list working on being a Linux Foundation Project (nothing official yet!) getting closer to the upstream (Xen, Linux, CentOS) 4 / 12
  5. 5. New features 10+ upstream bug fixed (including security issues) ✔ "testing" repo available (more recent kernel, extra drivers…) ✔ signed Windows PV drivers ✔ CloudStack compatibility ✔ compression support (almost ready) 5 / 12
  6. 6. 2019: what's next More repower growing the "on-site" (Vates) dedicated team (up to 6 people) already working with 3 major academic labs (Paris, Grenoble & Nice universities) all of those labs already published a lot on Xen searching actively for other EU universities/labs with Xen knowledge total team size: (researchers/engineers/contractors) joint effort with multiple companies (in various fields: hosting, finance, research…) new companies are always welcome! 6 / 12
  7. 7. Research and development Storage NVMe general perfs improvements new FS with new storage stack: ZFS, Ceph… better backup perfs and architecture Network VXLAN support VLAN across pools (replacing closed source and Citrix DCVS) Compute better Xen scheduler NUMA optimizations general perfs improvements All of this backed by academic publications (rigorous benchmarks, data available). 7 / 12
  8. 8. Example: NVMe/Optane near bare-metal perfs Current issue: NVMe drive IOPS limited by CPU due to "legacy" storage design. Objective: going from 10% to 90% of bare-metal IOPS! Solution: removing layers. How? "emulate" NVMe drives inside the guest "slice" the real drive polling model (less interrupts: not CPU bound anymore) "General" architecture validated with Xen devs. Next phase: proof of concept + benchmark 8 / 12
  9. 9. Technical improvements automated build/CI platform Koji (automated RPM build) automated QA nightly builds advanced mirror management mirrors all around the world everything GPG signed (secure) advanced Ceph/ZFS support improved support improved compression for all operations and more! 9 / 12
  10. 10. In the meantime, on XO side Reminder: Xen Orchestra is the "management" stack for XCP-ng (even XenServer). It's like both "vSphere client" and "vCenter server" (XCP-ng would be ESXi) It does: basic admin tasks (migrating, patching hosts…) backup (forward incremental delta, replication…) resource delegation (but far less cloud oriented than CloudStack obviously) 2019 objectives: VM cloud backup (off-site) backup proxies (optimized to backup from various locations) new UI to be ultra fast even on large infrastructures (4000+ VMs) 10 / 12
  11. 11. How to help XCP-ng project? contribution via the community (forum/IRC) joining as a partner in an European research project (https://www.eurostars- public funding! helping on QA with hardware and/or DC space using it! getting pro support ;) Contact us: 11 / 12
  12. 12. Questions? 12 / 12