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Paul Angus - Welcome to CloudStack Collaboration Conference


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The CloudStack Project VP welcomes delegates to the CloudStack Collaboration Conference. And gives opening remarks about the CloudStack community, with special guest joining on stage.

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Paul Angus - Welcome to CloudStack Collaboration Conference

  2. 2. FLAMINGO HOTEL - LAS VEGAS 2019 Brian Jones/Las Vegas News Bureau
  3. 3. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON C h a i r / V P A p a c h e C l o u d S t a c k P r o j e c t I always dreamed that I would have my name up in lights in Las Vegas Introducing…
  4. 4. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON • Opening ApacheCon plenary is on Tuesday 9am – 11am in Vista room • Evening events: • Monday night: a screening of “FUD - Fear Uncertainty Doubt”, the Wyona Pictures film on the rise of the Open Source/Free Software Movement and a preview of the documentary on The Apache Software Foundation that will be filmed during ApacheCon Las Vegas and Berlin (8pm in Vista room) • ApacheCon Runners, 7am in the lobby • Social media; please include: #ccc19us + #cloudstackworks + #apachecon or #acna19 Housekeeping
  5. 5. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON • I am from England and thus, I speak UK English. • Please send any complaints regarding my pronunciation to: The Queen England Housekeeping
  7. 7. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON Coming up • 22 presentations • How-tos, possible futures, new & in-development features • 2 days up to c. 7pm • 2x tracks In rooms Laughlin 1 and Laughlin 2 • Schedule: • Wednesday – Hackathon in Laughlin 1 NB: Laughlin is also a town 120km SSE of Las Vegas. Take care when ordering a cab on the strip You are here
  9. 9. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON  Everyone has agreed - No one will talk about Brexit or President Trump this week  In an effort to keep up with the times, the CloudStack UI in 4.14 will include ‘Emoji’ in the language translations. VMStarted: 👍 error: 🤕 deployVM: 🤞  The special guests are only here because I told them Celine Dion had extended her residency in Las Vegas and would come on stage with them and perform a song about CloudStack FAKENEWS
  10. 10. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON CloudStack Collaboration Conference
  11. 11. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON RealNews Some Numbers • 32k+ commits in Github (commits in PRs now squashed so actually a lot more) • Those commits were from 297 individual contributors • We currently have 121 committers • 51 PMC members • 10 CloudStack Collaboration Conferences - Las Vegas, Santa Clara, Budapest, Amsterdam, Dublin, Denver, Miami, Montreal, Rio, Las Vegas • CloudStack has been an Apache Project for ~7 years • 6 VP/Chairs - Chip, Sebastien, Hugo, Will, Mike, Me • 1 Apache CloudStack!
  12. 12. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON RealNews • Released in the last year: 4.11.2, 4.11.3 (fulfilling our LTS promise), 4.12 4.13 within days/weeks • Downloads: Repos get 1000s of package downloads every month
  13. 13. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON RealNews We have a lot to be proud of
  14. 14. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON Out Of The Shadows (in a good way) Image: not for commercial use. From
  15. 15. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON “CloudStack – its what people do after they’ve tried running OpenStack” Honest to goodness quote from 3rd party vendor at CCCNA in Montreal 2018 Out Of The Shadows (in a good way)
  16. 16. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON #CloudStackWorks • CloudStack does what it says on the tin • Makes no false promises • Has proven longevity • Backed by a real, passionate community
  17. 17. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON #CloudStackWorks And we have a certificate to prove it…
  18. 18. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON The recognition was for: • Willingness to recommend the brand to colleagues • Trustworthiness • Reliability • Fulfilment of service promise • Continuous improvement • Security “Nationwide survey of 10,000 professional users of software and software service providers”
  19. 19. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON #CloudStackWorks … Because its backed by a real, passionate community That’s us
  20. 20. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON But I would say that ^^^ so… I asked some CloudStack users to tell their stories. #CloudStackWorks
  21. 21. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON #CloudStackWorks MAURICE NETTESHEIM Head of Shared & Cloud Services - BT Compute “At BT we use Apache CloudStack to underpin our Cloud Compute service. We have compute zones in 16 countries which support key services for many of our Global customers. CloudStack gives us the full range of functionality we require from an IaaS platform while still being easy to deploy, scalable, flexible and robust. We would like to thank the Apache CloudStack community for their continued development of this great technology, and we ourselves will continue to contribute” BT
  24. 24. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON #CloudStackWorks • Global hybrid cloud hosting with 21 data centers worldwide • Running CloudStack since 2012 for private & public cloud • Highly customizable, easy to use • Provide tech savvy customers a high-performance cloud • Active open source community
  26. 26. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON #CloudStackWorks JEAN-FRANCOIS NADEAU Principle Systems Engineer, Cloud Infrastructures
  29. 29. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON #CloudStackWorks ANTHONY SHORTLAND Senior Manager, Cloud Engineering, Internet Software and Services
  30. 30. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON • Apple runs a large CloudStack cloud • The platform has been running for more than six years • The platform implements our virtual machine service for hundreds of internal and external facing mission critical applications • We support the Apache CloudStack open source community both directly and indirectly • Marcus Sorensen will be presenting: • CloudStack API development 101 • Customizing virtual machines with cloud init • We’re hiring experienced cloud developers 😉 #CloudStackWorks
  31. 31. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON CloudStack Collaboration Conference
  32. 32. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON We’re seeing an up-ramp of developers in the community Organisations are actively hiring CloudStack engineers CloudStack is GROWING.
  34. 34. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON "The mission of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is to provide software for the public good. We do this by providing services and support for many like- minded software project communities consisting of individuals who choose to participate in ASF activities." The Apache Way
  35. 35. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON The Apache Way nb. Its possible that these are not the exact words in the Apache bylaws Photograph: DEG
  36. 36. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON "Provide Software for the Public Good" • We produce software that is non-excludable and non- rivalrous • Use of the software in any context does not reduce its availability to others • Users and contributors have no committed responsibility to the foundation, our projects or our communities • Use of a license that conforms to the Open Source Definition is necessary but not sufficient to deliver on our mission The Apache Way
  37. 37. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON "Provide Software for the Public Good" • Used in Universities and research institutions • Providers to Schools • Indirectly via CloudStack powered public cloud providers • Even ‘Corporate Organisations’ are providing services to someone, AND every time we make CloudStack better, we’re making the lives of those operating those installs easier. The Apache Way
  38. 38. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON • Community of Peers • Open Communications • Consensus Decision Making • Community Over Code The Apache Way
  39. 39. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON With great power comes great responsibility The Apache Way Be excellent to each other Photograph: DEG
  40. 40. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON Please Enjoy • Schedule: • Wednesday – Hackathon in Laughlin 1 • ApacheCon running Mon-Thurs • Next up 10am: • NextModern UI for CloudStack Anurag Awasthi & Rohit Yadav Laughlin 1 • Customized CloudStack in Leaseweb Rakesh Venkatesh Laughlin 2 You are here
  41. 41. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON Thanks… Apache Foundation * ApacheCon Planners CCC Planners Maurice Nettesheim * BT Jeffrey Kriegsman * Leaseweb Jean-Francois Nadeau * Ticketmaster Anthony Shortland * Apple CloudStack Collaboration Conference
  42. 42. @CLOUDSTACK #CCC2019US #CLOUDSTACKWORKS @APACHECON Thank you very much Source: CloudStack Collaboration Conference APACHECON LAS VEGAS 2019