Cloudstack collaboration - customer focus


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Giles sirett of ShapeBlue introduces case studies from Apache Cloudstack cusotmers: Interoute, control circle and ASG software

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  • I wanted a qute thatRelayed the importance of the customerCould fit into the concept of an OS communityWas from somebody who was ehtical and that we’d all respectGot 2/3 right
  • Cloudstack collaboration - customer focus

    1. 1. CloudStack - Customer spotlightGiles SirettCEO, ShapeBlueGiles.sirett@shapeblue.comTwitter: @ShapeBlue
    2. 2. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013 CEO of ShapeBlue“ShapeBlue are expert builders of public &private clouds. They are the leading globalindependent CloudStack / CloudPlatform integrator& consultancy” Run CloudStack European User group ALWAYS promoting CloudStackWho am I?
    3. 3. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013#CCC13#QA
    4. 4. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013“If you work for just money you’llNEVER make it, but if you love whatyou’re doing and you always put thecustomer first, success will be yours.”Ray Kroc: Founder of McDonalds
    5. 5. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013What is community Development?The roles• Users• Contributors• Committers• PMC• Customers?
    6. 6. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013272275
    7. 7. CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2012CloudStack Customers
    8. 8. CloudStack Collaboration Conference 20129CloudStack Customers 2.0
    9. 9. CloudStack Collaboration Conference 201210CloudStack Customers 3.0
    10. 10. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013Simon OppenheimerChief Architect, Cloud Services
    11. 11. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013Interoute is aninternationaltelecommunicationsservice provider andthe owner operatorof Europes largestcloud servicesplatform
    12. 12. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013Interoute’s 10 networked data centres sit in theheart of the CloudA pan-European platformdesigned for the delivery ofEnterprise IaaS and virtualisedservices
    13. 13. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013 What we have:• 10 DCs with network fabric deeply embedded in the infrastructure supportingeffective access and geographic diversity.• Existing shared storage and virtualised platforms• 1000+ European MPLS VPN customers What we wanted:• Provide an IaaS solution built into an Enterprise customer’s network – Private Access• Provide an IaaS to off-net customers - Public Access• Multi-zone, multi-tenant customer networks and/or internet access. - Hybrid Access• ( Hypervisor integration with MPLS cloud. )
    14. 14. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013 Why Cloudstack?• Scalable - grow-as-you-sell, expand across borders• Service Provider pedigree• Open Source - large active user, dev & support base• Advanced Networking - VLAN integrated, SDN ready• Multi-tenant• Multi-hypervisor• Hardware agnostic - Enterprise & commodity
    15. 15. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013Pascal VitouxSenior Vice President of Development
    16. 16. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013
    17. 17. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013Simplifying how Technologydrives Business andempowers UsersASG chose CloudStack
    18. 18. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013 CloudFactory is a user centric Cloud Management Platform We provide service delivery aggregation, deployment andmonitoring We were looking to integrate and promote a 3rd party IaaS engineto our customers Evaluation done on several open and commercial products(OpenStack, Zimory, OpenQRM, …) CloudStack was more feature complete, easier to deploy andsupportASG & CloudStack
    19. 19. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013 Fully integrated release in CloudFactory 7.3 Allowed us to get to market within desired timeframe Already presented the integration to Analysts and got verypositive feedback (Best SaaS solution awarded by EMA) Open nature will allow us to perform adjustment forcustomers requirements and contribute back to thecommunity.ASG & CloudStack
    20. 20. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013Tim Cox, CTO
    21. 21. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013 Our focus is delivering mission critical ITservices that are of strategic importance toour customers - underpinning their businessgrowth and competitiveness We specialize in hybrid capabilities – fromcolocation to cloud - aligning our customers’requirements to the right solution andensuring they maintain full visibility andcontrol through our Max3000™ monitoringand management platformIntroduction to ControlCircle
    22. 22. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013 The business rational for a cloud platform Customer demand and enquiries about our cloud capability Develop new market opportunities Retain and grow existing colocation and managed hosting customers Why we chose CloudStack We market tested a number of open source and commercial products Community and vendor support – people gave as well as took It worked out of the box, and we could add our own IP It was the most mature option tested The UI was simple and the API fully featured It provides flexibility via such technological concepts such as ‘service offering’Why have a Cloud and why CloudStack?
    23. 23. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013 Complete the elements of our “Colocation to the Cloud”vision Go live with an IaaS platform to time and budget Generate incremental revenue from new markets Create a rationale for end to end business automation Create a use case for full service orchestration Excite existing customers with an on demand hybrid solutionWhat has CloudStack allowed us toachieve?
    24. 24. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013 Hands in the air Tweet #CCC13 #QA
    25. 25. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCC13 CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2013 more success stories more users for us to talk about