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From The Coalface CCCEU13


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A presentation on how ShapeBlue's clients are using CloudStack

Published in: Technology
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From The Coalface CCCEU13

  1. 1. From The Coalface Real Customer Use Cases Paul Angus Cloud Architect Twitter: @ShapeBlue
  2. 2. From The Coalface Real Customer Use Cases How they’re using CloudStack CloudStack Infrastructure @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  3. 3. About Me Who am I Cloud Architect with ShapeBlue Worked with CloudStack since 2.2.13 Specialising in deployment of CloudStack and surrounding infrastructure Orange, TomTom, PaddyPower, Ascenty, BSkyB I view CloudStack from ‘What can cloud consumers practically do with it’ point-of-view @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  4. 4. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  5. 5. About ShapeBlue “ShapeBlue are expert builders of public & private clouds. They are the leading global independent CloudStack / CloudPlatform integrator & consultancy” @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  6. 6. From The Coalface Use Cases @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  7. 7. Use Cases Test & Dev Highly scalable public facing applications High speed server resource deployment Reduced reliance on corporate infrastructure teams @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  8. 8. From The Coalface In a real private cloud @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  9. 9. Trader Media Owns ‘AutoTrader’ which started in print media Website receives 10 million unique users per month An average of 833,000,000 page views per month CloudStack environment is still in development @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  10. 10. Trader Media Traffic Profile (indicative) Hits Burst Threshold Early Morning ` Lunchtime @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13 Late Evening
  11. 11. Trader Media ‘Standard deployment’ DC1 DC2 LB CS Man CS Man Hosts Hosts Hosts Hosts Hosts Hosts Hosts Hosts MySQL MySQL @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  12. 12. Trader Media DC1 DC2 F5 Hosts Hosts Hosts Hosts CS Man F5 CS Man CS Man CS Man F5 MySQL MySQL Galera F5 MySQL MySQL MySQL Galera @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13 MySQL Hosts Hosts Hosts Hosts
  13. 13. Trader Media RightScale CLOUD MANAGEMENT Configuration Management Governance Controls Automation Engine @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  14. 14. Paddy Power “If we haven’t yet done the marketing equivalent of running up and slapping you in the face, then please allow us to introduce ourselves. Paddy Power is Ireland’s biggest, most successful, security conscious and innovative bookmaker” @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  15. 15. Paddy Power Facts and figures has 1.6 million users* Annual revenue of $535m from online users* CloudStack environment is still in development *2012 figures @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  16. 16. Paddy Power Environment Templates Tomc at NEW APP Tomc at NOSQL NEW APP Tomc at NOSQL NEW APP NOSQL Tomc at NEW APP NEW APP NOSQL @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  17. 17. Paddy Power Chaos Monkey / Simian Army (Problems as a Service) Guest instances which are designed specifically to disrupt or test elements to prove the robustness of the overall architecture. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  18. 18. Paddy Power Faster transition from Development to Production Develpoment ntier Environment Virtual Cisco ASA Physical Cisco ASA Web Web App App DB DB @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13 Production ntier Environment
  19. 19. UK Satellite Broadcaster Mobile viewing application has 3.26 million users 51 million monthly streamed items 12 million monthly streamed VOD views Mobile Apps have a combined 6.3 million user base 23 million weekly on-demand downloads @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  20. 20. UK Satellite Broadcaster Security Groups VPC Bottleneck GW LB CloudStack Public VPC Router Web Tier App Tier Data Tier @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  21. 21. UK Satellite Broadcaster CloudStack External Security groups in advanced zones LB GW GW GW GW GW Security Group Separation Web Tier CF Tier App Tier Mgmt Tier Data Tier @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  22. 22. UK Satellite Broadcaster Cassandra Requires anti-affinity of instances ‘Snitch’ maps IPs to racks and data centers – requires control over IP addressing in conjunction with VM placement @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  23. 23. UK Satellite Broadcaster Bursting to Amazon Requires VPN/direct link to maintain database consistency Uses Akamai @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  24. 24. From The Coalface Real Infrastructures @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  25. 25. CloudStack Infrastructure Logical management farm Load Balancer CS Manager Load Balancer CS Manager Deployment Server MySQL @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13 MySQL
  26. 26. Typical Hardware Storage Vendors Protocols Speeds Arrangement NetApp NFS 1Gb 1 Array per pod Hitachi Nexenta FCoE iSCSI 40Gb converged 10Gb 1 Array per zone 2 Arrays per pod SolidFire @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  27. 27. Typical Hardware Compute Vendors No Cores Interface Speeds Hypervisors HP 2x4 6x1Gb XenServer Dell 2x8 ESXi Cisco 4x10 2x10Gb 8x1Gb SuperMicro 4x8 12x1Gb (LACP) @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13 KVM
  28. 28. Typical Hardware Networking Vendors Speed Arrangement Cisco 1Gb Juniper Arista 10Gb 40Gb (Converged) Stacked Etherchannel (multi-chassis LACP) @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  29. 29. Questions ? @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  30. 30. Resources Slides: Blogs: Email: Twitter: @CloudyAngus Web: @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  31. 31. From The Coalface Real Customer Use Cases Paul Angus Cloud Architect Twitter: @CloudyAngus @ShapeBlue