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European Cloudstack User Group


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CloudStack European User Group Meetup in London Jan 2014. Presentation by Giles Sirett

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European Cloudstack User Group

  1. 1. European CloudStack User Group Welcome Giles Sirett Group Chairman Twitter: @ShapeBlue
  2. 2. #WhoAmI ? CEO of ShapeBlue PMC member & Committer member Apache CloudStack Chairman of this group
  3. 3. Thanks to todays sponsors
  4. 4. Agenda A roundup of CloudStack Collab EU Giles Sirett (13:15-14:00) Developing hyper-V integration for CloudStack Donal Lafferty (14:00-14:30) CloudStack at SchubergPhilis Arjan Eriks (14:30-15:00) Using Ansible in a cloudstack environment. Paul Angus (15:30 – 16:00) Hands-on contribution to the CloudStack documentation Sebastien Goasguen (16:00-16:30) 17:00 onwards - drink in pub for questions !
  5. 5. The aims of this group Collaborative environment for: all things CloudStack/ CloudPlatform Related tech: ecosystem products, hypervisors, storage, etc Technical deep-dives, issues & best practice Case studies & ideas To showcase complementary technologies To give a strong voice for feedback to developer community No pitching !
  6. 6. CloudStack News….. 4.2.1 release 8 January XenServer VM Snapshots Cisco USC enhancements Choose single or multi part upload to Object Storage 142 separate issues fixed 4.3 coming fast: first RC about to be built
  7. 7. CloudStack News….. Community continues to grow Meet-ups getting bigger 200+ active contributors, 7o+ organisations Now 72 committers
  8. 8. CloudStack News….. Business community continues to mature Major vendor involvement More users “backing” Cloudstack ***Conflict of interest / potential pitch warning *** ! Now multiple support offerings around CloudStack Clear sign of market developing
  9. 9. We still have an awareness problem
  10. 10. CloudStack Users
  11. 11. CloudStack Users 2.0
  12. 12. CloudStack Users 3.0 12
  13. 13. The facts 2012 2013
  14. 14. CloudStack Collab EU13
  15. 15. CloudStack Collab EU13 420 attendees 190 organisations 24 countries 81 sessions 3rd Collab confernece
  16. 16. Where to find the talks DIYCloudComputing Channel on youtube Search CCCEU13 t=PLJYmpyz1ac9hqbfZFBP5o2eJvEZPDG8HA
  17. 17. The sessions 17 Developer talks 14 commercial talks 8 Devops talks 17 User Talks 25 other sessions SB Bootcamp Hackathon
  18. 18. The Developer Track Libcloud and CloudStack Sebastien Google Compute API – Ian Duffy Secure Cloudstack cloud with Cisco - Sailaja Mada SDN in CloudStack – Hugo Trippaers
  19. 19. The User Track From the Frontline – Paul Angus CloudStack and Ceph – Wido den Hollander CloudStack networking – Geoff & Chiradeep
  20. 20. The Commercial Track Solidfire integration Mike Tutkowski OpenContrail - Bruno Rijsman Monitoring with CA – Mike Turnland Secure Cloudstack cloud with Cisco - Sailaja Mada Numerous other vendors Mike Tutkowski
  21. 21. The Devops Track Killing the dinosaurs at Paddy Power – Noel King & John Turner The Goat and the silo – Michael Ducy
  22. 22. The “Why” of CloudStack Mark Hinkle What the world can learn from Open Source m/watch?v=inZvX1P_L9 0&
  23. 23. Next Event…
  24. 24. Next speaker.. Donal Lafferty Developing hyper-V integration for CloudStack