Cloudstack user group 2 april 2014 - Introduction


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Giles Sirett of ShapeBlue introduces the European Cloudstack user group to the new featues of cloudstack 4.3

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Cloudstack user group 2 april 2014 - Introduction

  1. 1. European CloudStack User Group Welcome Giles Sirett Group Chairman Twitter: @ShapeBlue
  2. 2. CEO of ShapeBlue PMC member & Committer Apache CloudStack Chairman of this group #WhoAmI ?
  3. 3. Thanks to todays sponsors
  4. 4. Giles Sirett – Introduction and CloudStack news roundup (13:15-13:55) Hugo Trippaers – building SDN in CloudStack (14:00-14:40) BREAK 14:40 – 15:00 John Gillam – BT and CloudStack (15:00-15:40) Geoff Higginbottom – Building a CloudStack reference architecture Sebastien Goasguen – Amazon EC2 and Google (15:45-16:20) GCE support in CloudStack (1620 – 17:00) 17:00 onwards - drink in pub for questions ! Agenda
  5. 5. Collaborative environment for: all things CloudStack/ CloudPlatform Related tech: ecosystem products, hypervisors, storage, etc Technical deep-dives, issues & best practice Case studies & ideas To showcase complementary technologies To give a strong voice for feedback to Apache developer community No pitching ! The aims of this group
  6. 6. Apache CloudStack 4.3 has arrived Unprecedented 9 (nine) rounds of voting Hyper- V support Now supports: Xen, KVM, ESXi, OVM, BM and hyper-V Palo Alto firewall integration Configure as network service provider CloudStack News…
  7. 7. Dynamic compute offerings Suitable for “sliding scale” vCPU/mem configs N-tier apps 2.0 Site to site VPN between VR’s (zone to zone VPN) LDAP enhancements Multiple LDAP servers Browse directories CloudStack News…..
  8. 8. Change to HTTP access to console proxy and secondary storage VM Now HTTP by default in 4.3 Beware previous versions For HTTPS, need to run your own DNS for HTTPS RealHostIP shutting down June 30 CloudStack News…..
  9. 9. Community continues to grow Meet-ups getting bigger 200+ active contributors, 7o+ organisations Now 72 86 committers CloudStack News…..
  10. 10. Business community continues to mature Major vendor involvement More users “backing” Cloudstack Will be helped as Citrix align CloudPlatform with core offerings CloudStack News…..
  11. 11. We still have an awareness problem
  12. 12. CloudStack Users
  13. 13. CloudStack Users 2.0
  14. 14. 14 CloudStack Users 3.0
  15. 15. Just a reminder on the real world 20132012
  16. 16. And another….
  17. 17. Lets learn from Japan
  18. 18. Lets learn from Japan
  19. 19. Lets learn from Japan
  20. 20. Lets learn from Japan
  21. 21. Lets learn from Japan
  22. 22. What’s so different about Japan ? 日本の優れた人々は、言語と文化の違いによって、 他の国のような執拗なOpenStackのマーケティングと 同じレベルにさらされていない。彼らはそのメリッ トに基づくテクノロジを選択する可能性が高い Lets learn from Japan The good people of Japan, through differences in language & culture, have not be exposed to the same level of relentless openstack marketing as other countries. They are more likely to choose technology based on its merits
  23. 23. Support the community Spread the word! Align your business with the technology – tell the world! Help your company realise the benefits of community involvement Sponsor events Volunteers always welcome at Apache... So, what can we do to help
  24. 24. Get involved Developers Documentation Just helping people out Subscribe to: The Apache CloudStack Community
  25. 25. CloudStack Collab NA 2014
  26. 26. 400+ registrations & counting Over 60 CloudStack sessions Tutorials & Bootcamp training Co-located with ApacheCon Next EU Collab in Autumn (again, with ApacheCon) CloudStack Collab NA 2014
  27. 27. Sebastien Goasguen – Amazon EC2 and Google GCE support in CloudStack Next speaker..