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CloudStack news


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CloudStack news from the User Group meetup in London on March 13

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CloudStack news

  1. 1. CloudStack European User Group 13 December 2018 – BT, London Giles Sirett Chairman, CSEUG Twitter: @gilesSirett
  2. 2.  Collaborative environment for:  all things Apache CloudStack  Related tech: ecosystem products, hypervisors, storage, etc  Technical deep-dives, issues & best practice  Case studies & user stories  To showcase complementary technologies  To share ideas & problems with other users  Meet Quarterly.  Linkedin group is only “membership database” The aims of the CloudStack EUUG
  3. 3. Thanks to today’s sponsors
  4. 4.  13:15 Welcome and CloudStack news - Giles Sirett(group chairman)  13:30 How our cloud works, Ingo Jochim & Andre Walter (Itelligence Group)  14:15 XCP-ng A brief update, Olivier Lambert (XCP project)  14:45-15:15 - break  15:15 CloudStack Container Service – an update, Paul Angus (ShapeBlue)  15:45 Advanced S3 compatible storage integration in CloudStack, Adam Dagnall (Cloudian)  16:30-16:45 - break  16:45 CloudStack – 5 years in production, Andrija Panic (HIAG data AG)  17:30 pub – The Paternoster (across the road) Todays Agenda
  5. 5. • CloudStack European User Group • CloudStack User Group Germany • Geneva CloudStack User Group • CloudStack - Romania • Australian CloudStack User Group • CloudStack Brazil User Group • Vancouver CloudStack Meetup • Japan CloudStack User Group • CloudStack India Bangalore Chapter • CloudStack India Hyderabad Chapter • CloudStack Pune Meetup • CloudStack SF Bay Area Users Group • CloudStack NYC User Group • CloudStack Boston User Group • CloudStack DC and NoVA User Group This group is one of many…
  6. 6. CloudStack news
  7. 7.  4.11.2 released  4.11.x is an LTS branch  71 issues fixed  4.11.3 in planning  4.12 in planning Releases
  8. 8. C l i c k t o e d i t  CloudStack Collaboration Conference • Montreal – 24-26 September • 360 Attendees • 2 tracks
  9. 9. Welcome & Keynote – Mike Tutkowski
  10. 10. Cloudstack Adoption
  11. 11. 219 116,796 21,202
  12. 12. Cloudstack Adoption In the last 12 months our MS packages were downloaded 116,796 times from 21,202 different IP addresses Combined results from and between 1/9/17 and 1/9/18 Our “known user” list shows 219 users
  13. 13. 10515 8853 7121 15541 6040 11772 14130 18119 11187 8244 20336 3622 6656 8354 7675 4234 7699 6540 1244 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 Management server downloads
  14. 14.  More than 250 new capabilities  New host HA framework  New certificate authority framework  Integration with Prometheus  Cloudian Hyperstore (S3) connector  Deeper integration with Nuage SDN  Layer 2 networking capabilities 4.11 Release notes/en/
  15. 15.  Moving towards “zero downtime upgrades”  Ongoing work 4.11.1 Release upgrades/ •Environment configuration: In each test we build a simple isolated network with: 10 VMs •10 IP addresses •Firewall rules configured on all IP addresses
  16. 16.  4.11.1 –  major refactor of VR, parallel VR restarts  To come:  Advanced parallel VR restarts  Fully negotiated redundant VR restarts  Ongoing work on VR code The path to zero downtime upgrades
  17. 17. C l i c k t o e d i t Other talks Rohit Yadav Virtual Router - Past, Present and Future Daan Hoogland Cloudstack backup and recovery framework Boris Stoyanov Load Balancing CloudStack Agent Connections Rafael Weingärtner Community culture, code quality and testability. Ingo Jochim, Andre Walter CloudStack with Ansible Automation Khosrow Moossavi CloudStack integration with Vault by HashiCorp Boyan Krosnov The story of building our CloudStack storage integration K B Shiv Kumar CloudStack Monitoring - In-Depth Checks For Production Deployments Dag Sonstebo :CloudStack usage service deep dive Alexander Stock Billing with CloudStack Nicolas Vazquez Bypass Secondary Storage Pierre-Luc Dion logs and metric collection in Apache CloudStack Dingane Hlaluku Remote diagnostics in CloudStack Ernie Janse van Rensburg VPC private gateway practical uses and improvements Paul Angus Complex Network Topologies in CloudStack Henko Holtzhausen Container Service - k8s in your cloud S. Bretschneider CloudStack + Ceph Pierre VACHERAND Billing for Apache CloudStack Suresh Kumar Anaparti Volume and Snapshot Improvements in Apache Cloudstack Jean-Francois Nadeau A Journey to CloudStack Kris Sterckx CloudStack : Migrating/Transforming your guest networks in Apache CloudStack Darren Cole Your Own CloudStack for less than $500 Sateesh Chodapuneedi GPU/vGPU Support in CloudStack Mike Tutkowski CloudStack: What is Managed Storage? Demo
  18. 18. C l i c k t o e d i t Hackathon • 40+ Developers in 1 day hackathon • Subjects covered…..
  19. 19. C l i c k t o e d i t  Cloudstack Hackathon Hyper-V enlightenment VR Programming Optimization Version 5.x of CloudStack New UI working with API Discovery KVM IO bursting Network Models refactoring + designer UI Live VM Migration Unifying regions into consolidated pane of glass RPC Standard interface to VR Video series for CloudStack (ex. developers series, users series) Getting INFO easily out of the SSVM Use GitHub to document aspects of CloudStack (how to build an environment, how to start writing code for it, etc.) Deprecate old code Figure out a process for how we'd like issues to be opened, assigned, closed, and resolved (using JIRA and GitHub Issues) CloudMonkey testing Create a true REST API (it can use the existing API behind the scenes). NoVNC in CPVM Logic to generate code in particular use cases so you can focus mainly on your business logic. CentOS SIG + packaging Use standard libraries that implement JPA, HTTP, etc. Support IPv6 Remote Meetups every quarter
  20. 20. CloudStack Collaboration Conference Conference Videos
  21. 21. Upcoming Events CloudStack Events
  22. 22.  Next meeting of this group:  March 14, Ticketmaster, Islington  CFP: speakers required Next CSEUUG
  23. 23. Cloudstack collaboration conference-2019  Las Vegas  9-12 September 2019 (provisional dates)
  24. 24. Andre Walter @meradioc Ingo Jochim @ingojochim How our cloud works Next Speakers…
  25. 25.  Get your organisation to be public about their use of ACS  Get on the “known user” list*  Offer to do a case study with PMC/ASF  Go and talk about it ! *Known user list: Specific calls to action
  26. 26. CloudStack European User Group 13 September 2018 – London Giles Sirett Chairman, CSEUG Twitter: @gilesSirett