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CloudStack at Schuberg Philis


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CloudStack European User Group Meetup in London Jan 2014. Presentation by Arjan Eriks

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CloudStack at Schuberg Philis

  1. 1. CloudStack at Schuberg Philis Killing your darlings
  3. 3. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 2004 – 2012 show significant growth with sustaining customer satisfaction
  5. 5. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 KEY VALUES AT SCHUBERG PHILIS • Ownership • Commitment / Dedication • Embracing change • Responsibility vs Freedom • Result driven • People over process • Transparent • Exceed expectations We are still debating shape and form, but we need to codify our values
  6. 6. FASTER
  7. 7. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 CUSTOMER DEMAND TOWARDS OUTSOURCING SERVICES HAS CHANGED • As complexity increases integration of services becomes a challenge and specialized services are required More focus on fulfillment of business needs: • The ever shorter Time-to-market • Flexibility & scalability of provided IT systems • Increased security & regulatory demands • While Keeping uptime at par • Customers require partners to advise them on potential improvement areas within their own organizations
  8. 8. CUSTOMER NAME THE SOFTWARE REVOLUTION IS COMING TO EVERY INDUSTRY Retail Payments Film distribution 1970 1990 2000 2007 2013 2015
  9. 9. CUSTOMER NAME Teams Model A – Model B Generic Critical applications Costs vs Risks Model A Model B Partner Customer team Partn er Partner Customer team Partner Customer team Quality Control / Self Assessment Service / Project management Support Systems / Processes Monitoring / Event management Datacenter / Network
  10. 10. CUSTOMER NAME TEAMS: What you see is what you get Plan – Build – Run with one team Plan Build Potential conflict Plan Run Potential conflict Build Run Clear expectation management Support Potential conflict Support
  12. 12. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 CO-CREATION OPEN SOURCE Open or closed source. Functionality is key. Next to that: • when we can afford it to contribute back • when we predict that the life cycle of the product is long enough • if the skills we gain benefit us (employee and company in the long run) • If we want to be member of the community. If yes, play a role of some importance • This means open source is not free, but it means a high level of control as well
  13. 13. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 CO-CREATION CLOSED SOURCE Closed source products are chosen if: • They are best of breed (e.g. splunk) • They are open enough to interact with other tools (e.g. they have an API) • We can work directly with labs or dev departments on features, training and issues • We do not have time No or limited co-creation if • We need quantitative support (e.g. Netapp) • If the product, tool, or infra component does not has a high change frequency
  14. 14. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 THE SCHUBERG PHILIS VALUE CURVE • 10 Years Ago we focused on Uptime and Application stability that was fixed in Infra • 6 Years Ago we gained speed by working together with customers with integrated procedures • 3 Years ago we started our Cloud Journey as a basis towards Continuous everything
  15. 15. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 A: THE SCHUBERG PHILIS VALUE CURVE • TTM Transition project: Customers do not have to fear the cost of transition. Not in cost (fixed Price) and not in duration (we never missed a deadline) • Application Infrastructure Integration with full DR testing • Layer3 and Layer7 designs are key • All infrastructure behavior is monitored within SBP • DTAP model to ensure robustness • Guaranteed 100% uptime
  16. 16. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 B: THE SCHUBERG PHILIS VALUE CURVE • Infrastructure is highly virtual (<2013) or cloudified (>2012) • Monitoring Infrastructure and Applications shared with customers • Set up agile working methods, iterative designs • Change windows have less or no downtime due to virtualization • Co Creation extends to Functional Application Maintenance Departments
  17. 17. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 THE SCHUBERG PHILIS VALUE CURVE • Infrastructure is flexible and integrates with others by using SDN • Everything that moves is measured, infrastructure and code, deploys automated • Developers and SBP Create joint continuous delivery platform (git/github/jenkins/tfs) • Implement full scrum or kanban together with customers and development parties • Co Creation: Developers can push (a lot off) changes to prod, Developers are standby as well
  18. 18. CLOUD
  19. 19. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 HOW DO WE LOOK AT CLOUD WITHIN SCHUBERG PHILIS? • Infra is commoditized • Providing infra is industrialized • Fundament for application landscapes • Infrastructure as Code (PaaS as well)
  20. 20. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 Infrastructure model depends on requirements: • Availability • Flexibility • Confidentiality • Integrity • Compliancy • Cost INFRASTRUCTURE: IAAS ON A SCALE Shared Mission Critical Cloud • Control (risk) Private Mission Critical Cloud Dedicated Virtualised Environments Dedicated Physical Environments
  21. 21. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 DIFFERENT WORKLOADS Cloud Workloads Traditional Workload Reliable hardware, backup entire cloud, and restore for users when failure happens Distributed Workload Tell users to expect failure. Users to build apps that can withstand infrastructure failure Both types of workloads must run reliably in the (a) cloud
  22. 22. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 NEXT TO THAT: INFRA IS COMMODITIZED • New applications all run on Linux or Windows • Compute, Storage and Network are the next commodities • Trading these commodities is not far away for end users
  23. 23. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 PROVIDING INFRA IS INDUSTRIALIZED • We treat are servers as cattle, not as pets We measure output • Initially in OAT • Continuously in alerting and monitoring • And aim for automated audit and control
  24. 24. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 FOUNDATION FOR APPLICATION LANDSCAPES • Infrastructure must be up • Applications should be resilient • Infrastructure clusters should be reliable on its own • The price of failure is acceptable for the risk you run
  25. 25. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 SERVICE INTEGRATION OVER STACKS New issues at the horizon: • Where does my data live? Local Datacenter? Remote Datacenter? Cloud? • Where do my apps reside? Local Datacenter? Etc.. • Who is making these judgments over IAAS layers? • Can I pay OPEX and not CAPEX? Pay per use? Is my organization ready? • How do I scale down (remember data and VM growth explosions)?
  27. 27. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 AS A CLOUDEXPERT: OUR WEAPONS OF CHOICE Pick your cloud on what you need: • Compliancy ISAE3402/ISO27001 • Feature richness • Adaptability to Enterprise Requirements • Price and Pricing Models • Level of Control
  28. 28. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 CURRENT CLOUD IMPLEMENTATIONS • • • • • • • New Belgium Bank – Online savings and payments (stocks later) Dutch Harbor Pilot organization – logistics and control Royal Dutch Airline - Campaign environment bursts Dutch Retailer – Burst peak load with Caching PoC Dutch Bank – Social Global Platform PoC Dutch bank – entire front end Employee Cloud – Free environment for all employees (800vms)
  29. 29. CUSTOMER NAME VAN LANSCHOT BELGIUM Private bank goes retail Roll-out complete new e-bank in record time
  30. 30. CLOUDSTACKMEETUP LONDON23-jan-2014 QUESTIONS? • If you have questions later: • Mail: • Twitter: DrozerT 9-11 April CloudStack Collaboration Conference 2014 DENVER You’re invited!