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CloudStack 101 CCCEU13


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A brief introduction into what CloudStack does and why people use it

Published in: Technology, Business
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CloudStack 101 CCCEU13

  1. 1. CloudStack 101 Paul Angus Cloud Architect Twitter: @ShapeBlue
  2. 2. Setting the Scene What is ‘The Cloud’? Why use The Cloud? Who uses Clouds? What is CloudStack? @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  3. 3. About Me Who am I Cloud Architect with ShapeBlue Worked with CloudStack since 2.2.13 Specialising in deployment of CloudStack and surrounding infrastructure Orange, TomTom, PaddyPower, Ascenty, BSkyB I view CloudStack from ‘What can cloud consumers practically do with it’ point-of-view @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  4. 4. About ShapeBlue “ShapeBlue are expert builders of public & private clouds. They are the leading global independent CloudStack / CloudPlatform integrator & consultancy” @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  5. 5. @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  6. 6. What is The Cloud? “Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over a network. These services are broadly divided into three categories: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).” @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  7. 7. What is The Cloud? Technospeak decryption: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) I want a load of servers connected to each other Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) I want a web server connected to an app server and a database Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). I want 5 exchange mailboxes @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  8. 8. What is The Cloud? What makes these services Cloudy? On-demand self-service Elasticity Scalability API integration Resource accounting @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  9. 9. Who Uses Clouds? Public clouds (SPs/MSPs) General public can create or log into instances themselves Private Clouds (Enterprises) Anyone who wants to be able to orchestrate their environment @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  10. 10. What is CloudStack CloudStack is a hypervisor agnostic open source IaaS platform. CloudStack orchestrates hypervisors and network appliances to give control simple to complex tasks @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  11. 11. What can you do with CloudStack? Lots @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  12. 12. More Specifically… Create, start & stop virtual machines Create virtual machines from templates Create networks (normal or multi-tiered) Create/manage firewall rules Create/management network services such as load balancing, static NAT, VPNs, and auto scaling @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  13. 13. The CloudStack UI @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  14. 14. Public Cloud (Demo) DEMO @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  15. 15. Private Cloud (Demo) DEMO @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  16. 16. Enterprise (DevOps) cloudmonkey deploy virtualmachine serviceofferingid=$SERVICEOFFERINGID templateid=$MONKEYTEMPLATEID zoneid=$ZONEID account=$ACCOUNTNAME domainid=$DOMAINID startvm=true displayname=HTTP-monkey displayvm=true name=HTTP-monkey cloudmonkey deploy virtualmachine serviceofferingid=$SERVICEOFFERINGID templateid=$BLUETEMPLATEID zoneid=$ZONEID account=$ACCOUNTNAME domainid=$DOMAINID startvm=true displayname=HTTP-blue displayvm=true name=HTTP-blue cloudmonkey create loadbalancerrule algorithm=roundrobin name=Demo_LB_rule privateport=80 publicport=80 openfirewall=true networkid=$NETWORKID publicipid=$PUBLICIPID cloudmonkey assign toloadbalancerrule id=$LOADBALANCERRULESID virtualmachineids=$MONKEYVMID,$BLUEVMID @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  17. 17. How does CloudStack do it Abstraction of Networks, Compute and disks so you don’t have to worry about it. It orchestrates the hypervisor layer @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  18. 18. Architecture @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  19. 19. What Can I Use? Hypervisors VMware ESXi Citrix XenServer KVM Oracle OVM LXC Bare metal (UCS) Hyper-V @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  20. 20. What Can I Use? OS Anything the hypervisor can run (pretty much) @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  21. 21. What Can I Use? Hardware Storage - NFS, iSCSI, FCoE, S3 Compute – commodity Networking – Layer 2 switches (L3 for basic networks) @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  22. 22. Questions ? @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  23. 23. Resources Slides: Blogs: Email: Twitter: @CloudyAngus Web: @ShapeBlue #CloudStack #CCCEU13
  24. 24. CloudStack 101 Paul Angus Cloud Architect Twitter: @ShapeBlue