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Boris Stoyanov - Troubleshooting the Virtual Router - Run and Get Diagnostics


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Demonstration of CloudStack’s latest features for troubleshooting the Virtual Router connectivity and configuration, called Run and Get Diagnostics. Run Diagnostics gives the admin ability to execute diagnostics commands native the VR OS directly from the CloudStack UI. Admin is able to determine connectivity capabilities of the VR without logging into the SystemVM at all. Get diagnostics feature allow the admin to gather information about the SystemVM as fast as clicking on a button in the ‘QuickView’ of the VM. Admin can also execute custom scripts on each SystemVM type from the CloudStack UI. This session will begin with complete presentation of the features followed by live demo and Q&A.

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Boris Stoyanov - Troubleshooting the Virtual Router - Run and Get Diagnostics

  1. 1. Troubleshooting the Virtual Router - Run and Get Diagnostics CCC / ApacheCon NA Las Vegas 19 Boris Stoyanov Software Engineer in Test twitter: @shapeblue
  2. 2. about me •Break Stuff @ ShapeBlue •Background: •More than 10 years in Software Development and Testing •Specialize in: •Test Management •Automated Testing •Testing Frameworks •Joined ShapeBlue and CloudStack 2016 •Recently invited to join PMC
  3. 3. Troubleshooting the Virtual Router - Run and Get Diagnostics
  4. 4. The Virtual Router is essential to CloudStack Networking model
  5. 5. Get Diagnostics Allows you to execute commands and gather log and config files from the VR and System VMs
  6. 6. Get Diagnostics - Defaults VR – ‘’ global setting “[IPTABLES], [IFCONFIG], [ROUTE], /etc/dnsmasq.conf, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/haproxy.conf, /etc/hosts.conf, /etc/dnsmaq-resolv.conf, /var/log/cloud.log, /var/log/routerServiceMonitor.log, /var/log/dnsmasq.log” System Vms – ‘’ global setting “[IPTABLES], [IFCONFIG], [ROUTE], /usr/local/cloud/systemvm/conf/, /usr/local/cloud/systemvm/conf/, /var/log/cloud.log”
  7. 7. Get Diagnostics - Customs One can get custom files or execute scripts on the VR • Custom scripts needs to be within brackets ‘ [] ‘. Any custom script needs to be in ‘/opt/cloud/bin/‘ • Files needs to be pointed with the absolute path of the file
  8. 8. Get Diagnostics - Settings Enable the garbage collector background task to delete old files from secondary storage. Requires management server restart true/false The interval at which the garbage collector background tasks in seconds. Requires management server restart 3600 Overall data retrieval timeout in seconds 86400 (1 day) Sets the maximum time in seconds a file can stay in secondary storage before it is deleted. 86400 Sets the secondary storage disk utilisation percentage for file retrieval. Used to look for suitable secondary storage with enough space, otherwise an exception is thrown when no secondary store is found. 0.9
  9. 9. Get Diagnostics - more info • PR has been submitted: 3350 •
  10. 10. Get Diagnostics - limitations • For successful file retrieval, operator needs to specify the correct absolute path of file to be retrieved. • A working/running SSVM is required in order to create/generate the public file download URL. • The Zone where target VM is running should have at least 1 secondary storage that has a disk quota utilization of less than 90 %. • Only supports system VMs • Any script that must be executed as part of this API is expected to be present in the system VM under the directory ‘/opt/cloud/bin/’ • The response from the API is only a URL for download.
  11. 11. Demo
  12. 12. Run Diagnostics Allows the admin to execute network utility commands remotely on any System VM (VR, SSVM, CPVM)
  13. 13. Run Diagnostics - supported commands • ping - test if any destination is reachable by tge System VM • traceroute - check path and trasits to destination • arping - test if destination is reachable through a specific NIC
  14. 14. Run Diagnostics - more info • PR 2833 - Merged in 4.12 • Feature Spec: udStack+Remote+Diagnostics+API • Blog: cloudstack-virtual-routers/
  15. 15. Demo
  16. 16. Credits • Dingane Hlaluku, Rohit Yadav and Shapelue Dev Team • ACS Community – Code reviews and further testing
  17. 17. We’re hiring! Q&A