Apache cloud stack 4.1 new features deep dive


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Geoff Higginbottom (CTO of ShapeBlue & Apache CloudStack committer) gave a good overview of the features of the upcoming 4.1 release of Cloudstack

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Apache cloud stack 4.1 new features deep dive

  1. 1. Apache CloudStack 4.1 New Features Deep Dive Geoff Higginbottom CTO ShapeBlue / Apache CloudStack Committer geoff.higginbottom@shapeblue.com higster@apache.org Twitter: @ShapeBlue
  2. 2. Versioning 4.0.0 First Apache CloudStack Release Uses Semantic Versioning for release numbering  X.Y.Z  X is the Major Version Number  Y is the Minor Version Number  Z is the Patch Number www.shapeblue.com
  3. 3. Release Cycles Feature Releases every 4 Months with 2 month overlap www.shapeblue.com
  4. 4. Release Cycles Bug Fixes  Incremental updates between Feature Releases  No set timetable  Produced when required www.shapeblue.com
  5. 5. Recent Versions April 2012 Entered Apache Incubator 6th Nov 2012 4.0.0-incubating released 12th Feb 2013 4.0.1-incubating released 25th Mar 2013 Graduated to Top Level Project April 2013 4.1.0 Work on-going 4.1 is currently awaiting code freeze www.shapeblue.com
  6. 6. New Features in 4.1 www.shapeblue.com
  7. 7. API Discover Service Enables end points and user to discover available API Commands  Over 300 API Commands  More added with every release  Admins can enable and disable API Commands  Plugins can add more API Commands  Only able to discover API Commands you are entitled to  API Discovery service will be enabled by default www.shapeblue.com
  8. 8. Events Framework Message Bus running on Management Server Handle all event notifications Only available to CloudStack Components and Plugins Will allow more powerful notification mechanisms to built as extensions www.shapeblue.com
  9. 9. Nicira NVP Plugin L3 Routing (Gateway) Source NAT Static NAT Port Forwarding www.shapeblue.com
  10. 10. Persistent Networks Currently VLAN is dynamic  Running VM required to maintain VLAN and VR  If all VMs are stopped, VLAN ID is released New Persistent Network Feature  Create a Guest Network with no running Guest VMs  Enables external resources to be connected to CloudStack www.shapeblue.com
  11. 11. Advanced Search UI New search features based on  Name  Zone  Domain  Account  Tag Key  Tag Value  Level www.shapeblue.com
  12. 12. Advanced Search UI Search Menu for Events Network, Storage & ISOs & Projects Instances,Templates, Snapshots www.shapeblue.com
  13. 13. Add / Remove Network Pre 4.1  Networks could only be added at VM creation  Difficult to move to alternate network  Template / Destroy / Create www.shapeblue.com
  14. 14. Add / Remove Network 4.1  Networks can be added, set to default or removed  Driven by three new API calls  addNicToVirtualMachine  updateDefaultNicForVirtualMachine  removeNicFromVirtualMachine www.shapeblue.com
  15. 15. Resize Volumes Root or Data Volumes can be enlarged but not shrunk Users can switch between Disk Offerings Confirmed on KVM XenServer and ESXi may make the cut for 4.1 www.shapeblue.com
  16. 16. Autoscaling Autoscaling with Citrix NetScaler  Automatically create and destroy instances  Triggers include CPU/RAM load and Bandwidth Utilisation Was covered in detail in the last User Group by Paul Gosden www.shapeblue.com
  17. 17. API Request Throttling Prevents swamping of Management Server Resources can be more fairly distributed Protection against DDOS www.shapeblue.com
  18. 18. S3 Backed Secondary Storage NFS Still required for Secondary Storage Any S3 compatible object store Synchronises contents of Secondary Storage across Zones  Auto Put  On Demand Get www.shapeblue.com
  19. 19. AWS Style Regions Regions are dispersed and located in separate geographic areas  Region – Zone – Pod – Cluster Benefits  Higher Availability of Services  Higher Availability of CS Management Servers  Scalability  Object Store  Geographical Grouping www.shapeblue.com
  20. 20. Self Service Security API & Secret Keys  Users will now be able to create their own API & Secret Keys  Global / Domain settings to enable / disable this feature Passwords  Users will now be able to change their own password SSH Key  Users will now be able to reset their SSH Key www.shapeblue.com
  21. 21. SRX & F5 Inline Previously SRX & F5 were used ‘side by side’ Inline Configuration offers increased security  LB Traffic is now behind the SRX www.shapeblue.com
  22. 22. Virtual Router Egress Rules All outbound traffic BLOCKED by Default Response to traffic allowed by Ingress Rules do not require Egress Rules Protocol options TCP, UDP, ICMP & ‘All’ ‘ All’ does not require Port Range Source CIDR allows only a subset of Guest VMs to be granted Internet access Examples… www.shapeblue.com
  23. 23. Virtual Router Egress RulesAllow All RuleExample Egress Rules www.shapeblue.com
  24. 24. Any Questions ?  Geoff Higginbottom  geoff.higginbottom@shapeblue.com  higster@apache.org  Twitter: @ShapeBlue  Blog: http://www.shapeblue.com /cloud-orchestration-blog/ www.shapeblue.com