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International Immersion: Deciding to Learn Kung Fu in China can be Life-Changing


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In this publication, we explore all the reasons for international travel when it comes to deciding to learn Kung Fu in China.

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International Immersion: Deciding to Learn Kung Fu in China can be Life-Changing

  1. 1. INTERNATIONAL IMMERSION Deciding to learn Kung Fu in China can prove to be a transformative experience. Here’s how…  What are some of the ancient sites on Song Mountain?  What do former Kung Fu students have to say?  What teachings do monks specialize in? In this issue:
  2. 2.  While those looking to learn ancient martial arts could theoretically accomplish it in their native countries, the more authentic alternative is truly too good to pass up.  Traveling to China to a Shaolin monastery to learn Kung Fu may seem daunting at first, but reviews from former students prove that this can be a life-changing experience made even easier with logistics assistance from the school itself. Please keep reading to learn more! THE REAL THING
  3. 3.  The reasons for international travel to China for Shaolin monk training may become more apparent after your arrival: THE RIGHT RESOURCES 1. Authentic and traditional Chinese culture is the norm when staying at a Shaolin temple for training. Thus, the authentic experience that students seek is nearly guaranteed. 2. The ancient surroundings that add to the atmosphere of the Shaolin monastery are enhanced by the actual warrior monks who oversee training. 3. The only way to learn ancient martial arts -- as they are supposed to be taught -- is by studying under those who’ve spent a lifetime perfecting their own skills. This generational knowledge is commonplace at the Shaolin monastery on Song Mountain in Dengfeng City, Henan Province.
  4. 4. Hundreds have already decided to learn Kung Fu in China and undergo Shaolin monk training. Here’s what some students had to say about it.  “The knowledge of all of the masters, the attitude of the students, the overall atmosphere of the surroundings and the progress a dedicated student can make under these conditions is incredible,” a former student and visitor to the Shaolin monastery wrote.  “I enjoyed working with my masters; they gave me so much and were patient and understanding,” a student of more than three months wrote in her review. These are just two examples of experiences from those who opted to learn Kung Fu in China. Imagine what new memories you could return home with! REASON AND RATIONALE
  5. 5. The centuries-old surroundings are inspirational. ALL IN AWE GENERATIONAL TEACHINGS: By choosing to learn Kung Fu in China, you’ll be learning from monks and other martial arts masters who’ve dedicated a lifetime to teaching others combat, discipline and defensive skills. THE ROOTS OF ANCIENT ARTS:  The famed Shaolin monastery on Song Mountain encompasses the Pagoda Forest, San Huang Palace, strangely-shaped stones and native trees that inspire an awe in all.  Song Mountain itself has 36 peaks, rises 1,494 meters above sea level and stretches for 64 kilometers between two major cities.
  6. 6. Shaolin monk training upon Song Mountain is one of the most authentic ways to learn Kung Fu in China. There is no substitute for this life- changing experience. FOR MORE INFORMATION  Through kickboxing, Tai Chi, meditation lessons and more, the authentic education you’ve always sought from Kung Fu can be found in the Henan Province.