Desktop windows backup solution


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Desktop windows backup solution

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Desktop windows backup solution

  1. 1. Desktop Files Backup SolutionsPreparation: - Windows server 2008 (Standard / Enterprise) – Enterprise Version for this experiment - Windows XP ProfessionalSteps: 1. Install Windows server 2008 and set password for administrator, complicated password is the best as required. 2. Login to the server:
  2. 2. 3. Started to create an Active Directory Domain Service
  3. 3. - Beforehand, remember to change IP and DNS information in Network Panel, DNS needs to be the server’s IP itself.- Start -> Administration Tools-> Server Manager
  4. 4. - Click Roles on the left side of the window, then click Add Roles in the right side.- In the new window, click Active Directory Domain Services, here I have already installed, you can follow the instruction panel step by step, choose a domain name you want, here I chose CAROL.COM and install.- After installed, click Start->Run
  5. 5. - Enter dcpromo in the Run window and click OK.
  6. 6. - In this new window, follow the instruction panel step by step to install the AD, after finish, restart system is required.- After restarted, you login the server as administrator, you need to configure DNS forward information. Start->Administration Tools->DNS- Right click the server name and choose Properties.
  7. 7. - Choose the Forwarders Tab
  8. 8. - Enter the real DNS IP here, then click OK and exit.- You can check whether the AD has been setup correctly: Right click Computer- >Properties->Advanced system settings -> Computer Name. In my case, you will find that there is a Domain section, and this domain is what I set just now: CAROL.COM.- You can also check from CMD: Start->Run->CMD->ipconfig /all
  9. 9. - You can still find my Domain name here which means I have setup the domain successfully.4. Add domain members to this domain. Start->Administration Tools->Server Manager->Roles->Active Directory Domain Services-> Active Directory
  10. 10. Users and Computers->Your Domain Name(Here mine is CAROL.COM) right click this domain name- Choose New->User
  11. 11. - Here put your client computer’s domain name, I put client1 for my xp1 and next..- In the same way, I created client2 for my xp2.5. Create a File Server- Start->Administration Tools->Server Manager->Roles->Add Role
  12. 12. - Choose File Service and follow the instruction panel to install it. Here I have installed.- Here I named my file server name as File, under C:DfsRoots- Create a file folder under this file server which is located in CAROL.COM too, I named it HRDep(Human Resource Department)
  13. 13. - Right click HRDep this file folder, and click Sharing tab, then click Share.
  14. 14. - Drag down the triangle and click Find..- Put your client computer’s domain name here, in my case it is client1, then click OK.
  15. 15. - Remember to change the ownership of client1, he should be Co-owner.
  16. 16. - Click Done to share the folder.
  17. 17. - In Security tab, remember to make sure the client1 have full control to this folder.6. Create an OU(Organizational Unit)
  18. 18. - Start->Administration Tools->Server Manager->…->Your Domain name(CAROL.COM), right click it, choose New -> Organizational Unit
  19. 19. - Enter the name of the unit, here I put HRDep.- Move client1 from Users to HRDep.
  20. 20. - Start->Administration Tools->Server Manager->Features->…->Group Policy Object, right click it and choose New.- Here I put HR, then click OK.
  21. 21. - Right click HR and choose Edit.
  22. 22. - In the new window, choose Desktop which under Folder Redirection.- In Target tab, choose Basic – Redirect everyone’s folder to the same location.
  23. 23. - In Root Path, enter the UNC path which contains your servers IP, in my case it is In Settings tab, do as above then click OK.- Right click HRDep in Group Policy Management and choose Link an Existing GPO
  24. 24. - Here click the GPO we created just now (HR).
  25. 25. - Start -> Run and enter gpupdate /force
  26. 26. - Above all, the new group policy has been settled down.7. Domain Member Settings- Login to your client computer as administrator, here mine is xp1.
  27. 27. - Change IP address as static IP and DNS as windows server’s IP address.
  28. 28. - Right click Computer->Properties->Computer Name->Change Belongs to (Your Domain Name, here is CAROL.COM) and my domain name is client1.- Logoff and re-login with domain ID
  29. 29. - Here you will find the desktop has been redirected to the server, the icons on the desktop all have a bidirectional arrows.
  30. 30. - Now we open the txt file to see:
  31. 31. 8. Check whether the file folder redirection is working:- You can find under the HRDep folder which we made in the server side, there is a folder named client1 was created automatically. Under client1 folder, we can see the Desktop folder which contains all Desktop files in client1.- If you want to see the content in Desktop folder, you need to change the permission, otherwise you will be denied to access.
  32. 32. - Here we access the file folder of client1 Desktop, we see all the files here are same with the client1 computer.- Let’s see the txt file, there are some unrecognized codes here, because right now, my windows server could not recognize Chinese characters.
  33. 33. But the file is the same one with client1 computer, that’s all.