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Test planning with TMMi practices with live scenarios and examples


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Testing profession is a competitive and challenging activity in front of the software development and business groups.
The testing professional needs to learn incrementally not only the application functionalities; the latest trends towards improving the testing process and also to learn the applications relevant technology; is essential. Timely these updates bring them their bread and butter also to survive in the IT industry.
While thinking and digging about the testing process improvements techniques or models; Test Maturity Model Integration[TMMi] is becoming very popular. And most of the organizations and the testing professionals are looking towards on it.
As per the current Testing practices trend; most of the IT organizations or departments they are following the Test Maturity Models integration [TMMi] practices to control the products or projects defects and also to bring the process improvements towards SDLC and Test life cycle.
In this Book, I have considered the TMMi level2 process area on “Test planning” to elaborate with different examples while considering to implement those specific practices.
The current version can give an high level background on TMMi and CMMi practices for different mapping KPAs. Along with the importance of test planning with TMMi specific practices with examples on following the practices.
Within my 25 plus years of global IT professional experience I have involved 15 plus years in QA and testing profession. I could use the TMM and TMMi practices in many projects to bring out the quality products delivery to the customers. Some of the benefits are tangible to the customers. Later on they could recognize the intangible benefits also under long term which helped them to accelerate a good test organization.
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Test planning with TMMi practices with live scenarios and examples

  1. 1. Kindle Edition with examples
  2. 2. Table of contents: Covered with live scenarios and examples • Chapter1: Introduction • Chapter2: Overview of TMMi Level2 Test planning • Chapter3: Overview of Test planning Practices areas • Chapter 4: Perform a Product Risk Assessment • Chapter 5: Establish a Test Approach • Chapter 6: Establish Test Estimates • Chapter 7: Develop a Test plan • Chapter 8: Obtain Commitment to the Test Plan For other publications please visit:
  3. 3. For other publications please visit:
  4. 4. For other publications please visit: Covered with live test scenarios and examples for easy implementation