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Green Ambassadors - Overview revised


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Green Ambassadors - Overview revised

  1. 1. We Are Excited to Announce: “Green Ambassadors for Rexdale Everything Old is New Again” This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors program. A NEW program for older adults 55+ living in the Rexdale community. WOULD YOU LIKE TO….. Learn about Ecological Practices and what you can do to help? Join us on educational outings to gardens, conservation areas, recycling depots and more to learn what we can do to help our environment. Take part in current and on-going community 'greening' initiatives. …one Tuesday afternoon per month starting early September Create Art Using Recycled Products? Working with new friends and your artist lead, create a group art piece using recycled materials that honours and reflects the vital role older adults have as contributor in the health of the community. The final art piece will be displayed in the community. …each Thursday afternoon from September to February Share Your Stories on Film? Recycling and caring about the environment is not a new idea. Share your personal stories that contribute to living a “green” lifestyle. Using your stories, we will create an informative film us to use as an education tool in our community and beyond. …filming will take place at Rexdale CHC and on education outings “Green Ambassadors for Rexdale – Everything Old is New Again” will run from September 2015 and run to March 2016 when the art work will be unveiled and video shown publically. VISIT OUR BOOTH TO SIGN UP!