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Learning Rebels Travel Guide to Twitter Chats


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Feel like you want to participate in a twitter chat, but it seems overwhelming? Here is a simple overview on the how's and why's of participating in a Twitter chat. Have fun and jump on in! #LetsDoThis

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Learning Rebels Travel Guide to Twitter Chats

  2. 2. WHAT IS A TWITTER CHAT? A group of people who meet on twitter at a predetermined time using a specific hashtag* (#). The host will have a set of questions which will be tweeted out to the group at regular intervals. Creating a virtual conversation. Picture a network party with way more comfortable clothes. *Need to know a little more about hashtags? Click here
  3. 3. FORMAL TWITTER CHAT Formal twitter chats have a regular schedule and timeframe (usually 60 minutes) with an assigned hashtag*. Prior to the chat the host may send out some "pre-chat" reading in the form of a blog post or article link. This gives people further knowledge about the discussion topic. *Need to know a little more about hashtags? Click here
  4. 4. INFORMAL TWITTER CHAT Informal chats may or may happen at a designated time. Usually the topic is driven by the need of the moment. You usually see a hashtag like #XYZFlashchat. People use a flashchat for when there is a need to crowdsource help for a topic (or just want to have a fun discussion).*Need to know a little more about hashtags? Click here
  5. 5. WHY SHOULD I PARTICIPATE? 1) A chance to talk with people who have similar interests or work in your field. Learning from each other. 2) Grow your network. There are 304 million active users, there's bound to be someone interesting. 3) You never know what kind fun tool, interesting information or useful tidbit you will pick up. 4) Get to know other people from around the world! (How fun is THAT!)
  6. 6. EXAMPLE: LET THE DISCUSSION BEGIN! A new group of teachers, who are also new to twitter, may find the chat #NT2T (New Teachers to Twitter) interesting. (Saturdays, 8am Central) [Host tweets] Q1) How would teachers use twitter in the classroom? #NT2T [You Answer] A1) To remind Students of homework #NT2T [Someone else answers] A1) To encourage book report discussion. #NT2T Let the ideas fly! Don't forget the Hashtag #
  7. 7. HOW DO I FIND THE RIGHT CHAT FOR ME? There are a number of twitter chat lists out there but has an up to the minute chat schedule view. Next, start following on twitter, @ChatSalad they send out up to the minute tweet announcements for upcoming chats. Find a chat and hop in. If you connect with the topic, hang around. If not, don't. No one's feelings will be hurt and the chat police will not hunt you down. ???
  8. 8. HOW DO I JUMP IN? Find a chat, and start tweeting. It's really that simple. There are synchronous tools that help you keep eyes on the chat while it is in progress. Just starting out? Go with tweetchat. ???
  9. 9. HOW DO I JUMP IN? To find what happened in a chat after the fact. It takes a little set-up effort, but there are asynchronous tools that will pull the chat discussion into a readable format for you check out later. ??? For a quick view - within twitter, just search for the hashtag.
  10. 10. HELPFUL TIPS Give your followers fair warning about the twitter storm headed their way. Encourage them to play along and chat too. It's okay to be late and leave early. Just like any party. It's okay to "Lurk" or observe before jumping in to watch the flow and general style of the chat. But eventually jump in! The water's nice. Interaction makes it fun! Always include the chat hashtag in your responses. You don't want your brilliant answer lost. Selling product is a no-no (unless you are given permission) Allow for different opinions Havefun! Introduce yourself to the group (you may find someone close)
  11. 11. WHAT IF I WANT TO HOST A CHAT? Anyone can host a twitter chat. There are a few things to keep in mind for being successful (but that's a topic for a different day). Know this... You do not need to register a hashtag* to host a chat. You do not need to have a paid "chat" application either. You do not need super secret special tools, but I do recommend becoming familiar with how chats operate first. ??? Read all about hashtags - click here
  12. 12. TA-DA! NOW YOU'RE ALL READY TO CHAT IT UP! Now you know: What a twitter chat is (fun for every girl and boy)! What's in it for you! Tools to use to make participation easier. How to find one that is interesting and appeals to you. How to access chats after the fact. A few tips and helpful hints
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