Learning rebels strategy process


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Learning Rebels Strategy

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Learning rebels strategy process

  1. 1. The following pages will outline the learning strategy model of Learning Rebels
  2. 2. 2| Table of Contents 03 04 08 page page page AboutLearningRebels ProjectUnderstanding LearningRebels Approach
  3. 3. 3| Alittle about Learning Rebels Learning Rebels bring real life experience to learning initiatives, connecting business and learning strategies. Things you may not know: 1. Works in conjunction with the Association for Talent Development (ATD) to modernize and update key training materials. ATD is the largest affiliation for learning and development worldwide. 2. Knows sometimes training isn’t the solution for immediate issues. Worked with the Washington DC MassTransit Department to create job aids to address immediate safety policy changes. 3. Conducts virtual instructional design training which consistently receives the highest feedback. Proving that with the right tools virtual courses can be as effective as live classrooms. Learning Solutions to boost your business revenue, increase profits, and build a stronger workforce. 3 Home
  4. 4. Project Understanding KeyIssues KeyChallenges TheFuture Home
  5. 5. 5| Key Issues LearningRebelswillworkwithyour businesstodeterminecritical organizationalpainpoints. According to Gallop,companieswith highlyengagedworkforcesout performtheirpeersby147%in earningspershare. http://www.gallup.com/services/169328/q12-employee-engagement.aspx Narrow Focus Define Measurement Develop Consistent Message Target Training Closing the Skills Gap Modernize Modality
  6. 6. 6| Key Challenges The need to focus the messaging. The need is to build alignment with leaders and focus messaging to engage team members. Building connections between business and learning. Thus bringing instant brand recognition and purpose. The goal being to hear people speak about your corporate training as if it had always existed. Technology and Resource Sharing Investing in a user-friendly, resource sharing model can help to incorporate items like step-by-step training aids and coaching tools for learners and trainers to use during on-the-job training The need for a consistent and scaled down training model. According to a 2007 study by the Wynhurst Group, when employees go through structured onboarding, they are 58% more likely to remain with the organization after three years. LearningRebelswillworkwithyour businesstodeterminekeychallenges thataregettinginthewayoflearning success.‘ Typicalorganizationalchallenges manifestintechnology,training consistency,andmessaging.
  7. 7. 7| The Future Whatistheperceptionoflearningintheorganization? Howislearningconnectedtoprofessionalgrowth? Howcanyourtrainingdepartmentbestcommunicate withtheteam? Answering Key Questions Organizational Goals Define People Requirements Finalize Learning Strategy Consumable Communication Plan Engaging Marketing Plan A strategy will be devised to address the challenges of your business. This will ensure the identified organizational goals will align with learning goals to achieve measurable results.
  8. 8. Learning Rebels Approach DevelopTargeted TrainingModel WorkStreamStrategy Strategic Planning Process Endresults Home
  9. 9. 9| About the Learning RebelsApproach Working closely with the business leadership team is a core part of the alignment strategy. Meeting with the entire leadership team, and with key steering committee members, will help to keep development in sync with overall business goals and priorities. First step in the approach is to determine people resources and action plans through an initial kick-off and scoping meeting. Workingwithyoutoproducea targetedtrainingmodelthatwillbe sustainable,measurableandalignwith organizationalgoals.
  10. 10. 10| Develop Targeted Training Model Whatarekeybusinessgoals? Whichtoolscanbeusedfor measurement? Whataretheskillgaps? Istherighttraininginplaceforthe rightpeople? Answering Key Questions Targeted Training Organizational Analysis Performance Analysis Performer Analysis
  11. 11. 11| Work Stream Strategy Define Design Build Launch Operations Org Learning Assessment Training Plan Create Training Mitigate resistance Continuous development plan Change Magnitude Assessment Communication Plan Execution Plan Change Role Mapping Champion Strategy Build/Execute Communication Plan Steering Committee Meeting
  12. 12. 12| Strategic Planning Process Data Gathering Identify Vision Analysis of Information Objective Setting Develop the “how” Creating Action Plans Implementation Review/Evaluation
  13. 13. 13| End results When deliverables align with organizational goals to solve key pain points, businesses see the following results. Fact: Reflectivelearningmakes peoplemoreproductiveand engagedintheworkplace. Fact: Learningorganizations improveretention.Saving $11,000perpersonlost. Fact: Highperformance sales teamsaretypically30%more effectiveingeneratingrevenue.
  14. 14. Contact Learning Rebels today to being your process of connecting learning with real business results.