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Thesis examples


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Thesis examples

  1. 1. How can designers integrate habitat opportunities into urban architecture to support a diversity of native species? habitat-integrated architecture BIODIVERSITY + THE CITY master’s thesis habitat types of the southern Willamette Valley riparian wet prairie upland prairie oak savanna mixed woodland mixed conifer forest fender’s blue butterfly cardinal meadowhawk dragonfly acorn woodpecker
  2. 2. BIODIVERSITY + THE CITY master’s thesis physiographycompositionstructure ground layer shrub layer understory layer overstory layer poverty rush western buttercup tufted hairgrass dense sedge common camas willowalderoregon ash north south west east shrub layer understory tree canopy layer overstory tree canopy layer ground layer topography solar aspect horizontal vertical disturbance regimes hydrologyedaphic conditions management species silt sand low fertility high fertility texture fertility water dependence natural/historic urban alternative silver-haired bat cardinal meadowhawk habitat templates: example of a wetland prairie template. I created similar templates for upland prairie, oak savanna and mixed-conifer forest.
  3. 3. I developed a transferable methodology of native habitat types of the southern Willamette Valley as templates for building design. The methodology was developed through a review of the current research on habitat-integrated architecture as well as through working with a University of Oregon thesis-level architecture students. My master’s thesis was meant to serve as a guide for designers, particularly architects, without ecological training to create habitat- integrated architecture. student work: Examples of student work, by Noel Shamble and Paul Harmon, produced in the thesis-level architecture studio I assisted with. BIODIVERSITY + THE CITY master’s thesis