Using Pinterest for Business


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Using Pinterest for Business

  1. 1. April 1, 2014 Shannon Distel Business Services Librarian
  2. 2. What is Pinterest?  A visual social sharing website  Estimates of 70 million users worldwide  Users create an account and “boards” where they can organize ideas, projects, inspiration, market products  Users “pin” photos from websites  Users can also upload their own images  Pinterest users can browse, comment, like and repin other users pins  Unlimited “secret boards”
  3. 3. Consider this…  “Pinterest drives more traffic to websites and blogs than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn combined.”  Named 1 of the 50 Best Websites by Time Magazine in 2011.  83% of global women are users, US women age 35-44.  Estimated 47% of online shoppers in US have made a purchase based on something they saw on Pinterest  50% of traffic to Pinterest comes from mobile devices, is your website mobile ready?
  4. 4. Most Popular Categories  Food & drink  DIY & crafts  Women's apparel, style and fashion  Home décor  Humor & wisdom  Travel
  5. 5. Why Pinterest for Business?  Visual storefront  Drive referral traffic to your website or blog  Sharing content helps attract new customers  “Purchasers are 71% more likely to buy a product or service if it was recommended by a friend on social media”- based-on-social-media-referrals-infographic-aspx  Grow your audience online  Inspiration
  6. 6. Setting Up an Account  You can sign up for Pinterest with an existing Facebook or Twitter account  Choose a user name (business name or services)  Complete your profile and include your url  Include a profile image  Create boards and start pinning!
  7. 7. Ideas  Showcase your company  Building, store, employees, services, products, ideas  Have an event or attend a conference?  Create a board and pin photos  Pin client or customer photos and comments  Introduce your clients or other businesses on Pinterest  Spotlight customer testimonials  Create a referral board for local businesses, affiliates, partners or organizations  Highlight your most pinned products in your store
  8. 8. Increase Your Followers  Follower others on Pinterest  Pin regularly  Link your Pinterest account with your other social media accounts for cross-posting  Embed the “Pin it” or “Follow Me on Pinterest” button on your website or blog  Engage users  Contests  Coupons  Guest pinners  Create interesting board topics  Curate great content
  9. 9. Further Resources  Book: Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business with Pinterest by Beth Hayden  Three Unique Ways to Use Pinterest for Business  pinterest/  Top Ten Business Pinterest Tips  tips-to-start-2014/  30 Reasons to Market Your Business on Pinterest  business-pinterest-2014-infographic-184545665.html