Survey & Scheduling Tools for Business


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Survey & Scheduling Tools for Business

  1. 1. August 13 & 14, 2012 Shannon ScanlanBusiness Services Librarian
  2. 2. Google Calendar Users need a Google account (a Gmail account or sign up with an existing email account) Web based calendar Items can be added online, via a mobile device or text message Calendars can be created and shared with multiple editors and viewers Microsoft Outlook events and iCalendar events can be synced Email reminders can be sent via email or text
  3. 3. Google Docs Web based applications Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection Files can be shared with others for easier collaboration Files can be worked on at the same time Resource for storing documents Documents can be shared via URL link or remain private
  4. 4. Create Survey with Google Docs Create a survey in Google Docs by using the Form feature User must have a Google account to create survey Survey can be sent via email, URL link or embedded into a webpage  survey.html
  5. 5. Doodle Free and no registration required Schedule an event, include event details, location, times etc.. Attendees can be polled on times, location, etc… Can be sent via your own email client or via a free account on Doodle
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  9. 9. Survey Monkey Online survey tool Over 4 million users Ideas for surveys:  Job satisfaction  Meal preferences at events  Evaluations Pro membership includes:  Unlimited surveys & results  Export reports  Customized logos and themes
  10. 10. Options to Share with Audience
  11. 11. Wiggio Free online tool that includes:  Calendars  Virtual meetings  Conference calls  Assignment lists  To-do lists  Polls  Messages  Folders Premium service plan as well
  12. 12. Groups in Wiggio Hi Shannon, Thanks for creating a new Wiggio group! If you need help getting started, please contact us at: Group name: WORK Group email address: work@ Group web address: http://
  13. 13. Cozi Free online organizer Easy to use Features include:  Mobile app  Shopping lists  To do lists  Journal  Message center Sharing may involve upgrading to paid subscription
  14. 14. Further Resources Fifty Quick Tips for Google Calendar  Google Apps for Business Famundo  Volunteer Resources for software and scheduling  4 Tools for online calendars  ree-Online-Calendar-Tools.htm