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Google Tools for Business

  1. 1. March 12 & 13, 2012 Shannon ScanlanBusiness Services Librarian
  2. 2. Google Apps for Business Email, calendar, documents, sites, video and more Try it free for 30 days After free trial, $5 a month for each user Sites allows users to create webpages for collaboration, training or intranet Accessible via the web, mobile phones and compatible with PCs and Mac Understanding the “Cloud” and Google Apps
  3. 3. Gmail Free email 350 million users Spam filter Mobile accessibility Conversation view, see all replies on 1 page Features include customizable background theme, signature, vacation responder, instant messaging, voice and video chat, email forwarding, attachments Access to other Google Apps (voice, docs, calendar etc) With Business Gmail, email address is customizable to company such as
  4. 4. Google Alerts Notifies users of new content from the web, blogs, news, etc based on selected search terms Users can receive notifications daily, weekly or “as it happens” Results are from Google’s search engine only
  5. 5. Google Calendar Users must have a Google account (a Gmail account or sign up with an existing email account) Web based calendar Items can be added online, via a mobile device or text message Calendars can be created and shared with multiple editors and viewers Microsoft Outlook events and iCalendar events can be synced Email reminders can be sent via email or text
  6. 6. Google Docs Web based applications Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection Files can be shared with others for easier collaboration Files can be worked on at the same time Excellent resource for storing documents
  7. 7. Where are my Docs? Items are stored via the Internet, “Cloud Computing” You can restrict privacy to only yourself, friends or make public Your documents cannot be found by search engines unless shared publicly via a web address Google Docs will store up to 5,000 documents User can create forms, resumes, budgets, business cards, menu, invitations and more
  8. 8. Google Groups Online discussion groups usually based around a common interest Participation in conversations can be via the web or email
  9. 9. Google Offers Deals of the Day Deal is usually available to purchase for 24 hours Purchasers can buy the deal no matter how many people also buy Deal arrives via email
  10. 10. Google Talk (Gchat) Text and voice communication To make computer to phone call users must use Google Voice Messages can be sent to an offline contact which they receive when they return online Conversations are saved in transcript to Chats section of Gmail account
  11. 11. Google Translate Online translation of website, text or document Currently 53 languages Not always accurate, errors occur Not always able to translate slang
  12. 12. Google Wallet For use with a Citibank MasterCard Users can also create a Google prepaid account linking to their own accounts Works wherever MasterCard paypass is used Works with Android phones on the Sprint network
  13. 13. Google Voice Users may select a phone number to use from a variety of area codes and connect the number to other phone lines Free computer to phone calling within the US PC to PC video and voice calling worldwide Voicemail Free text messaging Conference calls Call history Call screening and blocking of numbers Voice transcription to text and email International calls start at $0.02 ***No emergency calls
  14. 14. More on Google Google Apps for Business Google Apps Videos on YouTube Video on Using Google Apps for Your Business Video on Setting up Google Apps for Your Business Video on Using Google Sites for Your Business