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Using Facebook Pages for Business


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Using Facebook Pages for Business

  1. 1. October 1, 2013 Shannon Scanlan Business Services Librarian Arlington Heights Memorial Library
  2. 2. Why a Facebook Page?  Over 1 billion users on Facebook  Your friends, colleagues, customers and business competitors are most likely already using Facebook  More than 13 million business pages on Facebook  Users have “profiles”  Businesses and organizations have “pages”  Easy to update  Share photos and video  Create events  Comment and engage online conversations
  3. 3. Profile vs. Page  Profile: personal presence on FB  Page: Business/group presence  You’re “liked,” not “friended.”  “Likes” don’t see your personal postings, you don’t see theirs.  You post as the institution/group, not yourself  Facebook admins can track stats  Easy way to extend your brand  Communicate with customers on products/services  Build a “fan” base
  4. 4. Choosing a Business Page Business Only Page Business Page via Personal Profile  No ability to manage the page from your personal account  No search bar  No liking other pages  No home feed  You cannot invite your friends from your personal account  You need a separate email and phone number from other Facebook accounts  Personal profile and business page are separate  You can manage your profile and pages in 1 account  Get notifications about your page on your personal account  See your page updates in your home feed  Feature a Page owner, add admin
  5. 5. Basics  Once you log into your personal Facebook profile, switch to using Facebook as your Page  Click on the gear next to the Home button (top right corner)  Select page name under Use Facebook as: __________  Customize your page URL (  Start posting to your page  Welcome message  Create photo albums  Create an event  Add a Page Badge to your website or blog  Switch back to your personal profile to edit badges 
  6. 6. Now what?  Maintain your page  Respond to comments, positive AND negative  Update frequently  2-3 times a week to begin  Use the scheduling tool when writing an update  Promote your page  QR Codes  Window signs  Business cards  Share in email  Include in print publications
  7. 7. Increasing Your Likes  Like other pages, their content will show up in your home feed and encourage connections  Comment on pages  Posting pictures boosts engagement  engagement_b66150  Offer an incentive for liking your page
  8. 8. New features  Highlight posts  Expands a post to twice the size  Pin a post to the top of your page  Click the pencil icon on the right side of your post  Select pin to top  This post will stay on the top of your page for 1 week  Promote a paid post or create an ad 
  9. 9. Insights  Accessible once your page has 30 likes  Likes-How many likes your page has  Reach-Demographics and location  Talking About This-actions on your page, likes, comments, RSVP, tag, check-in, answer a question  A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Insights  guide/
  10. 10. More Information  Facebook pages help   Integrating Facebook Page with Facebook Personal  page-with-your-facebook-profile/  How to Set Up a Facebook Page  page-for-business/  15 Ways to Use Facebook Pages for Business  facebook-pages-business  Using Custom Tabs on Facebook Pages  Create-Custom-Tabs-for-Facebook-Business-Pages.aspx