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Leadit marketing: What goes in a marketing plan


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Leadit marketing: What goes in a marketing plan

  1. 1. What Should Go Into A Marketing Plan? Presented by Shannon Prager President, Leadit Marketing 1
  2. 2. AGENDA• About Leadit Marketing • About Me• Why a marketing plan is important• What could go in to your marketing plan • Deep dives into each area of a marketing plan• A few best practices• Leadit Marketing’s approachCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  3. 3. ABOUT LEADIT MARKETING• Integrated B2B demand generation services provider• Focused on lead generation and campaign execution • Optimizing the lead flow through marketing automation and process improvement • Focus on Sirius Decisions Waterfall Methodology• Concentration in technology sector• Founded in 2008Copyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  4. 4. ABOUT SHANNON PRAGER• 16 years of B2B technology marketing experience• Broad range of marketing expertise: • Demand Generation • Lead generation • Public relations • Analyst relations • Inside sales • Field marketing • Customer relationsCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  5. 5. WHAT A MARKETING PLAN COULD INCLUDE• Mission Statement• Target Markets/Segmentation Strategies• Buyer Personas• Messaging/Offerings by Segment• SWOT Analysis• Market Influencers• Content Marketing Audit• Marketing Objectives and Strategies• Marketing Tactics• Expected Results/Goals• Marketing Budget• Messaging Platform• Competitive Analysis• Existing Marketing AuditCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  6. 6. WHY A MARKETING PLAN IS IMPORTANT• To identify sources of competitive advantage• Evaluate your mission and vision for relevancy• Focus on your strategic target markets and their needs• To help determine and focus on priorities• To get the resources you need to implement your plans• To obtain the organization support at all levels• To set objectives and strategies for chosen segments• To gain commitment towards goals• To define strategies, tactics and programsCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  7. 7. MISSION STATEMENTWhat is the purpose of a mission statement:• A mission statement should guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-makingThree parts to your company mission statement:• To determine your purpose• To determine your business• To determine your valuesCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  8. 8. TARGET MARKETS/SEGMENTATION STRATEGIESBegin with a focus:• Who are your target markets?• What industries do they represent?• What size company do they represent?• Why do they need your services?• What is going to make this company buy your services?• What is the channel of distribution for this market?• Who makes up the buying team?Copyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  9. 9. BUYER PERSONASThen get even more focused:• Do you know your buyer?• Do you know the company they represent?• Do you understand their company’s business?• Do you know their needs and requirements?• Do you know where they buy?• Do you know who makes up their buying team?• Do you know their business processes?• Do you know how to reach them with your marketing and sales messages?Copyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  10. 10. MESSAGING AND OFFERINGS BY SEGMENT• What is the buying process for these customers?• What are the key decision factors that make them choose one vendor over another?• Is the decision around price, service, support or quality, etc.?• Is price more important than product/service and why?• Is product/service more important than price and why?• Where do these segments go for information about your services?• What messages will generate the right response and what information will be most effective?Copyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  11. 11. SWOT ANALYSIS• What advantages do you have?• What do you do better than anyone else?• What do people in your market see as your strength?• What could you do to improve?• What should you avoid?• What are other companies/people likely to see as your weakness?• What are good opportunities for you?• What could threaten your business?• Where is the industry going?• What are your objectives as it relates to this target market?Copyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  12. 12. MARKET INFLUENCERS/SOCIAL NETWORKINGIdentifies key influencers and social networks thatinfluence your buyers.This could include:• Social networks to drive mass impressions• Journalists• Academics• Analysts• Professional advisorsCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  13. 13. CONTENT MARKETING AUDITInventory of existing content and marketing assets• Identifies what can be leveraged in new marketing campaigns• Identifies content gaps so we know where to focus development/resource time• Each asset will be aligned to a Marketing Purpose (ex: Thought Leadership, Education, etc.) and Buying Stage (ex: Awareness, Consideration etc.)Copyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  14. 14. MARKETING OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGYMarketing objectives determine where your want to be andhow you are going to get there.Marketing Objectives:• Intended goals of a company’s marketing campaigns.• Marketing objectives are often listed as Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Time sensitive (SMART)Copyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  15. 15. MARKETING OBJECTIVES AND STRATEGYMarketing objectives determine where your want to be andhow you are going to get there.Marketing Strategy:• A detailed blueprint on how to achieve the marketing objectives• Strategies list which steps to take, specific action necessary to achieve each step and the expected timeline by which to accomplish each stage• Strategies will focus on the 4Ps of marketing: Product (Service), Promotion, Price, Place (Distribution)Copyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  16. 16. MARKETING TACTICS/GOALS• Identifying the components of your marketing mix: • Advertising • Sales Force Promotion • Direct Marketing • Public Relations • Social Networking and Monitoring • Partner Events • Industry Events • Association MarketingCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  17. 17. BUDGET• Research and capture the price of different marketing tactics • Allows you to add up all that you need to do to accomplish your marketing plan• Will provide benchmarks/best practices on target leads to meet goalsCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  18. 18. Your marketing plan could also include the following:Copyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  19. 19. MESSAGING PLATFORMThe foundation for all future communication• Corporate positioning statement• Supporting key messages• Supporting proof points• Customer value propositionCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  20. 20. COMPETITIVE ANALYSISAssessment of strengths and weaknesses of current andpotential competitors• Determines who your competitors are• Ranks products/services in terms of value and target markets• Identifies strategies used by each competitor to achieve their objectives • Evaluates how each competitor markets themselfCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  21. 21. EXISTING MARKETING AUDIT• Independent audit of your existing marketing environment• Reviews roles/responsibilities of current marketing team• Reviews current marketing objectives and strategies• Identifies problem areas and opportunitiesCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  22. 22. MARKETING PLAN BEST PRACTICES• Focus on selecting only a few target markets• Play to your strengths and not your weaknesses• Having too many strategies is worse than having none at all• Make sure your marketing plans and budget is practical and measurable• Assign specific responsibilities and tasks to specific peopleCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883
  23. 23. NEED HELP WITH YOUR MARKETING PLAN? We do this for a living! Shannon Prager P: 214-228-7883 www.leaditmarketing.comCopyright Leadit Marketing LLC | P: 214-228-7883