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Using a range of web 2 (1)


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Using a range of web 2 (1)

  1. 1. Evaluation Shannon Orr Intro My final major project was 36 photos consisting of landscape, portrait and equine photography, I didn’t stick to my original plan as I didn’t take the photos I said I would be doing in my pitch as I said I would be doing because from the equine photos I said I would be taking photos of horses show jumping which I never ended up doing so I took some different photos which I prefer more than if I would have taken the pictures of the show jumping, for my portrait I said I was going to be taking my photos in Manchester which also didn’t happen as they were taken in Salford quays and for my landscape I said in my pitch I was going to take my photos in croft and I ended up taking them in Rivington which I am happy about as I managed to get a photo of a deer. How would I rate the technicalquality of my photos? I feel the technical quality of my photos was very good the images I took were clear and looked like they had been taken professionally according to my audience feedback which I am happy about as that is what I was aiming for, when using Photoshop to edit and crop my photos I tried to keep my photos as natural looking as possible to make sure I didn’t ruin the overall quality of them, the composition of all my photos was good I made sure I had the main focus of my image centred as much as I could to make sure when I showed it to people that they knew what type of photo it was, for example the picture of the deer, the original image the dear was way over to the right of the photo so using Photoshop I cropped the photo to make sure the deer was directly in the middle of the photo. Example of the editing on photos: All I did to this photo was increase the levels, Have I acquired and new skills of further developed others? When doing this project I haven’t really acquired any new skills other than doing my portrait shoot as usually when I take photos they are landscapes and equine photos so for this project I have learned new skills, I have learnt how to take photos of people however the portrait photos aren’t exactly that good as it was the first time I have photographed people on their own as I have only ever photographed people in groups such as at weddings, I also further developed my skills when taking my landscape photos as usually I take photos or wooded areas and when I went to Rivington I took pictures of a stream and a deer on top of a hill which is new to me, as for my equine photos I haven’t acquired any new skills as I am used to taking photos of horses. All I did to this photo was increasing the levels, Saturation and i changed the background to black & White to make the horse stand out. This is what the finished photo looks like. I also cropped a little bit from each side to make the horse more central. ,
  2. 2. Evaluation Shannon Orr Does my final project match my original intentions? My finished product for my final major project is very different from what it was intended to be like such as my equine photos were supposed to be taken of the horses from Heathcroft stud which is where I work and I ended up having a month and a half off so I had to improvise so I choose to go with my friends when they took their horse to be retired they asked me to take my camera to take some photos for her and I ended up using them instead of what I originally said in my proposal, for my landscape photos I said in my proposal I was going to take my photos in croft and I ended up going for a drive to Rivington hill and taking photos and I liked them so I decided to use those photos instead of going to the place I said and taking photo there as the one I took at Rivington were better than and photos I could have got in croft and as for my portrait photos I had a slight idea as to what I wanted the photos to look like as I had never really took any sort of portrait photos before so I thought id try it I did originally plan to go to Manchester town centre but instead I went to Salford quays to take the photos as it was closer I also didn’t get the type of portraits I wanted but I am happy with these ones as I’ve never been good at photographing people. Did you have any issues with time managementor did you encounter any problems? Over all throughout my final project I have tried to stick as well as I could to my schedule and manage my time well although i haven’t had any problems other than not being able to shoot the photos I original wanted for my equine shoot as I was off work I overcame this by choosing another idea and going with that instead, I have used the schedule well and made sure I did things within the times I has put in other than a few minor things which haven’t effected my project as I have managed to finish all of my photo and edited them before I was supposed to in the schedule which I was happy about as it gave me time to look back over my work and make any changes I needed to, as there was a few things throughout the project I needed to change in order to make it better than it was, the only problem I had was me not being able to get the photos I wanted for my equine shoot as I wasn’t working so I had to change my mind fast but it worked out better as I got finish my landscape and my equine shoot in the same day so over all me not being in work made it easier for me to stick to my schedule and it helped me finish on time. Have I been successful in reaching my target audience with my final major project? Over all I feel I have been successful with reaching my target audience with this project I know this because I created a survey to ask people what they thought of my photos, 14 people responded to this first question was ‘do you think my photos are clear enough?’ 13 people said yes and one person said know so from this I get the impression that people feel my photos are clear and not blurry at all which is what I was looking for them to be. My second question was ‘which of my photos has the best composition?’ for this question I choose a range of photos I thought were the best to see what people thought, 2 people said number 4, 1 people said number 6, two people said number 6, two people said number20, five people said number 23, one person said 24, no one said 28 and one person said number 30, so overall number 23 which is the picture of the dear was the one people thought had the best composition and the other 3 most popular photos were number 4,15 and 20 these photos are the picture of the horse, a landscape and another photo of a different landscape, as fro number 28 which is a portrait of a girl sitting on a slide I personally thought it was a good photo but I feel people may have liked my landscape and equine photos more than my portrait photos. Mt third question was ‘Do you think my photos look professional?’ eleven people said yes, one person said no and two people said some of them do, so from this I have learnt that the majority of my photos look professional which I am happy with as that I what ideally I wanted people to say about my photos. And fro my final question I asked ‘which of my photos has the best photographic subject?’ the first person who answered said ‘3,6,21,23 and 26’, the second person said 22, the third person said nature, the fourth person said 22, the fifth person said 6, the sixth person said 12, the seventh person said the shots of Bambi, the eighth person said 1, the ninth and tenth person said 23, the eleventh person said 25, the twelfth person said 20, because the way the landscape is draped across the image, it is
  3. 3. Evaluation Shannon Orr done very well, the thirteenth person said 23, because its different and the fourteenth person said 16, from these results I have noticed that the picture people like the most is number 23 so I think people like the landscapes that I take although out of all the photos I have taken I prefer the photo I have taken of the horses which some people have said they liked, over all I am glad that the people who have answered the survey do actually like my pictures. What would you do different if you re did the project? If I was to do the project again I would make sure I knew exactly where I was taking the photos and stick to my original idea, by this I mean I would stick to what I said in my proposal and go to them places to take the photos so it would be easier for me as I would have to write this much about the changes I would make I did the project again, although for my equine shoot there was nothing I could do about the change of place where I had to take my photos but if I was to do this projects again I would make sure I was able to get the photos I wanted, as for my portrait I would probably not do the portrait as I don’t really like taking portrait photos as I feel I’m not very good at them although people may feel different about them, and If I had to take them I would make sure I had a exact idea of how I wanted the photos I took as when I took the portrait photos I didn’t have an idea of what I wanted them to look like I just took them and hoped they turned out okay which some did and some were blurry so I got rid of them and finally for my landscape shoot there is nothing I would change about it I am glad I ended going to Rivington instead of going to croft or culcheth like I said in my proposal as the photos that I took in Rivington are a lot better than any I could have taken in croft as there is a lot more to take photos off in Rivington and it is a better place to take them because if I had taken them in croft the photos I would have got would have been almost the same, whereas with the one I tool they are all different and they are probably some of the best I have taken out of the photo I have ever taken, so if I was to re do this project in the future I would get rid of the portraits unless they were necessary and concentrate more on my equine photos and my landscape as they are they only two types of photography I feel comfortable doing and have experience taking as I take photos outside of college for people when I go to shows for them and take photos of them and their horses and sell them to them one I have edited them in whatever way they ask me to.