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Robert g. bartholot (illusion)


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Published in: Art & Photos
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Robert g. bartholot (illusion)

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Research of other photographers work (P1, M1, D1) Photographer: Robert G. Bartholot
  2. 2. Theme or focus of images The overall theme of these images is illusion. In image 1 you see what’s look like a man part way through a door with bright pants on, in image 2 you see 2 images one of a girls in yellow and black clothes doing the splits looking directly at the camera and the other one is the same girl doing a crab, in image 3 you see a man with a lip piercing and a beard which appears to be wrapped in cling film and has a wig on he is also looking directly at the camera, in image 4 you see a women looking straight at the camera who looks pregnant, in image 5 you see a man in a suite had and bowler and glasses who is holing what looks like an ice cream with red, green and white ice cream, in image 6 you see a girl who looks like she has had mud thrown at her. Composition The composition of all of these images is central as on all of these photos Robert makes sure his subjects are in the centre, the overall message of his photos are illusion because each one of these photo makes you think about something different, none of these images appear to have been zoomed in on or cropped. Techniques used The shutter speed on all of Roberts images are the same with many of them being taken on a plain background, the rule of thirds appears to have been used in some of his photos, the depth of field in of these phots are mainly the same as all of the people in the photos are in focus. Strengths & Weaknesses Overall I like the way that all of Roberts photos make you think about what is going on it the image hopefully when I do my own photography I hope to do something
  3. 3. like this, There is nothing about any of roberts photos that I dislike,
  4. 4. like this, There is nothing about any of roberts photos that I dislike,