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  1. 1. Pr2- Audience theory and debates Hypodermic needle model The hypodermic needle model, or theory maintains that the audience of any given media text passively consume the messages in the text and act upon them. Fight club Made in 1999 by David fincher Strong Language Explosives- soap bombs (Like a manual) Terrorism Excessive violence Sex scenes Fight club could influence young people Promotion of anarchy Bare Knuckle fighter Glamorises suicide Links to self-harm When Fight Clubs director first applied for classification of a 15 they were turned down due to the list of things above, when a debate was held about the film the veteran critic of London evening standard said he found the film ‘a toxic experience…. An inadmissible assault of personal decency…and on society its self’, when saying this he mean that if you watch this you will become a Nazi due to the amount of violence in the movie, with a few scene changes the film was finally classified a 18. The Uses and gratifications in this film are Diversion which to the viewer is an escape from everyday problems, they show personal relationships using a media test for educational or other information, also personal identity which is you finding yourself reflected in texts learning behaviour values and finally Surveillance which is information which could be useful for living.
  2. 2. Juno Juno is an American comedy - drama made in 2008 by Jason Reitman. Reception theory is to do with the way the audience react to films based on the age, gender, ethnicity and social class Over all I like the film juno as I like films like this I feel my response would be preferred as I think the film got the message of juno and bleeker being in love and it was cute as it is aimed at my kind of age group. According to Stuart Hall, textual and contextual factors helped shape individuality in audience members. Juno was denied classification by the BBFC for a PG instead of a 12A due to the use of strong language as the BBFC do not allow this kind of language for any children under the age of 12, the sex scenes because they wore considered to reflect what is likely to be familiar to most adolescents, the scenes also glamorise teen pregnancy making young people think it is ok to get pregnant at a young
  3. 3. age, when the trailer for this movie was first show it was shown before a children’s movie which upset a lot of parents due to the scenes chosen in the trailer. By watching this movie I have gained a preferred reading of this film as the film ideally is aimed at my age group due to the content of it, also because of my gender as the film is aimed mainly at teenage girls as it is about a boy and girl in love like many stereotypical movies aimed at teen girls. Before I saw the film I expected it to be a stereotypical teen movie and it was although it was a lot funnier than I thought it would be overall it met my expectations, where I watched the movie was at college and that wouldn’t have changed my opinion on the film I would have thought the same weather it was home or the cinema. The overall social factors of this movie are that young people will take the mic out of teens who are pregnant that’s also mentioned in the movie as juno says people are calling her fat behind her back as teenagers are quick to judge they would also think she would be getting pregnant for attention.