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Paul hurst (studio)


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Published in: Art & Photos
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Paul hurst (studio)

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Research of other photographers work (P1, M1, D1) Photographer: Paul Hurst
  2. 2. Theme or focus of images The theme of all these images is studio. In image 1 you see a women looking directly at the camera with green and white feathers around her, In image 2 you see a women looking directly at the camera with tattoos on the top of her arms with her arms crossed over her chest, in image 3 you see a women looking at the camera with her arms by her side and a medium sized tattoo on her fore arm, in image 4 you see a women in clothes with look like gym
  3. 3. clothes jumping in the air looking at the camera. In image 5 you see a girl with thick eye makeup looking at the camera, in image 6 you see a man who looking into the camera with a kind of lost expression on his face. With none of Pauls images having where the photos were taken and him being a Leicestershire based studio photographer I think this is where the majority pf him photos are taken. Composition The overall compositions of Paul’s photos are central as Paul seems to like having all of his subjects in the middle of the picture looking directly at the camera, there is no overall message in his photos as they are all very different, none of his phots have been zoomed in on. Techniques used Over all I think the shutter speeds in Pauls phots are all similar as they are all taken on a plain background the only photos where the shutter speed would be faster is in image 4 where the women is jumping in the air, I don’t think the rule of thirds has been used any of Pauls photos, the depth of field of Pauls photos are mainly the same as the all of the subjects in completely in focus. Strengths & Weaknesses Over all I like all of Pauls photos I especially like photo number 4 and when I do my own photos I might try to do something along the lines of that photo as because I like photo, there is nothing about any of Pauls photos that I don’t like other than the lighting in some of them.