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Nick pickles (music)


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Published in: Art & Photos
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Nick pickles (music)

  1. 1. Unit 57: Photography and Photographic Practice Research of other photographers work (P1, M1, D1) Photographer: nick pickles
  2. 2. Theme or focus of images The theme of all of these images are singers and musicians, in image 1 you see a singer sat at a piano singing into a microphone with smoke all around him, in image 2 you see a singer also singing into a microphone he looks like he is possible looking towards the crowd this photo also has smoke in the background, In image 3 you see a girl who looks like she has been at an event called the colour run as she has a number on her and she is surrounded by coloured smoke in this photo her hand is in the air and she looks like she is having a good time, In image 4 you see a man who is possibly a guitarist walking towards the camera, this photo looks like it was taken at a concert at night time, In image 5 you see 2 guitarists who are concentrating completely on their guitars, this photo also look to have been taken at a concert, In image 6 you a singer who looks to be possibly sat at a piano, in this photo the man who look like a singer looks like he is looking at the crowd. With Nick Pickles being a London based photographer and his photos not having where they were taken on they I presume they were all taken at gigs and festivals in this area. Composition The compositions for all of Nicks pictures are mainly central it seems he likes to have all of the subjects he is photographing in the center of the picture possibly so when you look at the photo it makes you look a bit closely, the overall message in the majority of his photos are just people having a good time, I know this because none of the people he photographs look unhappy in any way, also none of his photos look like they have been cropped however in photo numbers 2, 5 &6 where I think Nick may have zoomed in to get this but they are the only photos where he has needed to the others look good the way they are. Techniques used Over all Nicks shutter speeds seem to be rather similar as all of his phots are taken at night time, In the majority of Nick’s photos I think the rule of thirds has been used, In all of Nicks photos the depth of field in the same with the middle of all his photos being the most in focus. Strengths & Weaknesses Over all I like all of Nicks photos and the way they capture people at the right time, there is nothing I don’t like about is photos other than on his photos which are zoomed in I feel they would look a lot better if they were not zoomed in as much as they are.