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Final script


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Final script

  1. 1. Final script Me: how long has Cheshire show been going on for? Jo: this year will be out 75th year of the Cheshire show. Me: what can we be expecting from cheshire show this year? Jo: well as usual we will have an immense amount of entertainment for the general public, the horse show of course the light horses and the heavy horses, people come especially for our food halls showing all kind of universal food, shop till you drop, the cow show pigs show, unusual breeds and for all the children that have got a day off school you can come and watch chicken be hatched and things like that, very. Very educational might I add. Me: when is Cheshire show this year? Jo: it will be falling on the 23rd and 24th of June, this is Tuesday the 23rd and Wednesday the 24th of June. Me: which one of the many events attracts the most customers? Jo: oh now that would possibly be a toss-up between inter- hunt relays which all the local hunts strive for their poll position in the inter-hunt relays really risky business might I add, or maybe the grand parade of the champion livestock and horses. Me: Where does Cheshire show take place?
  2. 2. Jo: it is now taking place at Tabley showground it is its tenth year at Tabley previous it was at Tatton Park. Me: how much do tickets cost and is there student discount? Jo: well an adult ticket is £16, a child ticket is £8 and students get a discount of £3, £13 pound in total for students.