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Equipment needed for a 3 day music video


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Equipment needed for a 3 day music video

  1. 1. Equipment needed for a 3 day music video Cameras Camera type: Sony PMW-F5 Cost for 1 day:£200 Cost for 3 days:£600 Camera type: Sony PMW-200 Cost for 1 day:£150 Cost for 3 days:£450 Camera type: Canon XF305E Cost for 1 day:£120 Cost for 3 days: £360 Grips Grip type: Wally Dolly Cost for 1 day:£50 Cost for 3 days:£150
  2. 2. Grip type: EZFX Extension Kit Cost for 1 day:£35 Cost for 3 days:£105 Grip type:Flexi-Track Kit Cost for 1 day:£20 Cost for 3 days:£60 Light type:Arri 2.5kw HMI Lamp Lighting Cost for 1 day:£95 Cost for 3 days:£285 Light type: Filmgear 2.5kW HMI Cost for 1 day:£80 Cost for 3 days:£240 type:Arri 2000W Light Cost for 1 day:£15 Cost for 3 days:£45
  3. 3. Monitor type: Sony CLM-V55 LCD Monito Cost for 1 day:£ 20.83 Cost for 3 days:£62.49 Monitor type:Panasonic LH1700 Cost for 1 day:£49.17 Cost for 3 days:£147.51