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  1. 1. The Guttenburg Design Theory Primary Optical Area:  The stars name– Liam Neeson, this has been placed here because when someone looks at the poster his name would be one of the first things they would look at.  Picture of the star – this is used so when you look at the poster you would be drawn to Liam Neeson and because his fans would recognise him.  Title of the movie- tells you what the movie is called.  Tagline- this is used because it fits in with the previous work he has done leaving his fans wanting to k now what actually happens in the movies. Strong Fallow Area: All that is in there is pretty much jus the same as what is in the Primary Optical Area this is to make sure the title and Liam Neesons name is seen by the viewers. Weak Fallow Area: All that is in this is a gun in Liam Neesons hand to further link the movie to death and the rest of the information which is at the bottom about the film. The Terminal Area All that is in the terminal area is some more information about the film suxch as the release date, there is also a cross which links the movie to death.
  2. 2. The Guttenburg Design Theory Genre Codes and Conventions:  Illusions to life and death  Gun  Lonely man]red writing (danger, blood)  Reflection at the bottom suggest water  Graveyard making it look supernatural Anchorage:  Liam neeson anchors the audience to watch the film because of his fame. Modes Of Address:  Liam neeson
  3. 3. The Guttenburg Design Theory Strong The Primary Optical Area Fallow Area Axis Of Orientation Weak Follow Area The Terminal Area