What have you learnt about technologies from the


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What have you learnt about technologies from the

  1. 1. What have you learnt about technologiesfrom the process of constructing thisproduct?By Shannon Korba
  2. 2. IndesignThe tools that can be used for design and layout purposes. InDesign tends to be a popular choice oftechnology for making any document that needs some creative layout, from posters to contentspages. It offers all kinds of features to alter your text and images, which can work together ininteresting ways to create a unique and professional design.Here is a blank page that has been opened inInDesign. As you can see there are manydifferent tools that I was able to use in orderto create my contents page and my doublepage spread.Here is the toolbar itself forexample the ‘T’ being thefont and the text that youuse.
  3. 3. PhotoshopPhotoshop is the leading digital image editing application for thenew media disciplines. It is used by millions of different peopleincluding graphic artists, print designers, visualcommunicators, and even people who are studying media. Its likelythat nearly every picture youve seen (such as posters, bookcovers, magazine pictures, and brochures) has either been createdor edited by Photoshop. The powerful tools used to enhance andedit these pictures are also capable for use in the digital worldincluding the infinite possibilities of the Internet.Here is an image of Kiera Knightly. On the right there isan image that has not been Photo shopped where as onthe left there is the same image that has been added tothe front of a magazine. As you can see the photo on theleft is clearer and it looks as if she has a bettercompletion.
  4. 4. What I have used Photoshop andInDesign On.Here I have combined two imagesthat I thought would create aunique effect to the double pagespread of the magazine. I was ableto use photo shop in order tocreate something that I think maycatch the audiences attention.Below is the image ofthe model that I haveused without andwith photo shop.
  5. 5. Here is the Opacitylevel that I havebeen able to use inorder to create theeffect that isshown on the slideabove.This is the Crop buttonthat I had used beforechanging the Opacity inorder to make the imageclearerThis is the colours that I had used in orderto make the image either darker or lighterso I have a variety of colours to choosefrom.Here is the image that I have made thetransparency 72 in order to show youwhat how I had combined the twoimages togetherHere are theLayers thatcan be addedor deleted.
  6. 6. WordPressI have never used word press until I had started the media course.At first I thought that it was rather hard to use but once I had gotthe hang of I think that it becomes easier to use.Here is my current blog on Word Press. Asyou can see I was able to change thebackground and more it more interesting forviewers to look at.This is my ‘dashboard’ this is where I can upload allof my latest information onto. It keeps me updatedon the comments that have been made as well asthe posts that I have made.This is where I upload Media onto the website allthat I have to do is once on the dashboard goonto the insert media and then this is the pagethat I am brought to in order to upload thedifferent images or information/work.
  7. 7. YouTubeHere is a video that I have added to my blog by YouTube. I did not think that I would have to use it as Idid not know how to upload any videos onto You Tube, I was able to access an account in order toupload the video. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to create a video in order to show the differenttypes of media as it was a new experience and I think that I will probably go about using it again.The video that I haduploaded to YouTube isnow on my blog as anevaluation piece as well ason YouTube itself.
  8. 8. PreziPrezi is compatible with most modern computers and web browsers, it is also used by teachersand students to collaborate on presentations with multiple users having access and the ability toedit the same presentation to allow students to construct and present their knowledge indifferent learning styles. Prezi is a software company, producing a cloud-based presentationsoftware. It is a tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas. I think that Prezi is a more inventiveway for students to share their ideas with others.Here is a Prezi that I have added to my Word PressBlog. I have created a presentation on Prezi thatrepresents how my media product represents aparticular social group. I have been able to usedifferent techniques that I have learnt throughoutthe process of using Prezi as I now know how toadd arrowsAnd also how to add images and change the fontthat I am using. I had never used Prezi before but Inow know that it is well worth knowing how to useas it is useful for presentations
  9. 9. Google• I have used Google a lot during the research of my magazine, I have beenlooking at different examples in order to get an idea of what I would havewanted my magazine to look like.• Google has been very useful as I have been able to look at different searchengines that Google provides for example Wikipedia. Of course I knew howto use Google Search but I think that as I have been using it for research Ihave been able to widen my variety of websites to go on.Here I have researched ‘MusicMagazines’ in order to see what likesGoogle has given me and as you cansee there are images and differentwebsites that I would be able toaccess.
  10. 10. Camera: Samsung ST200FThe camera that I had used to take the images from the photo-shoot.The Samsung ST200F has WI-FI formats that let you directly upload shots to Facebook or evenshare them with your friends by email. The ST200F carries it off very effectively. At the oppositeend of the scale the colours are accurately retained and the result isnt the painterly-like outputproduced by some rivals.Its recognition of complex scenes with tricky lighting is excellent below is an image that I hadtaken of my Younger sister who features in the Contents page in my magazine. I did not actuallyuse any Photoshop on the image as on the Camera there are different editing options forexample you are able to change the settings in order to set the contrast and the saturation/brightness so there is all the work that I could have done on photo shop on this Camera which Ifound very useful as the outcome of the Image was just as good as what it may have looked likeafter I had Photoshop.This is the image that I did not have to edit at all,all that I had to do was add it to my contents page.
  11. 11. ConclusionWhat have you learnt about technologies from the process ofconstructing this product?What I have learnt about technologies is that they are improving fastand that even though a small period of time there are more and moredifferent technological programs that are being invented, which areused as they may be faster or they may provide a better variety ofskills on the program for example with Photoshop there are manydifferent tools that some students have adapted to use. I think thatdue to the new softwares that are being used that some people arefinding it easier to use specific programs so if you use InDesign itis technically the same as using Photoshop because all of the toolsare relatively the same, making them similar and easy to use.