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Standing Out with Human SEO


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Your potential customers want to know, like, and trust you before they do business with your company. With Human SEO, you will find the passion and competitive edge in your business that makes you not only stand out online but connect on a human level with your target market for increased success.

In this presentation you will learn:
1) Understanding target market search patterns.
2) Learn to turn customers into champions.
3) Convert with confidence.

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Standing Out with Human SEO

  1. 1. Where Am I? Standing Out With Human SEOtm By: Shannon K. Steffen Hashtag: #BizExpo
  2. 2. The Old SEO
  3. 3. SEO Changes
  4. 4. Next Level Search • Precise and fast • New engine • Conversational search • Meaning behind words • Speak and answer
  5. 5. The New SEO
  6. 6. Mobile Weighted Search
  7. 7. Is a responsive website important? • 70% action in 1 hour • 3000% since 2008 • 1.2 billion mobile users • Mobile rankings higher • 2014 = Primary Traffic Source:
  8. 8. Where you need to be...
  9. 9. Cheers! Shannon K. Steffen SEO Strategist & Founder @ExciraMedia @ShannonKSteffen 414-949-7736 WIN a Free SEO Audit!