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An Entrepreneur's Journey


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Neale Bayly Rides Peru: An Entrepreneur's Journey
Troy Rice, President of STM's Motorcycle Ride across Peru to help support an orphanage in Moquegua.

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An Entrepreneur's Journey

  1. 1. Neale Bayly Rides Peru: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Troy Rice, President of STM’s Motorcycle Ride across Peru….
  2. 2. The backstory…. Troy Rice, the owner of STM Support an IT business in Charlotte, North Carolina recently participated in the filming of the show for Neale Bayly Rides Peru on the SPEED Channel. The program is a documentary of a 7-day 1056 mile motorcycle ride across Peru. The trip was life changing for Rice. He had trained privately with Ike Dejager with 20/20 Racing for more than 4 years. Dejageger was the trainer for the television show working with three cast members in preparation for the trip. Three weeks prior to the show, a cast member backed out, and show host Neale Bayly reached out to Troy Rice to see if he could step in. Troy’s wife Patty was supportive of the trip even though it conflicted with the scheduled family vacation to Disney. He shared that when he told her the details of the trip her response was: “You are going. We will figure everything else out.” The ride worked to support the non-profit Wellspring that helps to fund a local orphanage. The show is intended to help raise awareness about the non-profit. During the ride the group assisted in raising funds for a new roof for the bakery at the orphanage and replaced the old wood fired oven with a new gas oven. Rice also personally provided a new laptop for the administrator for the orphanage.
  3. 3. Troy in the Ica Desert
  4. 4. Troy riding in the Ica Desert
  5. 5. Troy with a llama in Peru….
  6. 6. Troy and an even cooler llama….
  7. 7. A young lady at the orphanage in Moquegua…..
  8. 8. A new friend at the orphanage in Moquegua checking out the motorcycle….
  9. 9. Troy donating a computer to the orphanage in Moquegua, Peru….
  10. 10. For more information…  