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Enliven your collection


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Using weeding as a tool to create a collection that signals relevance to users. In 2010, when this research was done, there was no other user-centered research on how weeding impacted users perceptions of libraries, only assumptions that users preferred weeded collections.

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Enliven your collection

  1. 1. ENLIVEN YOURCOLLECTIONHow to use weeding & display to wow users
  2. 2. Canweedingbe a free &easy way toencouragepatrons tosee thelibrary innew ways?
  3. 3. 100 years of weeding
  4. 4. Collections Compared • The oldest item in the BD collection is from 1943. •The oldest item in Horicon collection is from 1985.
  5. 5. Weeding affects circulation?
  6. 6. Weeding affects perception!
  7. 7. “fresh-looking,healthy,andvital”Poller
  8. 8. WWND?
  9. 9. Weeding? Or Pruning?
  10. 10. Easy to useAttractiveSpace-savingInexpensive
  11. 11. Displays get stuff out the door.
  12. 12. Just move it
  13. 13. Useexistingresources
  14. 14. Makeiteasy
  15. 15. Horicon WHY
  16. 16. techniquesKeep your corecollection
  17. 17. “when a bookonce gets onthe shelves, itseems toacquire in theeyes of mostlibrarians apeculiar virtueand reverence,irrespective ofany service itmay render”Wynkoop, 1911
  18. 18. Point-of-need display works best
  19. 19. Weed. Display. Use space creatively.Ask your users what they think.