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Out of focus [autosaved]


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Out of focus [autosaved]

  1. 1. Overview Our project is focused on social stereotypes within the Furman Community, and how the existence of these stereotypes reflect on different groups and on the campus social scene as a whole. The groups covered in our project were Greeks,Athletes, and regular Furman students or “Furmanites.”
  2. 2. How we define stereotypes A “stereotype” is a popular belief about specific social groups or types of individuals.Stereotypes are standardized and simplified conceptions of groups based on prior assumptions made by people outside of those groups.
  3. 3. Stereotypes Covered Shannice- General Furman stereotypes Maggie- Sorority Girl stereotypes Colin- Fraternity stereotypes Ryan & Charlie- Athletic stereotypes
  4. 4. Motive Behind the Madness We believe that, by drawing attention to social stereotypes at Furman, we can help members of the Furman community rethink the way they view, describe, and discriminate against those around them.
  5. 5. Note: All images used for the purpose ofthis presentation our copyrighted to theirrespective owners
  6. 6. Our Wiki
  7. 7. FinThrough our experience interviewing, we got a sense ofhow the different members of the Furman communityview not only their peers around them but themselves asin regards to others.We were able to get honest and sometimes bluntresponses (some of which could not be shown due toethical reasons) to the questions that we asked and thishelped give a credible and realistic evaluations ofstereotypes that live within the Furman community .
  8. 8. Contributions From MembersFilm Editing: EveryoneB-Roll: Ryan Storms, Colin ReddickInterviews: EveryonePowerpoint: Ryan Storms, Colin Reddick, Shannice SingletaryFacebook: Charlie ReddickTwitter: Colin ReddickWiki: Shannice Singletary and Maggie JohnsonMeetings: Everyone was mostly present for our multiple 3 hoursmeetings.Narration: Maggie Johnson for script writing, Ryan Storms as yournarrator
  9. 9. Contributors to the Cause Neil Duvall- SAE Fraternity Rivers Townes- SAE Fraternity Neal Rogers- Furman Football Player Marissa Storms- Delta Delta Delta Sorority Emily Jeske- Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority Ayanna Randolph- Furman Women’s Basketball Sarah Hornberger- Furman Student Tierney Breedlove- Furman Student Victor Brown- Furman Student Ariel Williams- Furman Student Anderson Gosselin- Furman Student