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MySuccorEHR Features & Benefits Brochure

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MySuccorEHR Features & Benefits

  1. 1. SUCCOR CONSULTING GROUP, INC MySuccorEHR Features and Benefits Copyright © 2011 MySuccorEHR. All Rights Reserved. MySuccorEHR powered by OmniMD® is a registered trademark of ISM,Inc.
  2. 2. MySuccorEHR powered by OmniMD Features and BenefitsTable of Contents Specialty EHR 2 Medical Transcription Product & Services 3 Document Mgmt., Indexing & Referrals 5 Scheduler, Reminder & Eligibility Check 7 Charge Capture, Billing Services & Integration 9 Prescription Writer & Lab Order Integration 11 Website Design & Software Integration 13 PMS 14 2
  3. 3. Specialty EHRIn the information driven environment, the EHR is a step towards effective processing of critical medicalinformation. MySuccorEHR streamlines patient record documentation, storage and retrieval in apaperless environment. It functions as the life support system to deliver immaculate patient care,establish efficient processes and maximize profitability for a clinic.Features Patient dashboard to view the list View patient history, insurance, demography etc. Manage patient visit details and create charts Quick multiple parameter search for easy record access Manage doctors’ records of a clinic Specialty specific and custom point and click templates Patient data capture from clinic’s website Roll based authentication and accessibility Automatic Alerts for out of range resultsBenefits Easier data collection & reporting Share charts among staff to complete multiple tasks at once Eliminate time spent looking for lost charts Create paperless office environment Eliminate storage and paper costs Reduce transcription costs Universal accessibility from a Handheld, Tablet PC & Desktop PC Increased patient privacy over paper charts Reduce compliance risks Intuitive and customizable to clinic specific needs Better clinical decision support 3
  4. 4. Medical Transcription Product and ServicesMedical Transcription Product SuiteThe MySuccorEHR transcription product suite is a single system to manage the complete transcriptioncycle. The system offers dual compatibility on web and PDA. The one point source integrates your voicerecording, digital scripting, and delivery to the transcription service with final transcript receipt.Features Internet enabled transcription system Dictation capturing on Pocket PC/ 1800/ Dictaphone Dictate, prioritize and track job from Pocket PC Sync to update data from Pocket PC to central server Automatic attachment of transcriptions to patients records Edit, search, view & sign off transcriptionsBenefits Easy accessibility to review or edit transcribed reports Improved quality of dictations Seamless processing between clinic and transcription service Secure Internet access to transcriptionsMedical Transcription ServicesThe Medical transcription services enable MySuccorEHR to function as a complete end-to-end solutionsprovider for our clients. These services are provided from our state of the art set-up in India guaranteeingcost advantages and quality from the operational set-up.Features Internet enabled transcription services Custom templates as per specialty Average turnaround time of 12 hours Optimal pricing as per number of characters Complete Security and Integrity Guaranteed 98.5% quality assurance standards 4
  5. 5. Benefits Rapid turnaround time 24X7 online access to transcriptions Competitive Pricing HIPAA compliant transcription services 5
  6. 6. Document Management, Indexing & Referral ManagementDocument ManagementDocument management can radically reduce burdensome paper records management and misplacedpatient reports. MySuccorEHR document management creates your paperless, organized office byproviding universal accessibility all documents in digital format.Features Scan and store images and documents Secure Internet access to documents Categorization as per patient name and document type Integration with scanning hardware, fax and printer Auto attachment of document to patient EHRBenefits Eliminate storage problems with digital storage Easy information sharing across offices Eliminate time spent looking for lost documentsScanning and Indexing ServicesMySuccorEHR provides services of scanning and indexing paper records to electronic format. Simplifiedindexing based on your criteria creates records, which are ready to be imported into our documentmanagement system. With instant access to information, the services eliminate the headaches ofcumbersome methods of document storage.Features On-site / off-site service Volume high-speed scanning Indexing and verification Quality assurance / quality control Integrated with document management 6
  7. 7. Benefits No damaged or misplaced charts Complete and standard documents Accurate document preparation Instant access to all documentsReferral managementReferral management can typically be a time consuming, effort driven process for both physicians andpatients. This module successfully streamlines referral management by creating efficient communicationmechanisms between physicians.Features Share patient history, reports or documents with other physicians online. Limited login rights for external referral physician Allow non-MySuccorEHR users to access patient data Facility to fax directly from Desktop PC Generate inbound and outbound referral reportsBenefits Secure Internet access to referral letters & documents Eliminate need for phone calls, physical visits or document exchange hassles Increased frequency of referral letters will generate a better awareness of your practice 7
  8. 8. Scheduler, Reminder & Eligibility CheckAppointment SchedulerAppointment tracking and fixing is simplified with the appointment scheduler, which acts as the personalsecretary to the doctor. The system manages real time appointment fixing across all locations anddoctors.Features Multi location, multi physician scheduling Centralized synchronizing of appointments across office locations Categorized appointment types with default time duration Easy appointment search by date, doctor or status Auto updates of schedules and statusBenefits 24X7 Universal Appointment Scheduling Appointment alerts and reminders as per specified durations Track confirmations, no-shows, and recurring appointments Save time by adjusting clinic visit as per the updated schedule of cancelled / rescheduled appointmentsPatient ReminderInsurance eligibility checks are pivotal to the final billing accuracy for any practice. Eliminating the risk oflost billings MySuccorEHR provides an Instant online check for insurance eligibility across keygovernment and commercial insurance companies. 8
  9. 9. Features Appointment reminders / confirmations No-Show/missed appointment notices Integrated with Appointment Scheduler Handles multiple providers and languages Captures patient response and updates on scheduler Auto generation of call session reports 9
  10. 10. Benefits Reduce appointment “No-Shows” Eliminate costly mailed reminders Improve patient/provider relations Reduced staff labor expensesInsurance Eligibility CheckInsurance eligibility checks are pivotal to the final billing accuracy for any practice. Eliminating the risk oflost billings, MySuccorEHR provides an Instant online check for insurance eligibility across keygovernment and commercial insurance companies.Features Online insurance eligibility verification Online referral authorization Imports new patient demographics to EHR avoiding the data entry duplication between programsBenefits Reduce time spent in calling insurance company for verifications Reduced billing errors and insurance coverage concerns Eliminate the bad debt 10
  11. 11. Charge Capture, Billing Services & IntegrationCharge CaptureThe MySuccorEHR Charge Capture system is an all-in-one solution, which offers you the power toelectronically capture charges and deliver accurate charges to the billing arm. The charge capturesystem provides the convenience of easy billing implementation with lower “time-to-bill” cycles.Features Store simplified list of CPT and ICD codes E&M codes list as per your clinic and specialty Assists in CPT/ICD linkage and modifier Alerts for inappropriate code selection Customized Superbill templates as per specialty Prints billing codes as a Superbill & exports codes to compatible Practice Management softwareBenefits Charge capture at the point of care Eliminate lost charges Accurate billing with complete documentation Thoroughly support your billing claims with complete documentation E & M Wizard helps you determine the appropriate E & M code(s) to use for the treatment givenBilling ServicesMySuccorEHR works towards providing quality medical billing services to sustain lower time-to-claimsand long run profitability of the practice. Our services take charge of the complete medical billing processincluding claims processing, returns filing and payment follow-up.Features Electronic claims processing to all leading insurance companies Rebill / Follow-Up Rejected Claims re-processing Monthly patient accounts with outstanding balances 11
  12. 12. Benefits Accurate billing Lower rejects Quick payoutsBilling Software IntegrationThe MySuccorEHR Charge Capture system is an all-in-one solution, which offers you the power toelectronically capture charges and deliver accurate charges to the billing arm. The charge capturesystem provides the convenience of easy billing implementation with lower “time-to-bill” cycles.Features Ability to integrate with leading billing software such as Medisoft, Lytec, MD Office, Medical Manager and ADS Integration with Charge Capture Export of MySuccorEHR Superbills to compatible billing softwareBenefits Integrates Business and Clinical Systems Eliminates manual data entry processes Decreased billing errors Single point interface for staff to work on different systems 12
  13. 13. ePrescription Writer & Lab Order IntegrationPrescription WriterThe Prescription writing process is prone to medical errors and inaccuracy due to illegible prescriptions.Electronic prescription writing eliminates and streamlines the prescription delivery process.MySuccorEHR simplifies the entire prescription writing process increasing the scope for accuracy andeliminating physical coordination.Features Assistance in writing prescriptions on handheld Create and manage favorite drugs list eRX (Electronic Prescription) Sure Script Certified Avail 2% incentive from Medicare Real-time alerts for drug, dosage, diet, allergy etc. Provides drug utilization review (DUR) checks Generate patient education sheet Send fax directly from Pocket PC to pharmacyBenefits Create quick legible prescriptions Reduced pharmacy callbacks One click refill management Ensure prescription accuracyLab Order IntegrationThe lab order entry interface ensures a coordinated effort between the physician and the laboratory forproviding the patient with quality service. Instant access to updated lab reports directly from thelaboratory ensures optimized time management and elimination of repeated physical interactions. 13
  14. 14. Features Lab order entry on Pocket PC & Web Integration with major Labs Lab result reporting "Results-ready" notification Integration of lab results to patient EHRBenefits Send lab orders from the point-of-care No more misdirected requests No need for office staff to intervene No duplication of lab orders 14
  15. 15. Website Design & Software Integration ServicesWebsite DesignA practice’s website acts as the interface to the outside world which conveys the services, values andstrong points of the clinic. With our expertise in clinical environment understanding, we provide multifunctional, user friendly website design servicesFeatures Diverse range of interfaces and designs as per client selection Connect with your patient via registration forms, feedback forms etc Real time integration with EHR and scheduler Capture patient record online to eliminate record filing timeBenefits Showcase leading edge technologically inclined image of the clinic to the outside world Eliminate new patient registration data entry time.Software IntegrationMySuccorEHR Integration services integrate individual systems allowing them to communicate with eachother and third party external systems. This allows seamless running of clinical applications acrossprocesses and departments.Features Connect disparate systems System based on HL7 standards 15
  16. 16. Benefits Leverage time and cost savings Saving hours of data re-keying Eliminating the introduction of errors. Simplified workflow and physical effort for staff Minimal system training requirements in an intuitive environment 16
  17. 17. Practice Management (Billing System) ™The MySuccorEHR Medical Billing system allows the practice to manage all patient billing andaccounting seamlessly and efficiently. It is fully integrated with the EHR, appointment system and chargecapture. Taking advantage of the information flow, it allows quick and easy billing while ensuring a highdegree of accuracy and traceability. The system interfaces with leading electronic clearinghouses forelectronic claim submission and tracking. With a comprehensive set of reports, it presents all practicemanagement information in an effective manner for analysis and tracking.Solution Fully integrated with the EHR, appointment system and charge capture Accessible to in-house or external billing teams with security and audit trail Ensures absolute accuracy of billing information Reduces manual data entry, errors, duplications and delays Claims can be sent out within two hours of charge capture instead of days Improves cash flow and eases financial accounting for multiple offices Comprehensive reports allow effective analysis of the operationsKey Features Convert super bills to claims, with proper charge application, taxes and discounts Maintain charges by payers, providers and CPT’s, and allow practice-level settings Electronic submission of insurance claims, with add-on ability to print on paper Electronic tracking of claim status, payments and workflow of billing team Comprehensive accounting/billing reports, with support for custom reports Payment posting - from insurance, guarantors, adjustments, waivers Statement management, and integration with statement-mailing third-party service 17
  18. 18. Our info here303 S. Broadway, Suite 101,Tarrytown, NY 10591Tel. No.: 914-332-5590 All products and services on MySuccorEHR are subject toFax No.: 914-332-5766 change. The type of change and date of change is at the sole discretion of MySuccorEHR management.E-mail: 18