Tv Drama


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Tv Drama

  2. 2. Genre Genre is a way of categorizing programs together by similar form, style or subject. The Genre we are focusing on is TV dramas and within this the subgenres are soap operas, Crime dramas and medical dramas.
  3. 3. Sub-genre Sub-genres are when a specific genre is separated into further groups.
  4. 4. Vladimir Propp Vladimir Propp is someone who analyzed basic plot components to identify narrative elements. Vladimir Propp broke up fairy tales into sections. His theory is shown within soap operas as there is usually always main characters which appear in every episode, allowing the audience to understand the characters personality.
  5. 5. Tzvetan Todorov Todorov’s theory: 1. Equilibrium. (everything is normal, perfect and as it should be. Known to be equality.) 2. Disruption of the society. 3. Recognition. (Realizing who or what caused the disruption) 4. Attempt to repair the disruption. 5. New / Better equilibrium. (New / better society of equality) The sub genres that follow Todorov's theory are: .Medical dramas .Crime dramas .Costume dramas Soaps do not follow Todorov's theory as they are continuous and end on a cliff hanger.
  6. 6. Conventions Conventions are the different ways in which TV dramas can be linked together due to their content.
  7. 7. Soap Opera A soap opera is a television drama series dealing typically with daily events in the lives of the same group of characters. A television or radio drama series dealing typically with daily events in the lives of the same group of characters. What you expect to find:  Point of interaction e.g. Pubs  Theme tune  Large casts  More than one storyline  Small central areas  Relate to real events such as Christmas  Everyone knows each other  Cliff hanger  Familiar characters shown in each episode Examples: Eastenders, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Neighbours, Home and Away.
  8. 8. Crime Crime television drama is a type of shows which focus’ on people who investigate, punish or commit crimes. There are so many crime dramas on television that are: criminal minds, CSI, Law & Order, The Sopranos and many more. Crime is a very popular sub genre of TV Drama because even though they are intense and sometimes scary the stories can be realistic but often exaggerated. The conventions of crime TV programs:  Murder  Police force  FBI  Ambulances  SOCOS (Scene of crime officers)  Illegal weapons  Realistic stories  Police force head quarters  Group of roughly 6 cats members that are regularly on the program Examples: Criminal Minds, Sherlock Holmes, Bones, Prison Break, Hannibal.
  9. 9. Medical A medical drama is a television drama in which events center upon a hospital, an ambulance staff, or any medical environment.. The conventions of Medical dramas:  Point of interaction is usually a hospital.  Ambulances/paramedics.  Medical emergency’s.  Doctors.  Nurses.  Medical props.  Operations.  Accidents.  Crime Accidents. Examples: ER, Grey’s anatomy, Casualty, Scrubs.
  10. 10. Costume Costume TV Drama is a period piece, which includes sets, costumes and properties in order to signify a particular time frame. This is also known as Period Drama. The conventions of costume TV programs:  Meeting point (old house etc.)  Elaborate costumes and sets  Part of a series  Based on historical facts  Written about the views to the time it is set Examples: Downtown Abbey, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, The Tudors and The King’s Speech